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  1. rousser

    Bg2 And Slave Flash

    NSHunter, did you ever get this figured out? I had the exact same issue when I built one. I switched my slave contacts on the BG2 and it starting powering it up. Problem is, it powers the slave 100% of the time. This is one of my fav units but I hate how the slave never lasts long enough and would love to fix this problem. Was the issue the mofsett? Here was my old post: LINK
  2. rousser

    D380 Replacement Glass

    Thanks Capt, easy enough!
  3. Does anyone still sell these or do any members have any they would be willing to part with?
  4. rousser

    Show Your Jazz Build

    Finally had time to get mine finished. Going to put it out this weekend for Turkeys. This BF board for the Jazz is something else, not to mention the array too. Many thanks to Treetop and Jagg for making a video unit possible for the average Joe cam builder. Placed another order on the second direct jazz order, have to try one out with the preamp and mic mod. I didn't think I would care about the sound but after hearing some of the videos, I've changed my mind. Quality sound makes the video that much better. I do have a couple of quick questions on the BF board: 1) When the video is recording, the green LED light flashes on the board and I can see this through the frensel lens. Is there a way to turn this LED off? 2) My array came on when I had the lights on in the house. Is there a way to adjust at what light level the array will turn on at? Can't wait to get this out, hope the paint dries quick!!!!
  5. rousser

    Buying The Jazz Dv150 Direct

    I'll take one. Money sent via paypal. Again, much appreciated!
  6. rousser

    Turkey Season

    Congrats on your first....and a big bird at that. Getting me excited, ours doesn't open until April 25th.
  7. rousser

    Let Me Know If You Dont Have Your Array

    I'm still waiting too but not worried yet, tis the norm when shipping to Canada.
  8. rousser

    Buying The Jazz Direct

    As long as you set up a trail cam on the beach and post the photos, I don't mind Really though, this is greatly appreciated!
  9. rousser

    Buying The Jazz Direct

    Dan, just dropped my money order in the mail today. It is coming from Canada though so I hope you can extend the same courtesy if it does not arrive in time. Can I ask one favour, when you mail back, don't use UPS. We get stuck with enormous brokerage fees from UPS. Much appreciated! ....................12 cameras, holy crap!!!!!!
  10. rousser

    W55 Error E:91:01?

    I have this same error on an S600. Don't know that it can be fixed? Keep me posted on your progress.
  11. rousser

    Buying The Jazz Direct

    I'll take one too.
  12. rousser

    S600 Error Code

    I have a S600 flashing this error. Manual says its a camera malfunction and to reset the camera. I have done this and still get the error. It has to do with the flash as the camera still works, just not the flash. Has anyone else had this error with this camera?
  13. rousser


    This is what my D380's do with low batteries. I'd try another set too. Can you just power the camera on with the door shut? If so, format the camera memory and card. Could be an insufficient memory problem. Hope you get it working!
  14. rousser

    Buying The Jazz Direct

    30 Minutes and have already received a volunteer. Not much has changed on this site over the past year since I've been gone. Thankful as always!