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  1. allisman

    Solar Panel

    Hello It has been a long time since been on here. I have a question about a 6volt solar panel. I was looking on eBay and in the description it talks about different batteries for certain panels. What does a guy use. I want to make one up since I don't get to my cameras every couple months. I want to put in extra batteries and keep them up. Thanks Daniel
  2. allisman

    Bfoutdoors 8 Led Arrays

    Dave I will take two. Thanks Daniel
  3. allisman

    Which Ss Board To Use

    Hello I am going to use a SS board for a build and was wondering which board to use I dont know if I want the PIR on the front or back of the board. What are your ideas and why. I am leaning toward the one on the front. What are your preferences? Thanks] Dan
  4. allisman

    Fried A Camera Today

    I know what it is to forget to discharge the capacitor. That is a little problem. A while back, at work, I was diagnosing a airbag light that wouldn't go off. During testing I made a dumb mistake. Didn't leave the battery disconnected long enough before testing. Somehow I touched the wrong thing and what a noise and fast. The side curtain airbags deployed. The guys in the shop wanted to know if I was ok because all they could see was my legs sticking of the door and not moving. I was more mad at myself than anything. It didn't hurt but my pride sure did. All the guys in the shop are being more careful now too and defiantly me. Daniel
  5. allisman

    Jazz Dv 150

    George I wanted to let you know my Jazz cams arrived Saturday in excellent shape. Thank you for going to all the trouble and time to get these. I really appreciate all you did. Thanks again. Daniel
  6. allisman

    Sony S600 settings

    I have just finished hacking two S600s. I would like to know what would be the best settings for this camera. One is on a Bigfoot board and the other on BG1 board. I don't know to use automatic or do manual settings. Have used the manual settings for P32s. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Daniel
  7. allisman


    I am building one right now using a P31 in a 1060 case. It fits real nice. Putting a pipe through and the camera rests on it. Nice fit. Allisman
  8. allisman

    IR glass

    I would be interested in some for a P41 . Thanks Allisman
  9. allisman

    No antlers

    Sorry Try again
  10. allisman

    No antlers

    One more picture
  11. allisman

    No antlers

    My father in law sent me this pictures today, taken with the the new trailcam I made for him. We wonder if the one has shed his horns or what. Never saw the other buck during season. Should be a nice one next year. These were taken in northeast MO. Daniel :flag:
  12. allisman

    First Trailcam Finished

    Here is a picture of the inside. I see my first post worked. Daniel :flag:
  13. I wanted to share a cam I just finished for my father inlaw. It is the first one I camouflaged or painted. I used HN's tree bark mold which worked real slick. Hope this works, since I have never done this before. Thanks for all the help. Daniell :flag:
  14. allisman

    Do you remember

    Boy That was the good ole days. I remember most of them and I didn't know I was that old. I remember when we would take our gun to school on the school bus and left it with the princpal, when we went home with a friend for the evening. We never thought nothing about it. Those were the days. allisman :flag:
  15. allisman

    Happy Birthday folks

    Thanks for the birthday greetings. I enjoy reading the forum every night. Have learned many things from this site. Thanks for all the work, you men and women do. I have built two cameras and have more in the works. I think I am addicted. Allisman :flag: