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    I enjoy building cams, hunting, fishing going to the cabin, and the grand kids (8). I,m a retired carpenter (forced into it after takeing a spill) and been sober over 9 years. Will be married 37 years on June 21
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  1. kdornski

    Sad news from Yetinme

    Sorry for your loss Mark
  2. kdornski

    pdskal (41)

    Happy Birthday Paul
  3. kdornski

    Backyard Fox Captured On GoPro Hero HD

    very nice video
  4. kdornski

    Happy New Year 2019

    Happy New Year
  5. Really nice but you do know you shouldn't show that to retired builders or they might want one or a few of them LOL
  6. kdornski

    Merry Christmas to all Hags members

    Merry Christmas Everyone
  7. kdornski


    might want to try the Asparagus treatment it wont hurt
  8. kdornski

    Can you see the site and contents

    looks to be working again
  9. kdornski

    Video cams - what's new

    Can go with the Fuji JZ100 or the JZ250 or the Panasonic SZ7 or SZ9 or the fh8. There are some Olympus cameras used also. Then pair them with one of Ralph's boards for day video and night stills and a slave flash The SZ7 and SZ9 uses 1080 HD videos the others are 720
  10. kdornski

    Video cams - what's new

    There are a few cams that take video during the days and color pictures at night if that interests you
  11. kdornski

    Need hack info for W50/W30

    here you go http://www.diytrailcams.com/post/sony-w50-7904078?pid=1290680821 video http://www.diytrailcams.com/post/sony-w30-hack-video-5792520?pid=1273041818
  12. kdornski

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter Everyone
  13. kdornski

    Panasonic LZ10 Pics

    Yes it takes the AA batteries and is 10mp but you have to do a cap mod on it
  14. kdornski

    Problem with Samsung A402

    Don't you have to remove a resister on the ss2 for a 4 wire hack?