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  1. Otto

    Unreadable External Hdd

    Birddog, I have used a program called "Image recall" to pull things off of drives that I couldn't get to work properly. If there was anything on the drive, it would find it and store it in a file. I have used it for memory cards and harddrives. If you really want to save the pics and stuff, you might give it a shot. Otto
  2. Otto

    Homebuilt Pcs?

    Newegg.com is a great place to buy computer components. I just built a nice one for my youngest daughter. She was still using the first one I built 7 years ago. I built her an AMD 4000 x64 with a gig of ram, 250 gig SATA drive, motherboard and microfly shuttle case for 320$. She already had a keyboard, mouse, operating system and a monitor. It's probably the fastest computer in the house now. Otto
  3. Otto

    Happy New Year

    Right back at ya all. Hope everyone has a great year ahead of them. Otto
  4. I have had this unit for 3 years and it is a great GPS unit. I am upgrading and no longer need it. It has never given me a problem and I'm sure will give many more years of use to the purchaser. It is the model with the electronic compass and altimeter. You can download the .pdf document for this unit at Garmin's website to check out the features. Included with the unit is a Ram Mount faceplate. (you will have to buy the base as I am keeping that. Also included is a serial to USB adapter cable for those (like) me whose computer does not have a serial port or that has one, but it is used by another device. It updates with various GPS programs very well. I use Expert GPS with this unit and I have produced excellent GPS maps on top of aerial photos of all of my hunting areas. Note, It will lose signal in heavy canopied forest, but when you start moving again it picks right back up. I have downloaded miles and miles of hiking trails and tracks and have a file of 3 thousand waypoints from this unit. If you are just getting into GPS and want a very nice starter unit....(2 years ago it was tops), then this one would be a good choice. There are a few scratches on the screen from crossing a fence with it dangling from my belt. You can see them on the photo. I have about 450$ in this unit. Price is 175$ TYD I don't do Paypal, so a Money order would be best. Also...I just found the Manuals and quick start guide. That is an amazing feat in itself. They will be included. You can mark all your favorite stands and 30 years from now, you can show your grandkids the mini-mart parking lot where you once killed a big buck. Thanks, Otto
  5. Otto

    Boards anyone?

    Thanks for all the offers guys. Encore contacted me and thinks he has a BG1 for me. If that falls through I may be contacting one of you guys. Otto
  6. Otto

    Boards anyone?

    Bat, Sent you a p.m. Otto
  7. Otto

    Boards anyone?

    Hello all, Been a while since I visited. I'm looking for a controller board for a D-380. I had one chopped off a tree last year and I want to build a replacement. I think I have gathered all the parts I need except a board. I'm not in a hurry, but still want to get one built. It's been a while since I built a cam so I'm not current on all the new offerings. Thanks, Otto
  8. That is a bruiser for sure. Congrats. Otto
  9. Otto

    Deer Mount

    Silbowhunter, Those are sheds from a buck I hunted on a lease we had in Alexander County. I snuck up on him once while he was making a scrape on a pond bank. I got within 25-30 yards with my recurve and he busted me. I was crawling through some tall grass and when I looked up, he was staring at me......no shot....he busted out of there. Anyway, we found his sheds the next September and never saw him again. My dad mounted the sheds in a block of wood and covered it with felt. He built the shelf to sit it on and it's kind of neat because you can take them down and hold them to get a closer look. Otto
  10. Otto

    Deer Mount

    Vernon says he grosses around 138". Ain't bad for a narrow 8 pointer. Doesn't matter to me though....he was a big bodied mature buck. Here is the reason I like to sit at my computer....
  11. I got my deer head back last night and I think it turned out great. Otto
  12. Dad got an Encore Muzzleloader and now his Black Diamond just sits in the gun cabinet. I told him he might as well sell it. It is in great shape as he is a neatfreak. He paid $400 for it a couple years ago and wants $250.00 for it. His standard load was 3-50 grain pyro pellets and a .45 caliber power belt bullet. Longest kill: 6 pointer at 165 yards. Otto
  13. Otto

    make a nice 8x10 print

    Ritz photo is printing 11x14s for 1.99 right now. Otto
  14. Otto

    Super WI 10 pt

    Man.....I dream about one like that. Awesome deer. Otto