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    Women, beer, sex, and ummmmm<br />oh yeah, I like deer hunting, game cameras, and the old tube type radios. Some metal detecting, brook trout, and antique tractors. Among other things
  1. MrRee

    Thank You

    My nephew especialy and I would like to thank members here for their generousity in the fund raiser. This family of 6 can now see light at the end of the tunnel since their home about distroyed by a falling tree and they had no insurance. Thanks to the generosity of others, they now have the main structure repaired and a roof over their heads. Their main need now is shingles to replace the plastic roof they now have. Thanks to all members here who have donated to the fund raiser ! I told them Hags house had good people Thankyou all so very much !
  2. MrRee

    Fund Raiser.

    Thankyou Bigbassman ! every little bit will sure help and is much appreciated.
  3. MrRee

    Fund Raiser.

    The email address for their account is --susannah931@aol.com
  4. MrRee

    Fund Raiser.

    This family of 6 has now set up a pay-pal account under the daughters name--Sarah Ann Easton. Friends & family worked in the 90 degree heat and have removed the tree. They are now in desperate need of lumber and shingles to make the house liveable and prevent further damage. Every dollar they recieve really helps ! Please donate if you can to help this family.
  5. MrRee

    Fund Raiser.

    I don't know ? I will ask him.
  6. MrRee

    Fund Raiser.

    My nephew had a HUDGE tree fall on his house. they had no insurance. Thankfully none of them were hurt, but the house has extensive damage. If anyone can help in any was it would be greatly appreciated. His address is Bruce Easton 10277 Vasser Grand Blank Mi 48439 Thank you
  7. MrRee

    Homemade Smoker Designs

    I have made those too. They work very well and should cost nothing to build. People give away the non-working fridge if you haul it away. Trouble today is most have plastic inside !! That won't work! Old ones were all metal. You could just strip the compressor and stuff from the bottom, make holes for the smoke to get in the botom and to exit the top. Then dig a hole for a fire pit umder it or sit it up on cement blocks. I have also made them from oil field pipe and one from an old 600 gal. propane tank. BE CAREFUL THERE!!! even filled with water the tank will still pop pretty good when the torch hits a pocket of gas. I see a lot of them made from old fuel oil tanks that work well too.
  8. MrRee

    Background Check

    Hi I am Richard (dick) E. Easton, and thus the MrRee. mystery ? I have been around here a while but not as active as I used to be. (getting too darn old!) I came here soon after Hags started the site from a site many of us were on. (won't go into that bit ) :) I built a few cams myself back when I could see and still get around ok. I lost an eye due to a thorn while deer hunting (my farorite sport) and have got my share of deer in the past. I have bad COPD now and can't do what I love any more. I come from norther Michigan and have done a lot of bass & pike fishing there. I worked at Motan wireing back panels for plastic drying machines. I am retired now almost 10 years. I am a Viet Nam vet and life member of VFW & AMVETS. I have been know to go there and drink a beer or two ocasionly I have a place near Baldwin Mi with 10 acres of wooded land and the house overlooks a small designated trout stream. (allways loved trout fishing). I am a snow bird now annd spend winters in florida where I have have a place in a senior park. I still come here and read what the rest of you are doing even though I can no longer do them. I am very happy to see how this place has grown since it's birth! I wish all of you a warm welcome and good luck Dick
  9. MrRee

    I Love High Speed!

    when in Mi. I have very slow dial up. No cable down our road and Itried the satelite but it was out more than on. Losey reception there. in Fl. I have high speed. sure is a pain going back and forth!
  10. MrRee

    One Reason I'm Not Lookin Forward To Snow

    I sure don't ever look forword to snow ! I go to Florida for the winter
  11. MrRee

    Many Thanks To All The Veterans

    This Viet Nam vet asks only that you never forget our MIA/POW's either.
  12. MrRee

    Spotted Buck

    It is posted on facebook that it sold for 30,000 dollars ! WOW that's crazy !
  13. MrRee

    Spotted Buck

    Saw a picture of a spotted buck that was killed (I think in Wis. ) They said it was sold to Cabellas for thousands and is more rare than an albino.
  14. MrRee

    Nostalgic Smells

    I was thinkinking along those same lines. But he DID say "good" smells and I guess what we thought of were sure not "good" smells !
  15. MrRee

    What Are The Best Laptop To Use

    I use a HP G72-B66US notebook. I have windows 7 pro on it. 17 in screen and it is fast & does all I want it to.