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  2. Panasonic LZ10 Pics

    Great thanks for that
  3. Panasonic LZ10 Pics

    LZ10 Build Vivitar 2800 Slave Flash with one of bigbassman's orginial flash boards. Bigfoot Trailmaster Control Board with Panasonic Programming (15 sec. delay for night pics so the flash will have time to recharge and 3 sec. shutter delay to give camera time to focus) Gary did it for me and it works great. Even with the delays the LZ10 takes blur free pics very quickly. The only way to go. Two C cells for external power The LZ8 and LZ10 fit in the Otterbox 3500 just right with no modifications needed to the box or the camera. Bill
  4. Yesterday
  5. In December 2017 I fully charged and conditioned my stock of PowerEx Imedion 2400mah batteries before I went to Florida. Charged up some today after they have been setting in my closet and all are taking a little less than 560mah before they are full. That's about 560mah depletion just setting in the closet. Be sure to charge all your batteries before installing them in the cameras!! Bill
  6. Picaxe 14m Slave Controller

    That is strange, it will Syntax fine for me when set to the 14M2 chip.
  7. Video cams - what's new

    Can go with the Fuji JZ100 or the JZ250 or the Panasonic SZ7 or SZ9 or the fh8. There are some Olympus cameras used also. Then pair them with one of Ralph's boards for day video and night stills and a slave flash The SZ7 and SZ9 uses 1080 HD videos the others are 720
  8. Video cams - what's new

    Sure, something like that would be cool. I jus really would like some better video, hd quality. I like the jazz and dxg but want better vids. If I need to do something like day vid/nite pic that would be cool. Is there a newer decent high mp camera that has a switch for for movie mode,, 10 mp or better?
  9. Video cams - what's new

    There are a few cams that take video during the days and color pictures at night if that interests you
  10. I want to build some more video units but really would like to find something a little faster from power on to record. I have a few more jazz and dxgs but there has to be something out there that will begin record at power up that's better than 4 seconds. Anyone know of any that are available and quicker than the ones mentioned that can be ir hacked? Geo
  11. Last week
  12. Banned

    Hi, Can someone tell me why every few days I get this message. Banned You do not have permission to view this site. It has been about 10 days since I was able to get on the site. I have been having this problem since the first of the year. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Picaxe 14m Slave Controller

    Yea, after reading your reply it hit me, I figured out why it didn't work for me. I had the editor set for the 14m2. After doing some reading, the 14m code is "supposed" to work with the m2 but it sure won't syntax with the editor set to m2.. I just reset it for the 14m and it syntaxes fine. Unfortunately the 14m isn't available anymore and all I have are the m2 versions.
  14. Picaxe 14m Slave Controller

    I haven't messed with the Picaxe slave controller in a long, long time. I did run Syntax on the code tonight and it all checks out so not sure why you are getting the errors.
  15. GoPro builds with white light array

    Thanks .... 4 to 5 seconds
  16. Questions Dxg 567v

    The 224 does not have a color filter on it. It is a ir lense....
  17. GoPro builds with white light array

    Nice job on both What's the startup time to shutter with those cams?
  18. Questions Dxg 567v

    Ah, was just looking at them and they are for daytime color. The 233 was what we used before the exchanger stuff came along with no ir filter.
  19. Questions Dxg 567v

    The bb224 is the lens I have found to be best with the 567 and the 125's. Bases are the same. I get the lenses at
  20. Questions Dxg 567v

    Im way behind on these myself but have a couple dxgs to use. What happened with the bb233 lens we use to use with the jazz? does the 567 need this different lens base to fit? Or will the bb233 work as well? Guess I'll have a look around at some of the vid threads and see what I can find.
  21. 4K Action Cam

    I used Photobucket the first year it was up but to me the navigation wasn't very user friendly so I left it and just used my own domains mostly to upload to. Now I guess they are charging users so that's why thousands of photos and videos are lost in here, no one wants to pay those fees especially for cloud storage. The IR stuff isn't too hard, once you do one the next ones are a piece of cake..
  22. Panasonic LZ10 Pics

