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  1. Hustler

    Nice bobcat this morning

    Nice Bobcat. I want to try some predator this winter.
  2. Hustler

    Hell hath no Fury

    Thats funny. sounds like what my wife would do If I ever cheated on her and got caught.
  3. Hustler

    2004-2005 season

    Just because the NHL isn't playing hockey, there is still hockey. The UHL Minor league and other hockey Minor leagues are playing. You should come see some them games. The UHL hockey league is a great league and you will see as good of games if not better games played then at any NHL arena.
  4. Hustler

    What is it?

    Ok, here is a pic I got off my game cam. Its about 35 to 40 yrds away. I zoomed it in the best i can that you can see it. According to the rock and tree it is next to, this thing is between 24" to 28" tall.
  5. Hustler

    Hungry Bobcat

    Awesome Pics.! :cool:
  6. Hustler

    ATA Show This Week

    This is the first year that I am not going to make it. Wished I could. Great show.
  7. I would like to hear what the guy says now since he is busted and he should know that now.
  8. Hustler

    Digital Camera

    Good question. If there is, I want a few.
  9. Hustler

    Thinking about changing bows

    Boogity, I started using the Barrnet Revolution xbow this year and love it. I have taken 4 shoots with it so far and took a nice doe @ 40 yrds, a big body, small rack buck @ 7 yrds and 2 squirrels. 1 @ 25 yrds and the other @ 35 yrds. It shoots great, but you do have to know what the bow will do at different distances. The scope that comes with the xbow is very good. You need to try to find a bow shop that sells the xbows and try different ones out.
  10. Hustler

    First Pic D360L

    I think the only way to go is with rechargeable NimH batteries. They seem to last longer.
  11. Hustler

    Finally got a Pope & Young

    Man, thats a great looking buck.
  12. Hustler

    Walkers game Ear

    I have been using the Walker's quad muffs and love them. You can use them for hunting or going to the shooting range. Like said above, they can be hard to use on windy days, but if you turn the volume down a little then the winds not that bad and you can still here a deer coming towards you, are in my case the other day. I was out hunting on a windy day and heard a turkey comming in. He was about 75 yrd out when I started to hear him. By the way, because of the game muffs, I got my first turkey with a bow that same day.