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  1. bassadict69

    P32 Setup Batteries Dead After About 70 Pics

    Bought some new rechargeables and put the cam on my deck to catch us coming in and out of the house. I got about 150 pics, then swapped the card for a larger 2gb card and it is still going strong a day and half later. I plan to pull the card tonight to see how many are on it, recharge the batteries and get it back into the woods!
  2. bassadict69

    P32 Setup Batteries Dead After About 70 Pics

    They are several years old but very seldom used...I will buy some new ones just to be safe!
  3. bassadict69

    P32 Setup Batteries Dead After About 70 Pics

    I will try that, but it does the same thing regardless of whether I use all alkalines or some rechargeable. I will try swapping them and putting it back out!
  4. bassadict69

    P32 Setup Batteries Dead After About 70 Pics

    Alkaline in camera...rechargeables for externals
  5. I have a P32 setup using SS board and 4 AA externals. After as few as 70 pics, the batteries are drained to the point the camera will not stay on. The only thing I knew to do was pull the camera batteries to see if it was getting power from the externals...it is. Now what? Any ideas?
  6. bassadict69

    Bass Pro Shops Is Buying Cabela's

    Bass Pro is already overpriced on most items. Academy is MUCH cheaper although there are times that I will have to go to Bass Pro for some kind of hard to find item. With them buying Cabela's, much of their competition will be gone so what then will keep their prices down?
  7. bassadict69

    Need Hacked P32

    At times, it takes only black pics...shutter isn't opening or something. I had a post about it about a year or so ago and after taking it apart, cleaning contacts, etc., I think that is what we determined.
  8. bassadict69

    Need Hacked P32

    Is that something simple to do? I know absolutely nothing about modding these things!
  9. I am once again looking for a hacked P32 to replace the camera in an existing gamecam I have. My setup uses a 2 wire servo for externals and has the stereo jack mod. Anyone have something like this they want to sale?
  10. bassadict69

    A Little Piggy Porn!

    Our local processor is closed until the 30th of this month...once they open, these pigs are fair game!
  11. Thanks for the info... I have been looking at the Gocam. I would need verizon due to spotty service with ATT. I will also check out the other forum...
  12. I am looking to buy a cellular gamecam and reading as many reviews as I can find... Anyone here have any experience with any of them?
  13. bassadict69


    Would you part with 2 of the 2gb sticks with adapters? If so, price?
  14. bassadict69

    Best Commercial Cam?

    I got a stealthcam for Christmas last year, it lasted about 6 mos and the IR quit working and would take black pics at night. They gave me a return number and 4 weeks after I sent mine in, I received a new one. Brand new out of the box and the replacement will not take color pics during the day like it should. Stealthcam is junk! Stay away from them...