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    Yep its been working for a few weeks now
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    Loud and clear Vic, thanks for stopping in, hope to see you more.
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  6. Badgerbuckhunter

    Jazz DV 150 Video Problem Followng Hacking

    I am not sure if it is the card, I almost believe it has more to do with your computer. If you never shut down your computer, I would recommend it. When shutting down don't select "shutdown and restart" select "shutdown" Another thing is make sure you format your cards before using and format them with the Jazz and also get used to selecting "eject" before removing the card from your reader.
  7. Thanks for confirming that it may be somewhat of a normal operation. I almost tossed the camera thinking I had ruined it. It seems like a strange way for a camera/memory card to operate.
  8. Badgerbuckhunter

    Jazz DV 150 Video Problem Followng Hacking

    Mine does the same if I play it off the card, if I download the card to the computer it may do the same, but the second time it will work perfect.
  9. Well that is a strange one!!! I uploaded the video to Youtube so I could insert it in this thread and the video looks great on Youtube. When I viewed it on my computer it was all broken up. Below is the link to the video on Youtube. Looks like the cam is working fine. Wonder why my computer would not show the same video? I'm confused! I think the focus needs a little more work.
  10. Well Bulltalk.65's work on his Jazz DV 159 cams inspired me to hack an old Jazz DV150 I have had hanging around for a long time. I had a commercial cam that was not working so I tore it apart on Friday to see if I could get it to work but it was a no go. So I decided to salvage some parts out of it and jumped in to hacking my old Jazz instead. The hack went pretty well. Really tight solder points for my old eyes but I got it done and can't see any solder bridges. Since I had the lens out of the commercial cam I thought I would put it and its exchanger in my Jazz build, I got the new lens installed, the hack completed and put it all back together. The hack worked fine when I touch the wires together. The cam comes on and it will start to record, so I think that is all correct. I did some focusing just looking at the camera screen and it looks pretty good. So I decided to record a video to check on the focus and it is not recording correctly. I get a video image that is all broken up. Seems to be a bunch of square pixels, but you can see the where the cam is moving and recording images. I don't know how to upload the video to show you and I don't know how to better describe it. I am wondering what I could have done wrong to ruin it recording a video. My thoughts are: 1) Solder bridge, but like I said above I can't see one, 2) I did break the copper tape on the switch board at the point it is soldered to the main board. Would this cause recording problems? 3) Damaged cmos? When I screwed on the new lens could it have touched the cmos and damaged it? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'll see if I can figure out how to upload my video to show you.
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  12. 9toes

    S600 Battery door

    Anyone have a s600 battery door for sale? If so please text me at 903-559-4099.
  13. Did you find a screen? I may have one here I can send you
  14. Yes, don't know how short I got them, but I snipped them.
  15. fireman43

    Hunting Apps

    I have used 2 hunting apps Huntstand and Scoutlook. I basically wanted something I could use a mapping feature on - mark property lines, stands, cams, deer sign etc. I didn't like the 'feel' of scout look, just seemed clunky to me. I have become a fan of huntstand. It feels easier to use to me. You can look up property lines on it, although I have found for my place, it is off a bit. I do like the ease you can add different waypoints and even trace a path you walk (although you can't do anything else with the phone while you do it). If you are going to be in an area out of cell service, if you zoom in on the area you will be hunting while you do have cell service, it will remember that zoomed area for 30? days. you can also share a hunting area with someone else who has the app. They can be set to view only or be able to add things to the map. I wish you could copy or duplicate a map for this, but you can't. For example I want my partners to be able to see the trails, and stands but maybe not my scouting finds..... I have to use 2 different maps, 1 for me, 1 to share..... small price I think. Best of all it is free, albeit with some popup ads unless you want to pay to get rid of them. All in all, I like it. I haven't used my garmin gps in several years.
  16. Man o Man really neat hunt, wonder how the one lost it's leg
  17. Hey befus, Let me look before you go searching eBay. I have a box of parts cams and believe I may happen to have a screen. I'll get back with ya in a while... If I do I'll just send it to you, no cost Update - sorry bud, that's the only piece missing from my S40 parts cam.......­čśë
  18. Did you cut the plastic nubs on the case?
  19. Greeting guys. Pretty slow huh? Well I have a s40 which had a white screen at intervals, so I took it apart and did the ribbon cleaning thing so effectively that now it has a permanent white screen. Any solution come to mind? Different screen? (of course the parts bin as no s40 screens, so I guess it is a Ebay thing.) Just that one cable ribbon, right? First one I have had that just went completely out and would not respond to case pressure, cleaning etc.
  20. bulltalk.65

    Black Bear

    Yep, he was a good bear for sure. There is one stalking the same woods that is a lot bigger, just can't get him close to a camera. I've seen him twice but no stills or vids yet... I'll be headed back up this coming Thursday so will have a couple weeks on all cams. Hope to have some good pics or vids.
  21. Awesome job on the buck and props to the little tracker.. Nice pics too.. nothing like a nostril closeup...lol
  22. Like Bill, I likes your stuff, and really nice buck, good deal...
  23. Always love your pics!! Bill
  24. bulltalk.65

    Jazz HDV159 - Ready to start the Build

    Update- Ok,´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ after 7 hours of testing, troubleshooting and code rewriting I have finally got it going.´╗┐ I also posted this troubleshoot on the critter getter video board thread I started. Note - I ended up removing the whole main program loop along with the interrupt and rewriting those portions of code, then since those parts were tied to most other sections I had to go from top to bottom and change each section to operate and work with the new ´╗┐sections. All in all, it is basically completely new code other than bit ´╗┐variables, byte variables and a few ´╗┐other things. I had to rework the "CDS´╗┐" section and it is completely different than ´╗┐anything I have written before and it worked out so now it's on to testing the rest of the stuff, running it in the different dip settings to make sure all of it works good.´╗┐´╗┐ I have some 8v TO92 voltage regulators on the way, once they arrive I'll get the LED's connected up. Also have some ´╗┐molex connectors coming from Ralph´╗┐´╗┐ (thanks Ralph for saving me a month wait) so will be able to get the cam setup right.´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐
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  26. bulltalk.65

    Battery Info on our Game Camera's

    Thanks Tinhorn, There is some very good useful info there. I have been trying to "up" my many cams field times and this helps a lot..
  27. Berniebac

    Jazz HDV159 - Ready to start the Build

    Thanks for posting that. I have that schematic saved somewhere in my files. I also purchased similar LED's a long time ago and just never put a build together. I really should be getting on to doing one of these but things keep getting in the way. I'll get the nerve up to tackle one soon. I'll keep following along with your builds in the mean time.
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