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  2. 4K Action Cam

    Since I opened the camera up to take a picture of the hack I have now added an external mic and pre amp. Works great and makes the videos a lot more interesting.
  3. Lousy Hogs

    Looks like good eating to me. Thin out a few more and fill your freezer with pork.
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  5. Question for the Electronic gurus

    Hi Bill, That's what I assumed. I sure would think it could handle 12v though since it was on the sensor, although with all the removed parts it might not. I'll probe around it some more and see if it's something else. With a battery connected I should see the nominal voltage on it but I'm only getting 1.7v across it so something is awry I ended up just grabbing another one out of my box and hacking it and installing it and will mess with this one later to see if I can get her Workin again.
  6. 4K Action Cam

    Not to sure.. I tried it twice and it shuts down instantly so I didn't want to try any larger Maybe I'll try that today, I guess if I fry it I won't be losing much...the hack works good and the cam seems to be fair so I thought I jus might try to make an adapter that sits on top of the battery instead of using the external wires.
  7. Question for the Electronic gurus

    Looks like it is a transistor. Bill
  8. 4K Action Cam

    Yes that is where I have my power connections. I wonder if yours shuts down because the triple A battery is only 1.5v and the camera runs off 3.7v? I'm using a 3.7v 18650 battery for external power.
  9. 4K Action Cam

    Mine is similar, almost identical other than the lugs on the shutter board. Mine has 3 lugs that are/seem to be connected directly to the battery internal terminals but if I connect an external batt it shuts the cam right off. I edited your pic to show where I have my connections and where the lugs are on mine.
  10. Thinning out the hogs in our deer woods. My brother-in-law jumped them and they ran head on into me. Have to use shotgun since it is turkey season. Using 3 inch magnum number 2 lead shot. One shot was at about ten feet. Saw about 20 hogs total. Sure tearing up our deer woods. Bill
  11. 4K Action Cam

    This is how I hacked my camera for power and shutter. I couldn't flip the camera board for a pic of the external power hack as i gooped the wires through the back of the case, but I just soldered directly to where the battery contacts the terminals. I think you might have your external wires where I have my power wires?
  12. I have been working on finishing an old project which uses the ms20 pir. I have it working with a w50 cam. To make a long story short, I was fitting things today and decided to do another test after adding another regulator to my controller. I grabbed a 12v battery pack and flipped the switch on and nothing. I realized I screwed up putting 12v to it instead of my 9v. Well I had to do some cutting to get the sensor board out to see what happened. I tested a few points comparing to another one and it looks like I fried Q1. Anyone know what a ST25A - 733p is? ... I've searched high and low and am unable to find what it is. I assume it's some sort of transistor, 25 amp and would think it should be high voltage as well..I I'll post a pic in a minute..
  13. Need hack info for W50/W30

    Hey thanks, I looked over there last night an got side tracked .. I ended up jus tearnin the W50 down and the top shutter and power looked exactly the same as the w55 so I tried it and it I'll save that info for future reference, thanks again..
  14. Need hack info for W50/W30

    here you go video
  15. Need hack info for W50/W30

    Tried a few searches but all links are dead or the photos are gone. Tried numerous search parameters and end up with 7000 plus results. Anyone have current hack info for both the W50 and W30 with externals? Video? PDF? Pics? Thanks guys
  16. 4K Action Cam

    Looks good and nice & compact video build. I actually have a few of these in a box and am going to try one as well. Would be interested in seeing the base code as well. I have my own written for jazz so will probably modify that and try it and see what happens. Got any pics of the hack ? "EDIT" I tore into one tonight, figured out the hack, it's a 4 wire, pwr/pwr com - shtr/shtr com. I added wires for externals at the terminals (upper left) where the shutter board is soldered to the main board but something isn't right with that. I put a single triple A on the wires and it shut the cam down instantly. All that time and effort to just burn ... I tried turning it back on but nada.. I tried the hack wires just for the heccuva it and it fired right up. So it must of burned something on the little power board but at least it still snapped her back together and calling it a night...I'm whipped..
  17. The Teenie Weenies

    More of the little folks from the camera trap --
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  19. New Jazz Build - 4 days to finish

    Good to know! Dipping the L/N would probably help in less scent.
  20. New Jazz Build - 4 days to finish

    I had never seen it done either and had thought why not try it. The most important thing is make darn sure the L/N is completely dry and set before dipping it. If it's still soft and you dip it will shrink under the ink (I learned the hard I mean it's not to big a deal but if you want it to look good or perfect make sure it's setup first. It works pretty good and the process is the same..
  21. Hydro Dipping Cases

    I always think Bark Camo would be the best for cams on a tree and you <"Got It"> Really Good
  22. My Own Version Of A "furfindr" Using Picaxe

    So I know it is a while ago but how did it go?
  23. Hydro Dipping Cases

    Excellent very effective
  24. Hydro Dipping Cases

    The newest addition, just got some new film in today and finished up my jazz cam, it's called tree bark from Im liking it..
  25. New Jazz Build - 4 days to finish

    Very nice, I don't recall anyone using it on l/n before, have to say it never crossed my mind.
  26. New Jazz Build - 4 days to finish

    Outside next to 🌲
  27. New Jazz Build - 4 days to finish

    Done... I jus got my new hydro film in the mail today so it got it's first use. I added a little L/N for an eyebrow over the LEDs and cut out a ring from a pvc plug and made a nice lens cover to hide the recessed glass. Taped it up and dipped it. Turned out pretty good, couple spots needed touch up from air bubbles but otherwise I like the camo.
  28. New Jazz Build - 4 days to finish

    very nice work!
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