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  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/12v-3amp-Mini-Solar-Charge-Controller/333244564233?hash=item4d96ec8309:g:SoEAAOSw2QtdD5IF This what you want if its 12v system. They also have them for 6v
  3. A 1.5w solar panel is not enough to keep the battery charged even if it gets full sunlight all day long. I run 20w solar panels on all my Spartan cameras. Are the Spypoints 6v or 12v units? You need a solar charge controller in line. not the regulator.
  4. Thanks BMC, here is the link to his obituary. Sad news indeed! Kenneth Dorner Obituary (1955 - 2020) - Green Bay Press-Gazette (legacy.com)
  5. Prayers to his family, that's sad to hear.
  6. I just thought I'd let everyone know that member kdornski has past away. I have not talked to Ken in a while and just seen his name in the obituaries, I haven't done much with trail cams in quite a while but had a lot of fun at Ken's workshops. Rest in peace my friend.
  7. Below 11 volts is pretty close to dead for an SLA battery so that's probably why the cams aren't working. A few things to consider without the regulator and diode, if something happens to the battery either unplugged or it shorts out somehow you could be running the full solar panel voltage to the camera which will most likely fry it. Also without the diode if your panel doesn't have one built in when the sun goes down the panel could actually discharge the battery. You would probably be better off with a solar controller rather than the voltage regulator.
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  9. It is a 12v camera, Tinhorn, I think you are right. I tested the setup with solar panel hooked up in full sun. It put out 21 volts. when I hooked it to battery, the wire to the cam read 12v to 12.8 volts. I did away with the regulator. It tested again to day as outputting 10.5-11v. These cams seem to be pretty sensitive to low voltage. we will see how it goes.
  10. I don't believe you need the regulator, I think the battery will keep the volts down, the formula for amps is watts / volts which is barely 100 amps. The regulator will steal some of that too... my 2ยข
  11. Wow, so many questions to ask. Usually when the camera has batteries in it, you plug external in it bypasses the camera batteries! What voltage doe the camera run?
  12. just made a diy solar setup for my 12v7a battery boxes for my commercial cams. I used instructions on youtube by the handy hunter. 1.5w harbor freight solar panel to a diode to battery. fully charged brand new Battery to 12v1.5a regulator from there to cam. Meter shows 12v to regulator, 10-11v coming out of regulator (with or without solar plugged in)..... spy point link micro app showed power @64%, cam would power on but not transmit. I disconnected solar and the regulator , ran cam wire to battery app showed 100% and sent pics like normal. Moultrie cams with mv2 modems show 64-74%, one
  13. Boney

    Check in

    Glad to hear you are ok George. Sorry for all the loss . I can't imagine what it is like to witness something like that.
  14. Great to hear from you George, l wondered about you a few times when l visited this forum over the past year. Great that you are ok and sad after reading your story. I look forward to your videos.
  15. Thank you Tin, I actually had cut it out when editing and forgot to put it back in, but when I left that sunday (sept 6th) within 24 hours my camp spot was gone. If I had not left that day around 5 pm, I would have been trapped. Although I camp right next to a big frog pond, it would not have saved me because when I went by it saturday it was just dirt so when the fire rolled through there it must have just boiled it off. I didnt want to leave that day, I had planned to stay a few extra days after season to reset some cams and move a ground stand but was afraid of how bad the smo
  16. Tinhorn

    Check in

    Am glad you are ok, it's been too long buddy. I hate it what you guys went thru, it's Terrible... your post was great and almost like I was with you as you walked too, you should send that to a magazine thanx for coming here and be safe
  17. bulltalk.65

    Check in

    Hey guys, Thought I'd come do a check in since I have been off for quite awhile again. Hope to find everyone well. It has been another rough year but I am doin ok so far. Few medical issues but nothing I havent been able to handle or get thru. This year has been hell with the local fires and I know most of you know I live in an area that is becoming known as the fire belt of Northern cali. I did have the chance to get out and archery hunt in august and placed a pile of cams out as usual. Season ended Sept 6th and I was basically forced to leave that sunday because of fir
  18. Even though things are slow I'm glad you guys are keeping this site up and running. I like going back to dig up info every now and then, Thanks Guys!!
  19. We had to do an upgrade again. Things look the same but maybe slightly different. Also may have a couple temp. shutdowns to work bugs out.
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