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  1. Looking for a BG2 board, condition doesn't matter as long as the potentiometer is working. Thanks, Larry
  2. I will take 20&22 if not spoken for.
  3. I can use the board if still available. Will send payment for shipping Thanks, Larry
  4. My favorite S600 took on some water and is toast, so I am in need of one. Don't care about case just as long as it works. Thanks
  5. Pir Tool $ 15.00 Tyd

    Paypal gift sent........Merry Christmas.
  6. I will take them. PM sent later (IHeaded to deer stand)
  7. Got mine........... All is good. Thanks
  8. I will take #2 PM sent.
  9. Sony P32

    I will take it. PM Sent.
  10. My Crazy Wife (gotta Love Her) Haha

    Gary, You are very blessed to have a wife taking on the challange facing our youth. She has my vote. Longshot
  11. Any Guys Here From Illinois

    I live in Central Illinois would be interested in a camfest.
  12. Avg Upgrade Pop Ups

    I gave up on AVG also, went with Microsoft Security Essentials on all four of ours. No Problems!
  13. Need the BG2 for parts but your in box is full.
  14. P41 And Hpwa Foam In Or Out.?

    I take it out on the S600 and leave it in on the P41's and P32's.
  15. Need A Hard Drive

    Anyone have a 2.5 ide hard drive for my old laptop 20gb or larger? Thanks
  16. Pix Slave Boards

    Pm sent on the other two.
  17. Ted's Never Short Of Words

    Ted has a way with words.............
  18. P-41 Horizonal Lines On Lcd And Pics

    Check the ribbon cable from the ccd to the main board, try pulling them then reinsert and lock the clip back down.
  19. New Sony Camcorder?

    This is interesting on the Sony..............When the swivel lens is rotated, the Webbie instantly powers on so you can start taking pictures or recording video immediately. Maybe an easy hack?
  20. Venting

    Servo motors are used for each gauge, check on E-Bay for some. Search google on installing them.
  21. Truck Battery Recommendations

    I buy Walmart batteries......Why? Because no matter where I'm hunting or with the two boys in college the battery goes bad you can find a Walmart
  22. Items For Sale

    I will take 22 & 25. Thanks
  23. Pix Controller Slave Flash

    Here try this......... http://www.pixcontroller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3548
  24. I need a LM431 regulator in SOT-23 for a BG1 board I have. Would anyone have it? Thanks