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  1. Problem With Jazz Build

    I have a Jazz/Bf set up that has worked flawlessly for years. Recently the system appears to time out. When I turn the power on to the board the cam and array power on, then power off. After the 1 min with no movement the cam goes into operation mode. I can walk in front of the cam and it starts and records as it should. But after it sits awhile the system will not turn on and record. Does anyone have any Idea what the problem could be? Thanks
  2. Items For Sale

    Where do I send the payment?
  3. Items For Sale

    I'll take the black 1060
  4. Black Night Video

    None of the batteries are going dead prematurely. The BF board batterie were dead but they were several months old. I never thought to check them when the array acted up because I didn't think those batteries effected the array. When I did change them it seemed like the array was a little brighter. I have checked every wire and can't find a bad connection. I have tried everything I can think of and can't get the array to not work. The only other thing I can think of is the cold weather is effecting something in the setup. So far since I Pulled the cam all my testing has been in the house if I ever get some free time I'll put the cam in the yard and see if I can duplicate the symptoms. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  5. Black Night Video

    I have a jazz cam with BF board and BF array, for some reason it tests fine at the house but in the field acts like the array isn't coming on. During my first test the array did look a little dim and the video was a little grainy. The board batteries were the only thing I hadn't looked at so I checked those and they were very low, one was even leaking acid. So I put in new batteries and the led's did look brighter, I thought I had it figured out. I took the cam to the woods left it for a few days came back and the same thing all night videos were black. I pulled the cam off the tree turned it off, turned it back on and the Led's came on. I brought it home and recorded perfect night videos in my basement. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this, any suggestions?
  6. Rayovac Precharge Batteries

    The Duracells precharge are 2000 mah
  7. Rayovac Precharge Batteries

    I get up there all the time. I own property in Fairmount, and have a club there as well.
  8. Duracell Batteries

    As far as I know the precharged batteries (whatever brand) are enloops. If I remember right there are only two companies that make enloops, Sanyo (Japan) and a China company. Any company with precharged batteries are just buying from one of the two companies and re-labeling the battery. Thats how it was several years ago, I don't know if that has changed.
  9. Rayovac Precharge Batteries

    I noticed that Rayovac has precharged batteries out now and was wondering if anyone has any experience with them, or has seen any reviews? There are two types out, I think one is just a Rayovac precharged and the other is Rayovac precharged Platinum.
  10. Duracell Batteries

    If you are buying the Duracell type enloops look closely before you buy! I don't know if any of you have noticed this, but Duracell has change the label on their rechargeable to look like the precharged batteries. The rechargeable have also gone from 2650mah to 2450mah. I always need new batteries so every few trips to WM I grab a pack. After several packs I found that some are precharged and some are rechargeable and they all look the same. Now that I'm aware of this I noticed that the precharged batteries are hard to find. Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone know what Duracell is up to?
  11. Hunt Cam

    Thanks guys, I think those builds are more elaborate than what I'm needing. I just want to control cheap pocket cams like the DXG. Nothing with Lanc and no motion sensors or arrays. I really don't know but I think the transmitter that TCscout used will work and without using Picaxe. Does anyone know of any other pocket cams that have good video quality and have been hacked? Many of the specifications needed for a good trail camera are not needed for my purpose. So if you know of a cam that just didn't workout for a trail cam, but almost did I would like to know. Thanks for the help
  12. Hunt Cam

    Would something like this work? Only I would need a two channel, one channel for power, the second channel for record? http://cgi.ebay.com/1CH-RF-Wireless-Remote...=item92aef14944
  13. Hunt Cam

    Hey buddy doing good! I'm around I just don't post must....ironic since I like to talk so much . But hey I'm here if ya need anything, call me!
  14. Hunt Cam

    I'm looking into some options for multiple angle hunt cams. Just for fun I've started videoing my hunts and thought it would be a little different to add multiple cameras. I'm looking for low cost, good video quality HD cams that can be hacked for remote power on, off and record. Something like the DXG would probably be fine, if there is a way to hack a remote to it. Thanks in advance for any help.
  15. Same Bucks

    These are the same from the pictures you posted? They look bigger