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  1. Jaggermax

    Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    Been a while since I have stopped by to check in and this was the first post I saw. Very sad to hear of his passing. He was one of the original guys here on Hag's House and he was a big part of this community. When I was active here, we often chatted about all kinds of things and shared or love and knowledge of this hobby.. He will be missed.
  2. Jaggermax

    Hello All And Merry Christmas

    Been a while since I stopped but I wanted to make a quick visit and wish my old friends a Merry Christmas. Miss the old gang, but life is hectic and wish I had time to play around with cameras again. It has been a while since I have done any cameras, but it looks like everyone here is carrying on and still making some cool stuff.
  3. Jaggermax

    Happy New Year All!

    Well let me know when you will be down and i willl bring yall out to ship islandfor some sun...sand...and fishing.
  4. Jaggermax

    Happy New Year All!

    Ghoot, I am about 2 hours from Destin. If you decide you want to do some gambling, come on over to the mississippi coast and I will take you fishing . Spring is great Speckled Trout fishing! 2007 and 2008 were tough years for me and took a lot out of me. Cancer, divorce and getting laid off is a lot to go through in a short period of time. But, god has reasons for things, and I gotta say that my new wife has been the best thing that ever happened to me. She and my kids are the loves of my life. (ex wife...not so much, lol, but at least we are civil with each other for our kids sake). My new wife and I were friends in our teens and its funny how things work out some times. I don't know if work is a blessing because its stressful working for the government, but can be fun. Just a lot of politics to deal with. But with a great family and friends, its amazing how god can turn things around. I will try my best to visit more often and chat with all of you. On a sadder note, I was looking through some of the old posts and saw that Sardis passed away. That really got to me. One of the nicest guys around. I used to talk to him quite often on the phone and he was one heck of a guy. We would talk for over an hour sometimes talking about hunting in Mississippi, life in general and cameras. He will definitely be missed.
  5. Jaggermax

    Happy New Year All!

    Well, it has been a while since I have been on site and wanted to stop by and wish all of you guys a happy new year. I sure do miss the good ole days of building cameras and talking back and forth between treetop, 212, Brian, and the multitude of others here about all the crazy ideas that were launched on this site. I really enjoyed those days and only wish I had more time in my life to play around with stuff like this again. I was promoted at my job to engineering manager and its crazy busy, I got remarried to a sweet country girl from Texas, and my kids are now 10 and 12 and inolved in everything. So life pretty much revolves around family and work with no spare time for hobbies (but I did buy a boat for island hopping! . If any of you guys make it down to the Mississippi Coast, I will take you fishing! Anyway guys, I just wanted to stop by and let all of you know that I still think about the gang and miss y'all. I still stop by occasionally to read what y'all are up to and it is awesome to see you guys are still going strong. Keep up all the cool work and I will do my best to better stay in touch. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  6. Jaggermax

    Please Keep Us In Your Thoughts And Prayers...

    My prayers are with you and your family. Hopefully the remaining tests will show better news and will she can evenually recover from it. Love the picture
  7. Jaggermax

    Small Video Camera

    got one and it works well. for color video anyway. You can get them on ebay with shipping for around $13 now. IR hack is easy but they dont pick up well. I believe they are called the MD80 and all over ebay. darn, I believe this is my first post in a long long time!
  8. Wow, my first post in over a year
  9. hey fellas. The one I bought actually takes decent video. But it does require some good lighting. They make a couple of different models, one will do pictures and video and the other only video. I got the only video version because it has the time and date stamp on it, where the picture version does not. Its a pain to get the time and date folder installed so it can read it, but once there, it seems to hold it. Just have to look out to make sure you dont totally drain the battery or else it may loose the time/date setting. But I see no reason it cannot be used with a large, external 3.3 volt battery as a main power supply> I opened it up to see what makes it tick and it has a small, 250ma/hr li-ion battery . But it will power it for about 2 hours, so its pretty good on battery life. I did do an IR hack on it and it was pretty simple. Just have to take your time and remove the glue holding the threads in place, the flip the lens over and pop out the IR filter. It does pickup IR light fairly well, but it seems to loose the frame rate in low light. But in bright light with the IR mod, it works fine. Would probaly make for a nice, super cheap and small video system, but I only played with it. Have not done anything like that with it. One thing that is tricky is that after you remove the IR filter and install the lens, focusing can be tricky since there is no display to look at. I found that by using the webcam software with it and focusing it while watching the webcam display, it could be focused fairly well. Its just very sensitive, a 1/2 degree turn makes a big difference.
  10. Jaggermax

