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      Thanks to all who contributed, we collected just under $500.00. I sent a check Monday (8-7-2017) to his wife for $500.00 along with a card expressing Forums condolences. 

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  2. Getting rid of most everything. More to come yet. Prices are tyd in the 48 states. Prices negotiable for multiple items. 6 - 4 wire servos w/ stranded 30 awg $6 ea 13 - 2 wire rc style connectors 6 - 3 wire servos with 30awg solid wire $5 ea Each case comes with a stainless tube. Specify vertical or horizontal for the 1020 cases. 2 black 1020 cases $15ea 2 ultimate camo 1020 cases $25 ea 4 black otter 3250 $30ea 4 Plano 1425 clear $20 ea 3 Plano 1425 ultimate $30 ea 6 Plano 1425 mothwing $30 ea 1 camo otter 3000 $30 1 black otter 3000 $15 1 clear otter 3000 $15 I also have... 2 black plastic/ black lens hpwa 11 mothwing/gray hpwa 19 plain aluminum snorkels 12 ultimate camo snorkels A bunch of various stainless tubes Unsure of prices but maybe March up with cases for a few bucks extra. I have a ton of other stuff also. If you are looking for something just ask and I likely have it.
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  4. I like Flickr. I have been using it for a year or 2. Photobucket was too slow. Its easy to grab links and even change the size of the picture you can upload.
  5. I updated the diagram. The camera externals are after the TP4056, I don't actually have the control board hooked up. So the box labeled Cam External is a 18650 battery in a protected holder that is the Cam power supply.
  6. I finally decided yesterday that it was time to start getting some batteries charged and some cameras checked out and ready to roll. Hoping to have 4 or 5 out by the end of the weekend. And hope to have some pictures or video of the droptine to share in a week or two. Come on Paul you need to get some cameras out as well. Just wouldn't be as fun if we can't compare results. I won't even cover the magic apple trees just to give ya a fighting chance. Bow season just over a month away for us here in WI
  7. Very nice build, I like it. I am surprised more people don't do the solar thing. Your panel must be one of the type that does put out some power even in shade. Most don't. Now just to bust your nuggets a little. I can see from your schematic why your set up is so efficient. There is no camera to draw power or set the slave off. I assume possibly another TP4056 to 18650 to camera fed from the buck step down covers the camera.
  8. This new build set out for 4 months on a corn feeder. Unfortunately a month in, a racoon knocked the camera and pointed it down. I had the Pentax W90 set to ISO 400. This camera seems to take pretty good pics. The feeder is a 55 gal steel drum hung from a chain strapped between 2 trees and a boat winch to crank up and down. Hoping to keep bears off.Before knocked down After knocked down. I was impressed, even with the viv2800 firing the pics were still good at night. The cam was 3-4feet off the ground.
  9. I posted the hack for this camera a year ago. (http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/56295-pentax-w90/#comment-422449 ) I finally got around to putting a build together earlier this year and got it finished in time for a trip to our hunting place in WV back mid April this year. My brother in law went this weekend and pulled this camera for me. After 4 months and 783 pictures the batteries were still fully charged. Though mid May, a coon knocked the camera and it was facing down from then on. It still was taking pictures though. The setup is a Safari SMT with the regular programing set on Cam type 1. I have an older ones of Ralph's slave boards with a Viv 2800. I was given a 30W 18V solar panel. I reused a cam that I had an Olympus E620 DSLR build. I had ordered a 12V battery for a 4wheeler and got the wrong one, so I used that 12V battery. Here is a rough diagram of how I have things hooked up. I used a solar charge control ( https://www.bonanza.com/listings/CMP03-3A-12V-Charge-and-Discharge-Controller-Solar-Charge-Controller-Solar-Panel/477377079?st_id=58217574)I had a separate 3-AA power supply for the Safari board because I had that before and just didn't get around eliminating that. As you can see I used the hole from the DSLR camera and used some adhesive backed foam and that eliminated almost all the flash glare.Here is what the setup looked like in by back yard. I used these clips (http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-5-Kit-2-Pin-2-Way-Car-Waterproof-Electrical-Connector-Plug-Wire-AWG-Marine-/252416276772?hash=item3ac52eb924:g:TsUAAOSwcLxYDXta&vxp=mtr) to be able to connect the solar panel to the case. I mounted the solar panel about 15 ft. up in the tree hoping for more sunlight because I was down the north side of a hill. I put the cable from the solar panel in armor BX cable to protect it. I give warning about the next picture. I by no means tried to make this neat, lol. This was a get it done and in the box and ready to work.W90 insideEvern with the camera falling down, I was still happy with 783 pictures and still full battery through the summar with a solar panel in the woods. I'm sure it helps its a 30W panel. I'm thinking this would go a long time. With an 8 gig card I can get 3400 pics and I think I could put a 32gig card in the camera. To put this build together I didn't have alot in it because I already had the stuff or the solar build was free. The battery was $40-$50, but i couldn't return it. I got the camera free. The connector for solar panel, solar charge controller, TP4056, and the Buck convertor were probably around $30-$40. I already had the Safari and slave flash board on hand. So I think, if you dont mind a bigger case, using a solar charger to keep one battery charged and using that battery to power everything else will work. PS I'll be posting pics from the build in a diff post.
