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  1. dennbow

    Can Anyone Identify This Controller Board?

    That is a x10 kit that Hags used to sell, I still have 4 cams running with them. They have been my most reliable and favorite sensors over the years. Never had one die on me. They have great range and a fair amount of options. I do have the paperwork for them somewhere if you need some info.
  2. dennbow

    Cleaning Out Sale Updated

    I'd also be interested in one of the BG2 boards for a D380.
  3. dennbow

    Sensitivity Trouble

    I recently purchased 2 SS boards and they both do this when setup on a field edge. One is a P41-HPWA and the other is D380-.65 fresnal. I gave up and moved the P41 in the timber and brought the 380 in and left it om my workbench for now.
  4. dennbow

    Fawn With Big Tumor..

    I've seen deer with tumors before but never anything like that. dennbow
  5. What kind of case is it? If it was a clear case that may be the problem.
  6. dennbow

    Simple Sniper

    Ghoot, what refresh are you using for the 370/380 cameras (fast or slow)? Also does the trail mode operate any differently since these cameras are always on? Thanks dennbow
  7. dennbow

    Anyone Remember...

    You would need some sort of timer/opto board to provide a timed refresh to the cam in addition to the sensor. The 380 needs a refresh to keep it from turning off. The sensor will work with 35mm cams without the need for a refresh.
  8. dennbow

    Olympus D-380 Help

    I would connect to the power connections inside the camera. When you open the camera, just to the right of the viewfinder are the connections. They are marked "battery" on the board and are covered with some yellowish hot glue. I pull the glue off and connect there and then cover with some tape. Most D380s don't go to sleep when connected through the external power port thus they use a lot of power. Also I think you must have at least 6 volts when connected there, if your battery would start to drain and drop below 6 volts the camera will shut down. Her is a post with alot of info. http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?...20read&st=0
  9. dennbow


    Wow that's strange
  10. dennbow


    I have a few that do the same thing on slow refresh so I run all mine on fast refresh and they work fine. I'm using different boards though. The D380 on fast refresh coupled with 6V SLA batteries are still my favorite, fastest, and most dependable trail cams.
  11. dennbow

    One Down One To Go

    Very nice indeed!
  12. dennbow

    Buying The Jazz Direct

    Dan, if you would get "stuck" with any I would probably be interested in one also. dennbow
  13. dennbow

    Parts Sale!

    What cameras are the boards for?
  14. dennbow


  15. Thanks for the replies, heat may have been a factor. It was around 90 most of the week but the cam was in the woods. Dkirk is right, we'll never know. Good news is a member PMed me with an offer for a BG2 so we should be good to go before long. Great bunch of folks here and that's why I love this site! dennbow