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  2. Old Pixcontrollers

    Thanks! I have used the Snapshot Sniper in a couple of builds and like it...
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  4. Old Pixcontrollers

    Hi, I have a Universal Pixcontroller that has a Sony40 chip in it. I used it for several years on a Sony s600. I have not used the Camera in about 2 years and it was working very well then. If this is something you can use PM me your address..
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  6. Old Pixcontrollers

    That is going to be a tough find. I would suggest looking into the Snapshot Sniper board that will control the D380.
  7. From the Cave

    Your blog is amazing and very informative for someone like myself on the other side of the world. 👌
  8. brought old post on testing batteries on dKirk for info
  9. In order to get a true indication of how the batteries are performing I like to discharge them (NiMH) down to .9vdc and then recharge them at 1 amp with a charger that shows the capacity of the battery after charging. I also check after the Discharge cycle to see how much capacity in mAh was in the battery before being discharged. Best test I know of to check the batteries. When not in use I keep the batteries fully charged. These batteries are used in my slave flashes and as external power for my Homebrews. They have seen lots of hours in the woods in all kinds of weather. Bill
  10. LZ10 Coyote

    It's a Vivitar 2800 Slave Flash. Bill
  11. I mark dates on my batteries to see how they last (charging type, alkaline, and lithium-ion types) but I have never done anything like you did. I better get some Tenergy Premium's LOL thanx
  12. You can email me...nuke649(at)yahoodotcom
  13. I think I will take these. Do you have a PayPal account?
  14. LZ10 Coyote

    The LZ10 is one of my favorite cams. It isn't a fast camera (around 3 seconds with the cap mod) but the pictures are out standing when adding a 2800 with it
  15. LZ10 Coyote

    Good sharp pic, is that using the camera flash or a slave flash?
  16. LZ10 Coyote

    takes a good pic and he moving too very good ---
  17. I just Discharged and then recharged all of my C cell Tenergy Premium and Centra LSD batteries I bought in 2012. I discharged each battery down to .9vdc at 1 amp. I then recharged them on an XTAR VC4 charger that shows the ending capacity. All the cells were either a little over capacity or about 200mAh shy of it. Looks like they are holding their capacity very, very well!! To discharge them I used Hobby Chargers and an Opus BT C-2000 charger. Really impressed with the versatility and accuracy of the Opus BT C-2000 charger!! Bill
  18. LZ10 Coyote

    I really like the pics I get from my Panasonic LZ10 build. Get some blurry pics with the LZ8 but not with the LZ10?? Bill
  19. Showed up 1 hour before I got there to set up. He is 20 yards in front of my Ground Blind. This is a good documentary on whitetail deer. Taken with Panasonic LZ10 Homebrew. Bill
  20. From the Cave

    always like your pix's
  21. S600 White Screen

    no I just clean ribbin I use lighter fluid work for me ---ben
  22. S600 White Screen

    If you do be very careful the spring wires that connect with the cable are finer than frog hairs and are easy to bend. I would look at the connector on the board with a magnify glass and make sure they are all intack.
  23. From the Cave

    Great blog Woody, love the blog on the Hickory Nuts, we had a large number of wormy ones this year. They are the best tasting nut for baking.
  24. From the Cave

    Here's the second set of photos from the entrance to a small cave on a steep sidehill --
  25. S600 White Screen

    Thanks Ben, I'll pull the ribbons out again and give them another clean. Is it OK to clean the connector end that the ribbon pushes into with alcohol also?
  26. S600 White Screen

    I have this happen and it was the ribbon all the time I don't think a fuse can do it it got be the ribbon even bought camers with that trouble good luck ben
  27. I'm wondering if we should have a "Commercial" camera category?  they are so cheap now that few build their own.  I'm thinking that the builders here  could talk about 'fixes' of commercial cam's etc and  also Con / Pro various cams

    what do you think?


    1. Badgerbuckhunter


      Hey Tinhorn, Thanks for the suggestion, I like it, I am also looking at a "Drone" category. 212 brother "justchuck" is a big drone man. Also want to remember our members who have past on. I feel confident enough with this upgrade on the forum to move forward and do some of this stuff.

    2. Badgerbuckhunter


      Sorry I hit the enter button. I hope to start making some changes around the first of the year. Take care and happy holidays, thanks again and keep the ideas coming. John

    3. Tinhorn


      sounds good and "Drone" category sound real good, and hope Holidays will be good too - thanx

  28. I need a cable for programming a Sony W290, I know I can get one off ebay for around 10 bucks but thought I would ask if anyone on here has an extra they want a few bucks for or trade for something. Some of you guys must have boxes of those lying around I need to connect mine to a tv, the screen doesnt work. I think I have an IR filter changer thing I bought for a dxg build then fixed the one I was planning to replace and have an unhacked dxg I would part with Thanks Frank
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