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  2. Lots of headgear still on. I would have thought they would be losing them up this way now. Great pictures as always. Thank you for sharing!
  3. 4K Action Cam

    These cameras cost AU$40 about US$30 and because of the compact size if it will work should fit into a pelican 1020 case with room for a couple of 18650 rechargable batteries for external power. The videos are clear and sharp but would need to be set close to the target area as things look further away than the actually are. Didn't attempt to hack the sound mic yet as it's attached directly to the camera board and I can't see how it's soldered on. A man needs a project so this is mine for a while. 👍
  4. 4K Action Cam

    I am pretty sure that you will need a specific code for it that keeps the power wires connected long enough for the camera to power off. I can't write code for the Bigfoot boards but maybe some of the other guys can or you can check with Gary to see if he would be willing/have time to do the code for you. I have looked at these cameras several times and thought about trying one but wasn't sure what the quality would be so opted for a GoPro instead. Sounds like this camera operates pretty much the same as the GoPro.
  5. 4K Action Cam

    I got a cheap 4k video camera from China to see if I could hack it and make a trailcam out of it. The camera itself is tiny about 2 x 1 1/2 inches, i got it apart and got wires soldered to the power and record buttons, also got wires soldered to the battery terminals for external power. Camera is powered by a 3.6v rechargable battery. Got it back together and if I touch the power wires together it turns on and if I touch them again it turns off. Only thing is to turn it off the wires need to be together for a couple of seconds. With the camera on if i touch the record wires together it starts to record, touch them again and it stops recording. I think the hack is ok. I have 2 bigfoot control boards here that I can program for DXG125 videos but have no idea what program I would need to get this camera working with the control board. Does anyone have any bigfoot programs that i could try with this camera? I can load the programs to the board but cannot write programs. Thank you JW
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  7. The results of a camera trap on a hillside trail --
  8. Panasonic LZ10 Pics

    Yes it takes the AA batteries and is 10mp but you have to do a cap mod on it
  9. Panasonic LZ10 Pics

    I have an LZ8. I like the fact that the 8 takes two AA’s inside the camera. Does the LZ10 as well? How many MP is the the 10 ? Thanks Daryl
  10. Panasonic LZ10 Pics

    I'll do it when I get home in March. In sunny and warm Florida right now. Bill
  11. Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    Goodness gracious, I just saw this. What a lousy fate for a good family. Prayers to all concerned, but it just stinks.
  12. Unbelievable, how things change

    Sorry to read this. Thoughts and prayers.
  13. Excellent reviews!! Looks like it does a really good job of measuring battery capacity. On Amazon: Bill
  14. A Pair of Peregrines

    Always love your pix and blog observations. Good luck on you snow snake camera trap, can't wait to see if you are successful.
  15. A Pair of Peregrines

    Had the good fortune to, once again, photograph a pair of peregrine falcons along the river --
  16. Software driven analyzer

    May be worth a try. I do a lot of small battery testing at home. Reluctant to deploy cameras when the batteries have an unknown capacity after long periods of use. Thanks for the update!! Bill
  17. Software driven analyzer

    I have quite a few years with the software driven analyzers on HD lead acid batteries and all of the battery manufactures now want us to use the old fashion load testers for determining warranty claims. Not sure if the lower voltage/amp batteries are different. I do know that clamp contact with the battery is critical, again speaking about HD lead acid battery. We had a substantial investment involved in these, it looks like these would be minimal invested.
  18. Just a Couple More

    Well they look pretty awesome today. I guess we all started at a beginning somewhere in our building progress. Pretty tidy and amazing now. Good job!
  19. May be more than some need but looks very useful for those who are looking for a software driven analyzer. Bill
  20. Just a Couple More

    Thank you. They sure didn't look neat and tidy when i first started making cams 10 years ago. I reckon there was enough wire in the case for half a dozen cams..i used to put a piece of adhesive backed foam on the birdsnest of wire to try and hide it. Lol
  21. Just a Couple More

    Your builds look amazing ... neat and tidy.
  22. Here are some cams for sale, so far have these 7 P32's up for grabs. All are tested and in good working condition. All unhacked. I cant find my box of mem cards so the cams go without. Also have a BG2 lanc video board up for grabs too. Have never used it, bought it from someone here quite a few years ago and it has just been sitting in my box. I'll list more as I find the stuff. Not sure what the price of these are going for these days but figure $25.00 Each TYD should be fair since usps shipping is $7.20 , not sure of a cheaper way to mail them. BG2 board $20. tyd. just reply here and I'll get you the paypal email. My wife will help with the packaging and getting things shipped for me.. Tried loading more pics but it wouldn't let me..
  23. Moultrie flash extender external power

    Thanks. It is 12v, found some batteries and checked it - problem solved. I must have been thinking about the 6 batteries/9v that brownings use... but since they will power off of a 12v sla, do they have some kind of voltage regulator or something in them? Just curious.
  24. Moultrie flash extender external power

    Yep, I failed to mention that, it could be 2 sets of 4 wired parallel. Good call Johnny.
  25. Moultrie flash extender external power

    Could also be a 6 volt, two sets of 4. Maybe open up one of the extenders and check the wires that go from the batteries to the board.
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