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  1. encorepistol

    Weird Project

    It needs to turn fairly slow so the eggs arent flopped around too hard. The motors Ive looked at only draw ma in the 150-180 range. Im taking pictures along the way and have the cabinet partly put together and all the pieces cut. Ive got to seal the inside pieces befor I finish putting it the rest of the way together. It will have 3 turning racks that should hold aroumd 300 chicken eggs. Im kinda designing as I go and taking notes and pictures. I frequent the backyardchickens.com forums where I got the basic idea and searching the net to come up with what I wanted. I started to model it after a gqf sportsman but changed a few things I feel could make it better for me. Ill deffinately keep posted on progress. I need to choose the motor and get it ordered along with a few different parts.
  2. encorepistol

    Weird Project

    I never knew how to do that before now!!! Ok here are the parts he used and a simple wiring instruction.
  3. encorepistol

    Weird Project

    Ok he is using the bridge rectifier and diodes to convert the timer to be able to be used for dc operation of the motor. Now how would I knock down the 24 volts to say 6 or even 3 volts or how could I build a circuit to slow down the 24 volt motor way down. I need it to turn really slow. 1rpd would be ideal but 1 rpm would be tolerable. The guy who built his used a clutch system and allowed the motor to run fast and just slip when it reached a certain point. I need it to turn relatively slow so the eggs dont get broken and I'll use a limit switch at both positions to stop the turning in either direction. I'm racking my brain and am clueless about electronics :wacko:
  4. encorepistol

    Weird Project

    Just incubate chicken eggs for the most part sometimes quail. I just cant see spending $600 for a cabinet incubator when I can build one for under 200. Could he be using the bridge rectifier to make the 24vac into dc volts? And couldnt a big resistor be used or a pot to slow the motor down?
  5. encorepistol

    Weird Project

    Been a long time since I posted in the forum but am in need of some help. Im building an incubator and have a problem I'm sure someone can help me with. I have a motor that will run on as low as 3v dc at a very low rpm but I could live with running it at 6v. To turn the motor on I am going to use a sprinkler timer that puts out 24 volts hence my problem. I have to use 2 stations of the timer to be able to reverse the motor as well. The timer is an orbit 24 volt 4 station timer by the way.How would I drop the voltage from the timer? A guy gave me a plan and has done it but I cant make sense of it using a bridge rectifier and some diodes. I cant get a pic up since its in adobe. Any ideas?
  6. encorepistol

    D370 Ir Dark Pics

    Well I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. @ of my first D-370 ir cams are going south, the pics are too dark this year to be of much use to me. They took great pics in the past but from what testing I've been doing around the house they just dont seem to be picking up light like they use to. They have always had uv filters in front of the lenses and stored indoors during the off season but Age has finally got the best of them. On a better note I do have one more replacement left just needs hacked. I had two but actually fried a 380 last year somehow that I still haven't figured out what happened. These are all still running on the old ms20 and x-10 sensors also, go figure. Might have to update some things in the next year or so. Best IR cam ive got is a p41 though with a slave it really reaches out there!!
  7. encorepistol


    Do u still have this for sale
  8. encorepistol

    Ir Array Not Getting Propper Voltage From Bg-2

    Ya that always helps. Lol. Mine is still acting up now when I plug the array in it comes on and stays on regardless of if the board is on or off. I'm guessing the mosfet is bad but have no idea. I did have 3 leds burned out in the array so I fixed them but now I have this problem.
  9. I've had this setup for some time but don't use mush. I just dusted it off and was checking everything out. I noticed last year that the video was very dark compared to the previous setup. I just charged up the battery for the array and it shows 14+ volts ( its a nimh) but when I trigger the sensor in the dark I only get 4.52 volts to the array. shouldn't it provide full battery voltage?
  10. Here is a link to ebat with a couple http://photography.shop.ebay.com/items/Dig...1QQ_sacatZ31388 Here is a link to fujis website with the info http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_c...as/z/index.html.
  11. encorepistol

    need to hire a repair.........

    You may be a lucky man, I just found the extra assembly I thought I had. Shoot me a pm and we'll see what we can do. I'm leaving today for bowhunting so may be next weekend before I get back to you.
  12. encorepistol

    need to hire a repair.........

    keep watching ebay maybe you'll find a broken camera cheap. I use to have a lens assembly for one but don't think I still do. I'll dig around and see if I can come up with one or not.
  13. encorepistol

    p52 modifications

    go here http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?showforum=4 and do some searching.
  14. encorepistol

    I need to see some IR pics PLEASE!

    Little flash bleed in the upper corner. from a 370/ slave.
  15. encorepistol


    tried a new 9volt and all I get is a constant led, it never goes out. I looked for stray solder but found none. Everything looks good to me through the magnifier.