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  1. willraygreen

    Any Value In D380 Systems?

    I don't know how many of you know this, but the original AIO board Don and I worked on was for a D380 with slave IR setup. This camera (which we call our "Randy Cam" in honor of a friend who is was built for) has literally been the energizer bunny and taken thousands of pictures. We have had to replace the capacitors once or twice in the slave flash, but it is still running. The goal in the AIO board layout was to use one SLA battery to power the D380, the slave flash, and the controller.
  2. willraygreen

    Any Value In D380 Systems?

    one of my favorite cams. . . let me know if you want to get rid of them.
  3. willraygreen

    503 Ir Slave Question

    These guys are right, the AIO board was designed for the situation where a camera required a slave flash to be usable. D380 and A503 are two good examples, especially if they are converted for IR.
  4. willraygreen

    Alternative Stand Alone Slave Flash Controller

    BowmanPA, you are correct. Don and I both use the PicKit 2 for our programming. The only thing we have done different is purchase a ZIF socket and solder it to the PicKit board so that we wouldn't have to pry the microchip out of the socket they provided.
  5. As Don (dkirk) has briefly mentioned in another posting, the AIO board can be used as a stand alone slave flash controller, and it (the Gen 2 layout) can even be cut down in size if space is at a premium. Attached are a few photos showing the modifications to the board (cut down in size, jumper installed). The one pic shows the cut down version compared to the Slavemaster board. Basically, the one jumper is used to allow the Photo transistor to be the interrupt instead of the PIR /motion detect circuit. For you guys who don't remember this board, this is a link to the website detailing the design and code for the original AIO. If anyone is interested, we can upload the code we used for this Slave Flash controller (again, for personal use only, not for money making opportunities) https://sites.google.com/site/trailcamcontrol/ Enjoy, Don and Bill
  6. willraygreen

    A503 Wiring Question

    Don, what are you doing playing with cameras as work? Don't you know your boss is waiting on that report?
  7. willraygreen

    D-380 Settings

    Steve, There is a couple of options with the D380. The 2 minute refresh is required for the fastest shutter speed. The 2.5 hour (i think) will also work, it is just slower to trigger. obviously the faster refresh uses more battery. I use 2 minute for mine, and they are certainly less than a second to trigger. I think I have an old instruction sheet for the HH1. shoot me your e-mail address and I can send it to you. Bill
  8. willraygreen

    Daughters House

    looks like that tree is big enough for a hang-on. I bet it won't be very satisfying though. . . .
  9. willraygreen

    Any Memory Sticks Available

    I am looking for the Sony cards, the original memory sticks. I am specifically looking for the 128 MB, as my timing won't allow me to use a bigger card in the cam. I have no idea what these are worth, I figured someone probably has a drawer full of them somewhere. If you are in need of any other building details, let me know, I have a few drawers full of stuff as well. If you want some $$, let me know how much. Thanks for all the replies, Bill
  10. Does anyone have some 128 MB memory sticks they do not use? Thanks, Bill
  11. willraygreen

    Glass For Dxg Build

    sending out some today. had to pull it from some cams, as I apparrently pitched the stuff I had.
  12. I have used PL200 with consistent results, overnight dry time. It is a little more brittle than the HD, but it works well
  13. willraygreen

    A503 Make The Lens Hole Bigger?

    Finally, this is the same A503 with an 0.089" opening in the lens. These tests were all done by slowly removing the plastic around the edges, and eventually you can remove, or peel back the plastic which is over the lens. I then open it up with a drill bit, and bend it back down. I have to then secure it in place with glue. Again, these are at 15 and 30 feet, and I should mention all of these posted pics have been resized.
  14. willraygreen

    A503 Make The Lens Hole Bigger?

    These pics are from the same A503 with the lens fully opened, meaning the black plastic was wittled away until nothing but the lens itself was showing. Again, this is 15 and 30 feet respectively.
  15. willraygreen

    A503 Make The Lens Hole Bigger?

    Well, this is a good question, and just like alot of things I do, I didn't close the loop and post the final results. Personally, I have done a few lens openings, and all of my cams have them. I settled on a 0.089" opening as a good compromise between clarity and light. It is a pain, but I am so slow at everything else, what is an extra few hours. I will make this one disclaimer. so far, all of my cams have been able to focus by screwing the lens in or out, not just relying on the Macro ring removal. I don't know if this helps, but it does let me fine tune the focus after the hole is opened up. I dug up some pics from the trials, and will try to post them for clarification. These pics are the A503 after the standard IR mod, taken at 15 and 30 feet.