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    I enjoy building cams, hunting, fishing going to the cabin, and the grand kids (8). I,m a retired carpenter (forced into it after takeing a spill) and been sober over 9 years. Will be married 37 years on June 21
  1. That's very nice of you Bill
  2. when you power up the camera give it a wack on your hand as the lens is extending
  3. you shouldn't show them how to run the puter LOL
  4. I will swap you some bear for elk
  5. My wife just had her left hip replaced on March 28th and she is getting around pretty good already but using a walker yet. She said she really never had much pain with it after just swelling.
  6. Happy Easter everyone
  7. Happy Birthday
  8. Happy Birthday men
  9. congrats Bill
  10. http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product/28-978
  11. Happy Birthday Paul
  12. Nice build Daryl
  13. turn your screen off
  14. Happy Birthday Tom
  15. Happy New Year everyone