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  1. Beaver Lodge

    Total Broadhead Failure

    made in China ?
  2. With other bucks seen close by chasing does, these guys are pretty relaxed... must be something good on tv
  3. Crazy Canuck took these pics second week of the rifle hunt. Really nice buck and he sure wasn't going to let her get too far from him...
  4. I was driving to the cottage, afternoon before deer hunt opened up . I saw this guy with a doe. I only had my Blackberry and tried to take a pic, too far away. So I got out and started walking toward him. He was so intent on her that he would not leave, he saw me for sure but kept looking at her, then looking at me. Every time I was able to get to the next tree, I leaned on it to steady my hand and snapped another pic. Got to within 40 feet before he finally walked away. Pic is still grainy but you can see it was a nice buck. Good fun
  5. Beaver Lodge

    Clumsy Me (fractured My Ankle)

    I'd tell people I fractured my ankle kicking the butt of the guy who drove your truck through the fence... but then you'd have a broken butt too
  6. Beaver Lodge

    Surgery News...

    Latest Update Crazy has recovered very well from the major surgery. In fact, we've been ice fishing twice since the surgery (I think they took his "fishing luck" out too). He also had some great news last week from his surgeon. The biopsy results proved it was not the cancer they had feared, which was nigh unbeatable. But he does have cancer and his upcoming appointment with his oncologist will determine his treatment options and plan. But compared to a mere month ago, he's already way ahead. thanks for all the well wishes !
  7. Beaver Lodge

    Surgery News...

    Some of you know Crazy Canuck from his postings/participation with this site. He is my brother and had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in last few weeks. He underwent surgery today and was on the table for over 8 hours. Surgeon came out and told his wife & mom he believed they got all the cancer (they performed a procedure called a "whipple", where 1/2 his stomach and intestines and gall blader was removed). He was awake tonight and talking with his wife and mom in the recovery room. An amazing journey for him, from the first symptoms of lower back pain during the first week of the November deer hunt, to successful surgery 4 weeks later. Puts life in perspective guys, go home and hug your kids, then tell your wife and family what they mean to you. Don't leave anything assumed, unsaid or left for tomorrow/later. Because you never really know.
  8. Beaver Lodge

    Shotgun Make/model Identification ? Tips ?

    here are some pics Bat, good idea stamped - Monte Carlo - Made in Hungary - 84278 ( bottom of barrels)
  9. Beaver Lodge

    Nice Buck.. And Smaller Of The Two

    certainly, I did not think it was meant any other way, no problem 212 !
  10. Beaver Lodge

    Getting In Shape Next Year

    I'm in too. I will tackle it for two people. Crazy Canuck (regular on this site) is my brother and has just learned he has pancreatic cancer. He's being operating on this week and they will remove half his stomach and intestines, then chemo. I had decided to try and lose some weight at same time, so he has some company as I am sure he'll be losing weight pretty quickly.
  11. I think I could make it
  12. Beaver Lodge

    Nice Buck.. And Smaller Of The Two

    212, we had 6 guys hunting during first week of the rifle season and only saw 5 deer total, nothing big... the game sanctuary I referred to is hundreds of square miles of land zoned "no hunting", no fences or barriers (just lots of signs)... it is always amazing to see the difference in the number of deer in and out of the park
  13. A friend gave me a side:side 12 gauge shotgun. Only markings on it are "Monte Carlo" and "Made in Hungary "stamped on both sides and when you break the gun apart, you see "84278" stamped on underside of barrels. Any ideas how I can find out what it is ? thanks
  14. Crazy Canuck and I took a drive to check out the deer activity in the game sanctuary, located about 8 miles from where our hunt camp is. We saw a massive buck, likely one of the biggest we have ever seen and just missed a pic of him on the chase for a hot doe. As we turned the vehicle around we caught sight of this guy. This is a great buck too but actually smaller than the first, so you can imagine what the other one was. here is a pic of the smaller buck
  15. I have been away for a while and just getting back to some of these posts, looks absolutely great...I can imagine looking out the window or porch and seeing a big bull out there for sure