    Hello All!

    Hey everyone! Figured I would stop back by and see how all of the old gang is doing. Have not been on for what seems like forever. Had to take a change in the direction of life about a year ago and just got so busy and caught up in family stuff, kids, and especially work, that I have not had time to do anything fun. I sure miss the camera stuff. But I see everyone has been plugging and chugging coming up with new stuff. Great to see everyone is still her doing the things that are fun. Hopefully one day soon I can get back and start playing again. My job now takes up almost all of my time. It has been that way for about a year now and just dont seem to slack up. On top of that, I went out on sea trials one one of our Military RIB boats and hit a god aweful wave and the seat broke and I hit the deck. Ruptured my disk and have been having to go through therapy to get back to normal. Finally got doctor release today to get back to a normal life. So hopefully once things settle down here at work, I can partake in this hobby again. I have really missed talking, chatting, etc.,. with all of you! Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say Hi to everyone and say that I missed all of yall ... sniff....sniff
  11. Jaggermax

    Amazing Moose Footage

    Thought this was a cool clip. Funny when the mother moose starts chewing on the broadhead. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=e4e_1230046014
  12. Jaggermax

    Jazz Array

    Hey Fly, The new heat sink array has improved the led performance a lot. But I do still get occasional leds that go dim. It just somthing I have been trying to deal with from the beginning with the led vender and their lack of consistancy and quality. With the original arrays, the arrays did not dissapate the heat good enough and the questionable leds would overheat and go dim or out . This was happeing on about 10%-15% of the leds on average. The heatsink array really improved the situation, but even now and running with 180 resistors on them, I still get an occasional led going dim or out, either right out of the box or after they have been run a while. But the failure rate is much lower, probably 2-3%. I went with 180 resistors (18 ohm) on the newer boards to see if that would eliminate any more dimming issues. They help keep the board running cooler. 150 (15 ohm) ohm resistors will work fine to, but some of the questionalble leds may start to get warm and dim using those resistors, so thats why I started going to the 180 ohm resistors. If you have one of the very original boards (not the heatsink design), and have not upgraded the board with the kits I sent out (diodes and resistors), you should probably run a diode on the power line running to the array. This will drop the input voltage to the array and allow it to run cooler becasue of the reduced current. Using 1 on a 6 volt array and 2 on a 12 volt array should work fine. This is easier than having to replace the resistors on the array with the new ones I send out in the kit. I just sent resistors and diodes to allow the user to use either method. Any 1 amp diode should work, but if you dont have any from the kits I sent, let me know and I will send you some (you dont need to do anything if you have the newer heat sink board). But if you have the older kits, definately use a diode or the new resistors in the kits that I sent out. If you dont have the kit, I will send you the parts. Email me your address and I will get them out. I am kind of stuck in a legal issue with the divorce and I am not supposed to be working on my hobby because my soon to be ex wife is trying to treat this as a second job and of course trying to show I have additiional income which she is entitled to. Problem is she thinks we make money off this stuff and we dont :(. But until the divorce is final, I wont be able to really ship out any new boards. But I can ship parts or repair a board if needed since no money exchanges hands. Yea, it stinks to get into the situation, but it will hopefully be over soon.
  13. Jaggermax


    Will do. At work now, but will send it when I get home tonight.
  14. Jaggermax

    Wildtronix Array

    Hey, sent you the email with the different hookkup options. 16 to 24 guage wire should work fine.