    Here are the camera settings: Bill
  23. 4K Action Cam

    I haven't been able to get my head around ir conversions so have gone with the white light arrays. They are bright, cheap and there are lots to choose from. I have always used photobucket to post my videos but for some reason I can't upload to it now.
  24. Picaxe 14m Slave Controller

    Finally re-found this thread... Ive had this info for years and finally started messing with it. Hacked a viv 2000 (see other new thread) and started to finish a build thats been sitting for a long time. Anyhow, I used the original image/schematic (I assume its the one you can no longer see at the top) and hand built the board, tested the circuit and all is working. I downloaded the above code (well, it was on my pc from 5 yrs and I have come up with a small problem (hopefully...)... The circuit seems to work but the code is not doing something correctly (I think) and it has something to do with the section below, also the highlighted in red parts. When I powered up it seemed to do what the code says to do, It flashes the on-board led a couple times and if the cds is covered and the cdschk does its thing, the on-board led will flash on/off twice every couple seconds (nite???). last night I fired everything up to test and it did not seem to charge the slave so I left it on overnight, came out this am and the slave was charged but wont fire. I did some checking, reading and looking around and had found I missed the 1R resistor between batt+ and Slave+ so added it. I covered the cds and the slave charged when it was supposed to but it still wont fire with the camera. The cam is a sony w50 and based on what I am reading and seeing in the code it should work with how the code is. I ran a syntax on the code and I get a syntax error @ line 67 "let pins=%00000001" with the error saying "symbol pins" not defined. Now I have ran across this before years ago with some old cam code but cannot remember the cause/issue or fix. The syntax error shows at both positions shown below. I have tried to change it to "pin" or the pin leg and even flash_on flag of b13 and still, it is not working correctly. Ive double and triple checked the wiring, the slave and the slave board, all is correct and working, in fact the code seems to be working other than firing the slave with the camera. So, I have to assume it has to be something in this section of code that is not letting it set the flag or the interrupt. As mentioned, the cds is working, the on board led seems to be doing what it is supposed to based on what I see in the code and the moc3023 seems to be fine as well because I can unplug my pt and jump it and the charged flash will fire. I am not up enough on this particular code to dissect it enough to know whats going on or not going on. I dont know how to check the pt other than probing it, or swapping polarity. it (they) is new (bought a bunch when I gathered this stuff 5 yrs ago). So, Ralph (or anyone else with experience with this circuit/code) do you have any ideas of where to look or what the issue may be? Like I said, I can remove power and connect the slave directly and it is firing perfect, I can reconnect and flip the switch on the the little slave board and it seems to go thru the code, charges the slave etc and it can be manually jumped to make it fire but when the camera is fired the slave just sits idle charged and ready to go. Any help would be awesome.. Thanks, Geo ****************************** GoSub CdsChk If Night_Flag = 1 Then Inc Slave_Refresh let pins = %00000001 EndIf If Night_Flag = 0 Then let pins = %00000000 sleep 130 Endif ************************
  25. 4K Action Cam

    Thats Cool, youll have to post a vid when you have time.., I am going to pull another one out and hack it. This one is all put back together, my lcd ribbon wasnt long enough to let me pull the board up or get behind it. I tried pushing the lcd out but was afraid I'd break it with to much prying so figured I'd just leave it. The next one I think I'll chop the case and remove the whole unit from it so to be able to get to the rear board better to take a better look at the battery terminals. I think I found a lens that should/may screw in so may try to IR hack it, they glued the hec out of the one in it so may not be able to remove it. I have some small white light arrays that are hecca bright so thought I'd try to make a white light vid cam with the first one just to see how it does.
  26. 4K Action Cam

    Since I opened the camera up to take a picture of the hack I have now added an external mic and pre amp. Works great and makes the videos a lot more interesting.
  27. Lousy Hogs

    Looks like good eating to me. Thin out a few more and fill your freezer with pork.
  28. Question for the Electronic gurus

    Hi Bill, That's what I assumed. I sure would think it could handle 12v though since it was on the sensor, although with all the removed parts it might not. I'll probe around it some more and see if it's something else. With a battery connected I should see the nominal voltage on it but I'm only getting 1.7v across it so something is awry I ended up just grabbing another one out of my box and hacking it and installing it and will mess with this one later to see if I can get her Workin again.
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