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  1. Jon5ja

    Security and protection ??

    Well, this was a tough one... at home I have Symantec's Corporate Edition virus scanner (updated) as well as Spybot and IE-Spyad, and keep them pretty well updated. I don't allow much scripting stuff to run without a prompt. When I went to the site the other morning, the virus scanner started going off like crazy, so rather than take a chance I just shut the machine down and went on to work. Of course, I received the e-mail but didn't open it since it was obviously a virus. Once I got to work, I decided to see if the forum had been fixed. I opened IE6 (I've got all the updates/service packs) and set the Internet zone to "High" security, went into advanced and disabled scripting (since I'd seen it go nuts at home). We run Trend antivirus at work and are behind a Checkpoint firewall that is audited regularly to be sure it's "tight"... everything was updated and I felt fairly secure (I also have Spybot and the IE-Spyad list on the machine at work, and they'd been updated in the last week or so). Anyway, as soon as I went to the site, stuff started popping up that shouldn't have, and was obviously running things that shouldn't have been able to run. When it was over, I closed everything and checked for updates to the A/V (there were none) and scanned for viruses (none found). When I closed the machine, though, I saw it kill a process named GRAB.something... I'm fairly convinced that somehow a trojan was indeed running on the machine despite all the "impossible" settings. Now I'm wondering if it was the most-newly-announced "zero-day" exploit that was published for IE? I sure don't think I had settings lax enough that I should have been able to get the trojan any other way. After rebooting, I can't find any trace that looks infected, though.
  2. Jon5ja

    Congratulations to Jon5ja

    And his Mom in her standard position.
  3. Jon5ja

    Congratulations to Jon5ja

    Here's another one after we got home.
  4. Jon5ja

    Congratulations to Jon5ja

    Thanks, everyone. I'll post some pictures in a new thread when I get a chance. Here's a sneak preview of James Israel Barclay (we're not Jewish, it's a long story, ha). He was born about 4 1/2 weeks early and was in a bit of respiratory distress for the first dozen hours, but thank the Lord, he straightened out and is crusing along pretty well now. He was born Tuesday morning, March 14, at 7:29 AM. 6 lbs even and 19 inches. We just got home with him a couple of hours ago -- everbody in the house has a cold except my wife and the baby, and trying to keep three snotty-nosed kids away from the baby has been a circus already.
  5. Jon5ja

    Bee Problem

    An engineer friend of mine recently exterminated a large hive of bees that had built in the walls of his house. Shortly afterward, a local beekeeper (a watermelon grower, who depends on them for pollination) found out about it and was very disappointed that he didn't have a chance to move the hive and keep them himself... so, I bet someone would be glad to move them for you. That said... although S.E. Georgia isn't officially on the map as having seen africanized bees, the maps I've seen show the range of "hybridized" bees extending halfway up Florida. I would be surprised if you didn't already have some there in Georgia. The africanized bees are nothing to mess with, so I'd treat any bees as if they might be dangerous. A friend and classmate of mine was killed two years ago by honeybees when "topping" a tree (logging) here in East Texas. From the bees they found dead, about half of them showed africanized characteristics. Jon
  6. Jon5ja

    need a part

    Well, it should be easy to tell which of those two it looks more like :-) The datasheet on the S8050 looks pretty plain-jane -- a good PN2222A would probably work as a replacement. That NTE cross is more overkill, though, so it might not be a bad idea.
  7. Jon5ja

    need a part

    Kevin, what does the part look like? Is it a metal TO-3 case (oblong with a screw hole in each end) with two wires sticking out the bottom? If so, it's probably a 2SD411, and the NTE cross is an NTE247, See: http://www.nteinc.com/specs/200to299/pdf/nte247.pdf Take a look at that one and tell me if the outline in the PDF looks like your transistor. If this looks like yours, it's probably what is it. The original is an NPN 100 volt, 10-amp, 80-watt Darlington pair with a minimum Hfe of 4000. Mouser carries them: http://www.mouser.com/index.cfm?handler=di...e_pcodeid=52600 Jon
  8. Jon5ja

    My 3 year project is done

    Congrats, Jill, nice job! It could be worse on the project time -- I've got a new 350 Chevy engine on the stand, ready to drop into my 79 Nova project car, and it's been waiting for a free weekend to do the engine swap for about six years I need to get that done, because I know that Chevy is feeling intimidated sitting surrounded by the four powerful Fords also sharing the shop Jon
  9. Jon5ja

    For my Spiritial Friends!

    O4D, the starting blurb said the vocalist was Ronnie Kimball. Pretty cool clip, Bat... I was just listening to the same song on a CD by Mercy Me. Jon
  10. Jon5ja

    Its a..........................

    Congrats, Jason! Soon, you won't be able to conceive the idea of life without her! Then again, the attention you receive from your wife is about to drop by 95% but it'll be worth it in the long run. With 3 kids now and another on the way, my share of the wife's attention is down to 0.05% at the moment, ha. Enjoy, and may your nights be restful! Jon
  11. Jon5ja

    Jon's slave board

    The only likely problem on the PowerSlave board (running it from 12 volts) is the Zener diode (a 12V unit) that I put across the MOSFET to keep spikes and static under control. You might have to clip that out or replace it with something higher to run it from 12 volts. That said... I don't know of any ordinary, cheap flash units that can deal with 12 volts anyway, so you probably don't want to do it. You could modify that 8-cell holder to parallel two sets of four NiMH cells so you'd still have 6 volts, but twice the milliamp-hours of life. Jon
  12. Jon5ja

    Little Help

    Maurice, I saw this original request and added my prayers to the others, but I'm sorry I didn't see the news of your father's passing until just now. We're very sorry to hear the news, but we know it's appointed unto man once to die, and it sounds like God was ready to call him home. We pray for God's grace and comfort for your mother, you, and the family. God Bless, Jon
  13. Jon5ja

    34 AWG wire

    I don't think the individual strands of wire are insulated in that eBay link -- just 19 wires bundled together to make one of the four (individually insulated) 24AWG wires. Mouser has 32 AWG stranded, PTFE-insulated hookup wire, but you have to buy 100' at a whack. Wire Link Jon
  14. Jon5ja

    Vivitar 2000 slave with Jon's board

    What HH said. Try connecting it to the battery and see if it'll charge up and flash when you jumper across the trigger connection points on the board. If it does, disconnect the battery and trigger it again to discharge (mostly) the capacitor before you start working on it. You can finish discharging the capacitor by shorting across it with a screwdriver or something (be prepared for a *POP*). Of course, do this while the PowerSlave board is nowhere around Jon
  15. OK, if y'all have Nano and Pico, I'll take Femto and Atto. That'll leave Zepto and Yocto for someone else. Jon