  10. Nice pics Daryl. Great looking mule deer bucks.
  11. Finally got some cams out. The pictures are from FS7 and an FS3. The night picture had a remote baby slave paired with it to get that flash. The FS3 is set up at an old scrape from last year and the FS7 is set up at a well used trail through the bush. These mule deer will do some growing yet. Daryl
  12. Just stopped in to see what everyone is up to as I haven't been on in a while and now I'm shocked and saddened to read the news about Chris. Although I never met him in person, he made me (and I'm sure others as well) feel as though we were lifelong friends. Truly he will be missed by many.My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Mark
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  14. Just reading this for the first time and find myself speechless. Chris was a kind and caring person who gave his time to help perfect strangers. He had helped me many times and had sent me all kinds of parts to use in my builds and never asked for a single thing in return. I along with many other members truly missed him at Hags. My prayers go out to Chris and his family.
  15. I've been using the Maha charger MH-C9000 for years. I highly recommend it.
  16. Absolutely very exciting to me. Keep those big bull elk vids coming I say
  17. Sounds like I should get myself a smart charger? Anyone recommend one brand over the others?
  18. Hey Paul ... sometimes ones life goes in to many directions at once. No biggy. Finally got a whack of cams out and hope to post some stills and videos soon. I too was finding a hard time to keep up but found a few spare weeks to put out cams and catch up on the forums. Daryl
  19. They look very interesting and like the many angles a person can achieve.
  20. I will for sure. No good in Bear country but around here would do ok. Due to increased theft, I'm down to only one spot I dare to put cameras out. These will work fine as high up in the tree as I put the cameras. Bill
  21. Keep us posted on these Bill
  22. Picked up two of the Hawk Micro-Pro camera mounts today at WalMart for $9.97 each. https://www.hawkhunting.com/products/ti ... mera-mount I'm going to use one on my old M80 and the W100 build I don't have a mount for. For the W100 I Gooped all around the base plate for a little-added strength though it appears plenty strong. I like the looks of them and think they will work well. Bill
  23. Hey Paul, I thought you were just hiding. Afraid I was going to tell you to pull them cameras out, so I could beat you once again at finding them better bucks. Like everyone else work is keeping me busy. Have been enjoying watching the dirt track racing as usual. I do not have any cams out yet, but have seen a couple decent deer. I do have a main frame 10 that is about 17" wide with one split G2 and about an 8" droptine that I see regularly. I should try to get some pictures or video of him. My current obsession is working up loads for a .243 Win. It is more fun to play with then the .300 magnums that I normally shoot. Also delving deeper in tiny group reloading instead of just getting to 1" and saying that will smack the crap out of them out to 350 yards.... good enough.
  24. Our H/B cameras are based on buying an over the counter personal camera and hacking it to work with a separate controlling board.. These cameras have a different type processor that requires a high amperage at startup which is more conducive to the characteristics of rechargeable. You can use alkaline in our systems, but often times the stamina of alkaline are no where near what rechargeable are. Some commercials that use rechargeable batts will have a extra tray for them and when using alkaline they provide a dummy battery to put in it's place.
  25. An eneloop charger is just that a charger. A smart charger does lots of things to the battery. I am not sure I can tell you all it does and what sequence , but it discharges your batteries then recharges and then discharges then takes internal resistance , etc. in what order I don't know and how many times, etc. is all programmed into the unit. This whole process depending on your condition of batteries can take a couple days vs a couple hrs. with an eneloop or any other charger.
  26. I now will have more opportunities in 2017. I have built a couple SZ7 to go with the SZ02 I already have. Piles of work to build the video cams but give a different perspective to trail cams and another reason to be out there.
  27. Awesome pics I love the birds so different
  28. Well worth the wait get camera set, that second bull that walks right by the cam is a real nice trophy.
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