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  1. tony r

    New Batteries

    thats why i asked maybe junk or just what we need for longer life
  2. tony r

    New Batteries

    anyone tried these? i read about them in popular science in new products 1.6volt rechargables . tony http://www.powergenix.com/index.php
  3. found this at radio shack i single 6volt lithium battery that will fit in there n sized battery holder you just have to elec tape it in because it is bigger around than a n battery. worst part is price $15 but should run sensor along time. tony
  4. i have for sale a p41 /bg2 i bought it with bad p41 in it case had a chip where it seals in pic 2 but rope seal fixed problem & it does not leak now i put different p41 & used it last year now up for sale to build something else it comes with 2 512 memory cards $190 tyd
  5. tony r

    S600 Getting E:91:01 Error

    thanks guy i tried this & error went away now if it fixed the eating batteries to. tony
  6. just started eating batterys & giving this error message anyone ever had a s600 with this error? tony
  7. cleaning off bench & clearing out some cameras & sensors trying to get all my cams the same #1 sss sensor brand new pir on the front $55 tyd sold to boss hog #2 bg2 sensor for p41 with standoffs & new lense $50 tyd #3 p41 never hacked cleanest used p41 i have ever had $100 tyd #4 p41 with 3 wire servo IR hack by daryl at WTS $115 tyd #5 3 p41 cameras for repair all 3 have little black latch missing where ribbon locks in back board by the lcd 2 power up fine other one will power up then shut off & will not power back up till batterys are out of camera a while then will do it again 1 of these has IR hack done by daryl also $100 tyd
  8. tony r


    sounds great gary trail mode fast --- feeder mode 1 to 3 min