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  1. Those are great. thanks for sharing.
  2. wvwapiti

    Hawk With A Squirrel

    Excellent picture. A rare shot indeed!
  3. wvwapiti

    Bg2 Refresh Rate For S600

    Thanks 212 I appreciate the help. Bob wvwapiti
  4. I was wondering what the refresh rate is for the BG2 with the S600? I have this setup that is getting a low picture count using lithium batteries. Keep in mind this camera stays out 2-3 months before it's checked and is also in a low traffic area. My last two picture counts were 20 in about 10 weeks and 31 in about 12 weeks. The batteries were dead both times. Is it possible the batteries are being gobbled up by refreshing? I just sat down with new batteries and shuttered about 50 flash pictures and the batteries appear OK. Thanks for any help. Bob wvwapiti
  5. wvwapiti

    HELP what am I going to do now

    Those cams are sweet. You are one up one me. I only have five. Get'em out.
  6. Just checked one of my predator cams. Got a few good pics. Enjoy.
  7. I'll pitch in to the cause. Great idea! Bob
  8. wvwapiti

    My favorite spring/summer setup

    Hey Lug, The block I use was purchased at Tractor Supply Co. I honestly couldn't tell you what was in it but it's mostly salt and brown in color. It costs about 5 bucks for a fifty pound block and is actually meant for cattle. Just break off about about a ten pound chunk. The deer love it in the summertime. They also have a white block but opted for the brown block as to not draw attention to the spot. Bob
  9. Last year I tried something new. In my area, hunting pressure is high which for obvious reasons, makes it difficult to find mature bucks. The only areas that don't have excessively high pressure are wilderness areas that are a considerable drive from my home. Big bucks live here but deer numbers are low. Last year I picked three different spots in the wilderness, none of which I have ever hunted, to place a mineral/salt lick with a elevated trail camera overlooking the spot. I use 1gb cards and lithium batteries since I can only check these cams every few months. It will tell you if there is anything of interest in the area. I found that one of the three areas held 4 different "shooters" and the other two didn't produce a single mature buck pic...........you gotta hunt where they live. I never saw this dude during the season but due to time constraints, was only able to hunt the area two days. I suspect he's still there. Just thought I'd share the idea. Bob
  10. wvwapiti


    Thanks for the compliments. Yes, I do work on occasion. That's the only way to fund such an addiction. I'll be heading back to that same area to check 3 cameras that have been out for 2 months. With a little luck, it will be this week. Bob
  11. wvwapiti


    Here's a curious cat checking out my camera. I have since turned off the time\date stamp.
  12. wvwapiti


    Thanks BUCKSOH, I'm from Summersville, WV, central part of the state.
  13. wvwapiti

    Kitty Pictures

    Thanks Cliff. I love getting cat pictures. Bob
  14. wvwapiti


    imjon, I'm hoping to see puppies this spring, but I'm worried they might bug out because of my intrusions. I'm only going to check this cam every 6-8 weeks. Since getting these original pics I'll always wear rubber boots and latex gloves to keep the scent down. bowgod02, you are right, these are few places to secure the cam. I found an slightly elevated spot where I could wedge the cam in with some small rocks. It wouldn't take much to knock it over. I tried to keep it out of the way. We'll see. Thanks for the positive comments. I'm sure it's comical to see me setting up this cam in a dark cave, constantly looking over my shoulder.
  15. wvwapiti


    Thanks Cliff. I used ISO 100 and backed off my flash to normal. It worked out OK in such an enclosed area. I plan on leaving one of my P41's here indefinitely. Bob