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  1. Good point, never thought of the cam delay starting up if I don't top the flash off except for at night. I was thinking that if the flash wasn't needed it wouldn't top it off, but clearly that is not right and I should have known better from my own experience. I think I'll try to find something creative to help me develop some programming skills as a personal challenge, but it might not be the day/night. Thanks for saving me some aggravation figuring it out the hard way!
  2. Good advice guys, thanks, and thanks also for the quick reply. I'll look up the post you mentioned bigbassman, and I'll mess with the settings if I can get the code right to see if I can find a setting that saves me some battery in bright sun but still gets me the pics during clouds and leaf cover.
  3. Hi Guys, I recently bought my starter kit to begin playing with picaxe programming in the SSII. I read some prior posts about using the LED on the SSII for day/night detection for video, etc. My interest would be to use the day/night detection, if it exists on the board as Gary sells it, to save a little battery power by not topping off the flash during daylight. I travel a long way to get to my cams so every little bit of life helps. I would continue to take pics 24 hours a day, I only want to minimize the battery usage. My question is, can this programming be accomplished without having to change out any components (adding day/night sensor, different LED, etc)? I saw some posts from late last year that seemed like it might be able to be done through code changes only, but I'm not sure if any board mods are required to go along with the program changes. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. ghoot has multi pin servo connectors from 2-5 pins on his site, if that is what you're after. SnapshotSniper Look at the first item in section 3.
  5. I am looking for the front plastic case piece from a P41, if you have one you would like to sell, shoot me a PM. All I really need is the plastic case but would take the whole dead cam if that is easier. Thanks.
  6. Prices reduced on LED's and PowerSlave boards
  7. MrPike

    Camera Noise

    I used to try and fill the empty spaces inside of my cams with foam to absorb as much sound as possible. My opinion is that sound is the main reason that deer sometimes spook from trail cams. I have been using fixed lens cams in my builds for quite some time, so there isn't really much to have to deaden. I do, however, still try and have foam lined walls inside the unit, even if it is a thin layer of foam. I always thought about it like a house- if you go into a house that is empty and make a sound, it is much louder than if furniture, etc is there. Same thing if there are lots of hardwood floors or ceramic tile- sounds bounces a lot like in a gymnasium. I think having something in there to deaden the "echo" is a good move, especially if you have sound being generated. Not sure how to accomplish that on the fresnel or on the glass, and agree that those would be the weakest links for sound escaping "outside".
  8. I'll let the electrical experts weigh in on the details and correct me if I have it wrong. I recall from the past that the resistor is to "protect" some of the more sensitive components from the more capable power sources like an SLA. Meaning, the resisitors help keep any components on the boards from being damaged. I would expect that if you had installed the correct resistor for the SLA, and used it for the 4C alkalines, you should be fine.
  9. Guys, if there is anything here you would be interested in at a lower price, shoot me a PM with what you are thinking. Also, I would be interested in working out a trade for an SSII board or P41 if that is a possibility. Thanks!
  10. Hi Guys, Going through some of my parts inventory that I don't think I'll be using and want to sell to help fund some new builds. I may add more as I get through things, but this is what I have for now. I only want to ship to the continental US, sorry to those outside this area. Here's what I have: 875nm infra red LED's, HSDL-4230 - have taken some nice video with these, bright. - 100 mA forward current, 17 degree - have a bunch, asking $0.20 each plus $3 shipping per order SOLD Edmunds Optical Cast IR Longpass Filter. SOLD - 4" x 5", graph looks like 90% transmission at 725nm - have 1 of these - $13 delivered 0.9" Focal Length Wide Angle Fresnel Lenses. SOLD - $2.25 each includes shipping or $2.25 for first and $2 for each one after if you buy multiple - have 8 of these jon5ja Powerslave boards, new in wrapper. Includes resistor and has double sensor. Made for use with Viv 2000 flashes. - $45 $35 each delivered. If one person buys all three, we'll work out something on shipping. - have 3 of these If you're interested in anything, PM me. I'll go by the first to PM me that they want something. If there is anything here you would be interested in at a lower price, shoot me a PM with what you are thinking. Also, I would be interested in working out a trade for an SSII board or P41 if that is a possibility. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the input, guys. bigbassmann, the SLA option isn't a good one for me because of the distance I have to walk. I usually have a bunch of cams with me in a backpack, so throwing in a few SLA's makes it too much weight. It would certainly work well once I got it where I needed it, but it makes it too tough to get it all there with the rest of the junk I carry. Thanks for the suggestion. Is there any difference in these, or other controllers, in how long the batteries last on low flash count? Meaning, are they all the same in how they keep the flash topped off? My setups are all on trails, and typically my cams are out for a long time without a high picture count. It won't be the flash flashing that usually kills my batteries, it would probably be keeping the flash ready in between pics. Would any of these combos last two months if the flash never or rarely fired? I've read about these baby slaves- would that be a good solution for me? Could I get some extra battery life in a lighter weight setup if I use a flash that consumes less juice? Would it be enough of a difference to notice on battery life?
  12. Hi Guys, I'm a long time member of this forum, but have been away from here for quite a while. I've been running my cams all the while, and building a few here and there, but I've fallen behind on the slave flash options and need some advice for a few builds. I'm glad to be back around and seeing all of the interesting stuff that has been going on! All of the slave flashes I have built in the past were using jon5ja's boards and Viv 2000 flashes, and I would like to build a couple new cams with slave capability over the winter. To get to the place where I set my cams, I have to drive a distance and then walk a distance. So, I try to keep the builds fairly light in weight and try to keep battery life as long as possible. I know that both of these goals aren't exactly in line with using slave flashes. So, my question is, what would you recommend for someone who would like a little extra flash that fires when it should, but has the best possible battery life? I don't need to light up the night, just get a little more help for the p41. I've read about the different slave controllers that are out, but don't have a feel if any are better than the others for battery life and triggering effectiveness (the biggest challenge I had with Jon's were keeping it triggering all the time). So, I'm asking for help- what would you recommend for the best in light weight and battery life from the current options? P.S. I think I might have a couple of Jon's boards still around, so if they are what you would suggest, tell me that too. Really appreciate the help! Dave
  13. MrPike

    Timelapse Cameras

    I have taken some time lapse photos using a Snapshot Sniper board. We did a Habitat for Humanity Project at work and some coworkers who knew I messed with trail cams asked if I could arrange something. I bought a couple of chips from ghoot with a time lapse program on them, stuck them in some existing builds, and they worked great day and night.
  14. MrPike

    Any Memory Sticks Available

    muzzy, I would bet he is looking for the Sony memory sticks since he called them by that name. The "memory stick" name is a Sony specific name, even though you could call any camera memory card a memory "stick" if you wanted to.
  15. MrPike

    P41 Problem

    I'm sure you've probably checked, but are you sure the batteries are good?