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  1. MIBowhunter

    Fog buck

    Sweet!!!! :kewlpics: MIB
  2. MIBowhunter


    Awesome Jeff!!!! That is why things work around here. MIB
  3. MIBowhunter

    First camo dipped cam for me

    Good looking camera! MIB
  4. MIBowhunter

    Betcha can't read this

    :cool: :cool: MIB
  5. MIBowhunter

    I'll be tardy for a bit here..........

    Hags, Prayers for your wife and good luck to you being Mr. Mom!! MIB
  6. MIBowhunter

    Privacy please...

    You scared the $#*& out him. MIB
  7. MIBowhunter

    A little compliment for Hag

    Coues, Sounds like you got your problems fixed. That is what is so good about these forums the people! They stand behind there products. Hag's good job buddy!!!! MIB
  8. MIBowhunter

    Busch drivers will be racing in Mexico

    Vic...Vic...Vic, You asked the same question when talking about the move to NY.... I do not agree with it, but I can tell you NASCAR is getting a TON of money! I hope that they are not going to be selling out more than they are already!!! It's getting to the point close to IRL and F1 where they change drivers and import them juist for the almighty doller that nobody know who anyone is anymore!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not venting to you but to NASCAR!!!!!!!!!! Keep it clean and where it was born and raised!!!! MIB
  9. MIBowhunter

    Another Baby

    Congrats and good luck on the long nights and the dates in the future!!!! MIB
  10. MIBowhunter

    A piece of artwork

    Flint, Go give that guy a beer for me. That is one BEAUTIFUL piece of art work/weapon. Man to have that ability I.... MIB
  11. MIBowhunter

    welcome aboard Isabella Gennaro

    Congrats bowhunt1, I was in VMFA-251 for the Roosevelt and Kennedy cruises with CVW-1. 99-00 & 01-02. MIB
  12. MIBowhunter

    Thermacell..bye Bye Bugs!

    Welby, It is definitly worth it. I have used wafers for up to 4 hours before. It's rated for 12 hours of butane and wafer use, the wafers turn white as they are used up. I have had them completly white before they started letting the bugs back. MIB
  13. MIBowhunter

    Happy B-day Flint!

    Happy Birthday Flint!!! MIB
  14. MIBowhunter

    Nice 11 point

    Beautiful deer! Good job. MIB