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  1. wisconsinbuckhunter

    Complete Dvr Unit For Sale

    Again, my brother in law uses these names. Nothing unusual. When we set up his accounts I believe we tried to use broken arrow for all accounts, but real deal and archery talk had that name already taken. Again we assume. He listed it cheaper on these site under good intentions. He figured I bought the parts and got the info from these sites so he did his part in offering it a bit cheaper.
  2. wisconsinbuckhunter

    Complete Dvr Unit For Sale

    It is funny how we all assume. Your right, I did built this unit. I have PM hag with what is going on. Broken arrow is not me actually it is an account my brother in law and father both use. I even helped them set up the account. Do whatever search you want you will only find the truth, then I'll accept the appoliges. For those of you who are uninformed. Let me explain what all this haressment is about. About 2 years ago I did something that I am not proud of. I didn't kill anyone, poach any deer, steal, or anything of that nature. I sold a camera on ebay as a good camera and it was not working properly. I knowingly did this and since have realized my mistake and have not sold anything on this site because of it. 212 and Treetop won't let it end. They consitently are posting negative messages whenever I post (this is why I rarely post anymore). I guess they feel nobody deserves a second chance. If you look at my ebay feedback I am still at 100% positive feedback, because I learned from my poor judgment and have been 100% honest ever since. I have learned an important lesson in this whole ordeal. I don't know what else I can do to earn back the trust of a couple big shots on this forum. They will probablt bash me some more but I wanted to get the story straight for all to hear. 212 and Treetop both do awesome work on trail cameras and are the counterstone to this site. They are the best at what they do. Im sure they will edit this post, we'll see. So to 212, treetop, LFM, Hags, and who ever...again I appoligize for what happened 2 years ago. This is the second appoligy, what do you want me to do to regain your trust. I've done everything asked of me so far.
  3. wisconsinbuckhunter


    I haven't done the math, but I think it would be cheaper buying the parts individually. What I do is order between two dealers. I order certain parts from one and different from the other depending on who is cheaper. Shipping may end up being more in the end. Im not sure if Im saving money this way, but its what Ive always done.
  4. wisconsinbuckhunter

    Any News On The L14's

    Just wondering if we have had any results on the testing of the Nikon L14's yet? Can they be used with a Yeti board, if not, which board do you recommend?
  5. wisconsinbuckhunter

    Otter 3000 Camera Shelf

    Does anyone know where I can buy a shelf that could hold a P32 or P41 for the otter 3000 case? I know most of you just make your own, what do you use? I'd rather just buy some and not mess around with the hassle.
  6. wisconsinbuckhunter


    Oh man, thats what I have to do then. God I hate going into that store!! It make me feel so femine. I haven't notice much of any problems with my units, but I agree, I hate them zorb it packs. Im going to try this out. Thanks for the good info.
  7. wisconsinbuckhunter


    I guess Im a bit confused. Is this what you guys are referring to? http://www.jakesmp.com/CSD_Silica_Gel/CSD_Silica_013_C.html
  8. wisconsinbuckhunter

    Yeti Board Mounting Bracket

    Found the answer. Thanks for the help.
  9. wisconsinbuckhunter

    Yeti Board Mounting Bracket

    Does anybody know the length of the spacer for the Yeti Board Mounting Bracket. It will be used for a wide angle lense. I've misplaced my spacers so I am going to have to do some cutting of others or buy some more. Thanks.
  10. wisconsinbuckhunter

    Video Unit

    I agree with Nutz, 65's are the ways to go for day time video.
  11. wisconsinbuckhunter

    Checked the cam lots of pics

    I love the last couple pics with the bucks in the fog.
  12. wisconsinbuckhunter

    BFoutdoors Slavemaster

    Looks great Treetop. Nice work as always!
  13. wisconsinbuckhunter

    Laptop Question

    I am looking into buying a new laptop computer soon. Any suggestions? I plan on posting many pictures on sites and downloading video also. My wife wants to be able to easily burn DVD's. What should I be looking for? I am by no means computer literate so please help.
  14. wisconsinbuckhunter

    512 MB sticks with P32

    Can I use the 512 MB memory stick with my P32 setups without any problems? Will there be a change in shutter time speed?