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  2. IKEA and Amazon Basics battery review: Lot's of discussion on these two forums as well. Just do a search, Bill
  3. Thanks guys!
  4. Hi guys_I don't have the info before me, but it is almost amazing how much more power C-cells have over AA's, especially with our low draw application, One is almost always better using the largest battery possible. D's are amazing ;) And just the ease of exchanging and keeping up with fewer is a worthwhile goal. Cheers!
  5. Use 2 C cells with the largest capacity you can find. AA wouldn't have as much capacity. All depends how long you expect to leave the cameras deployed. Bill
  6. I would use Unprotected cells with Protected holders. Gives you more choices when buying batteries, Bill
  7. I pulled an s40 today and had a black bear close-up . He (or she) appears to have 6 claws on her right front paw. Is this normal? I thought they were supposed to have 5 pads and 5 claws.
  8. Thanks....thats some usefull info!
  9. With the can use protected cells with unprotected holders or unprotected cells with protected holders. I prefer the unprotected batteries with the protected holders because its just hard to find holders for the longer protected batteries. Bill (Ko4nrbs) can hopefully chime in here as all of my 18650 knowledge has come from his research.
  10. I don't know which was way to go. If i put 4 AAs in a build for external power for an S600, would they last longer than 2 C cells? I normally have 2 eneloops in the camera and either energiser or duracell backups. I have room for either the 4 AAs or 2 Cs. Thanks.
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  12. Don`t know what that is Tinhorn , small bird or moth?? Here`s a couple of clips from the other day.. The bears are giving my camera a good inspection,but so far haven`t touched it. Lots of rain and misty weather, hard to get good videos.
  13. Just for clarification. I believe the tinsel that bobopool is referring to is tinfoil.
  14. I would possibly be able to try because the stated speed of Reconyx's under 1 second often disappoints. That would be a problem... Does anyone know of a camera that keeps the flash on? They would be the most amazing pictures indeed! Alas, not in the budget
  15. Just tried it with the only build I have in the house, a Sony S40 with a CritterGetter Micro board. Set the camera on burst mode (it then takes three photos in succession) and it worked just fine -- I've never tried that before. Although I didn't time it, the three photos take more than a second (probably about 2-21/2 seconds). The CritterGetter is no longer available, but it might work just as well with other boards. But, there's a catch -- Night photos wouldn't be possible since the S40 turns the flash off in burst mode and most other point-and-shoots would probably do the same.
  16. The only way you are going to get that many pics that fast is with a DSLR build. The pictures will be incredible (magazine print quality) but it's not going to save you any money, that's for sure!!!
  17. Well I have done extensive online research on this topic. What I found was that eneloops are best, but they were previously made in Japan. Now that they are made in China the performence has dropped. The factory in Japan that made them is now making Ikea ladda and Amazonbasics high capacity batteries which are thus, according to some, rebranded eneloop pro batteries. The specs seem to fit and you can get them for a fraction of the price of eneloops. Unfortunately I have not been able to test them out myself yet, but when I buy new batteries I will certainly go for the Ikea or Amazon. If anyone here happens to test them out, please tell us how they perform. My two cents
  18. Hi there fellow trappers, this is my first post on here. I have been pondering about this for a while now. Is it possible to do a build that functions somewhat like a Reconyx hyperfire pro? The specific functions I would be looking for are: 1. It must be able to fire three to five photos in succession. 2. It must do so rapidly (preferably within a second). 3. It should be able to have a delay after taking photos (e.g. 3 minute delay before sensor is active again) Other important functions could be sensor and flash range. Let me provide some background: The Reconyx cameras that are in use right now are being used for scientific research here in the tropical forests of Suriname (So the parts would have to be shipped to Suriname but that's another matter). It is important that we don't miss the animals when they walk in front of the cameras. That's why the five pics in rapid succession. I don't know if the control boards are able to do this, so any input is welcome. Reconyx is the top brand concerning camera traps, in the speed of captures as well as photo quality. However, the reasons I am looking into homebrews are: - Reconyx is very expensive - The quality of photos shot by homebrews seems to surpass that available through commercial cameras (at least to my eye) Is it possible to achieve any of these things with homebrews, and do you think it would be worth the venture?
  19. Same here. Use 3 rechargeable AA's.
  20. Thanks guys, I was thinking the 4.5v would be too much also but it seems I read of others doing it so I did too. I think I'm going to swap them for 2 18650's and see how that goes.
  21. I use 3 rechargeable aa's for externals in mine. It very well could have been too much voltage.
  22. I use three 18650 cells in parallel. Also use them in my H55 build. As Zaj56 said they work well. Bill
  23. I honestly think that the 4.5v 3cs are a little too much for the 3.6 Sony battery in the camera. I use 2 18650s(parallel) at 3.9v in my w 200s and they work well. I do think you were lucky.
  24. I have a w200 build with externals. Using 3 C batteries for externals, pulled the cam last week and lens was extended and it wouldn't power on. Opened it up and had to pry the swollen battery out. Put a new one in and it seems to work fine so far. Are the 3 C batteries too much for externals? The 3 C batteries were all around 1.45v. Did I just get lucky that the cam wasn't fried? Thanks
  25. Great Photo's, Very Colorful, Love the Waterfowl Thanks for Sharing.......
  26. Amazing pictures as usual. Great variety to boot.
  27. well duh, I always thought tinsel was plastic and would be an insulator not a conductor . . .goes to show what I think I know . . .
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