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  1. fireman43

    Moultrie flash extender external power

    Thanks. It is 12v, found some batteries and checked it - problem solved. I must have been thinking about the 6 batteries/9v that brownings use... but since they will power off of a 12v sla, do they have some kind of voltage regulator or something in them? Just curious.
  2. I have a few moultrie external flash extenders (external flashes) and they eat batteries. (these were necessary because Ralph said the timing is different from commercial infrared cams and his product would not work) They take the same 8 AA battery tray (@9v output) that the moultrie cams do. The moutlrie cams have a 12v external power jack for hooking up a 12v sla for power. The flashes have no power jack. Im thinking they can be powered with a 12v sla as well if you solder leads onto the terminal ends of the battery tray. Would some type of regulator be required to keep the voltage in the 9v range? If so what and how. Im guessing that the cameras have some type of regulator built into them from the factory?
  3. fireman43

    Kwikee Quiver Male bracket

    I think it was bcraft that made the kwikee mounts years ago. You can get the male bohning part in your picture if you call them and ask for it (its not listed on their website) - I did this a year or 2 ago. It is easy enough to attach the bohning lever lock (female side) to a kwikee quiver bracket caddy here is a link to a thread where we were looking for them... part number 931 http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/55466-wtb-kwickee-quiver-mounting-brackets/&tab=comments#comment-418581 and befus mod http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/55530-alteration-of-bohning-attachment-for-kwickee-kwiver-bracket/&tab=comments#comment-418710
  4. fireman43

    Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    So very sorry for his family. I never had the opportunity to meet or talk with him, but he was always so helpful in the forums. He was definitely one who helped to make this site the great place it is. He will be missed, but we will always be reminded of him as we scroll through the forums!
  5. fireman43

    Lacrosse Bc-700 Charger Results

    thanks for the link Bill. I have owned this charger for a few years and never totally understood how to work it, that post explains quite bit.
  6. I might have some left. How many would you want?
  7. fireman43

    Crittergetter Pl200ir Build In Progress

    Looking good. Thanks for the cap link. Where did you get the thick foam?
  8. fireman43

    P41 Power Bar?

    Have a p41 giving me some trouble. Went to check card, cam took pic of me. Swapped cards, could not turn cam back on with power button to format card. Turned board back on and it powers cam on and off like normal. Took cam home and now the power button is working.... Any ideas what is going on? Power bar going bad? Ribbon (can't remember which one) dislodged and moving it knocked it back in place? Intermittent problems are so frustrating...... On a related topic, is there a way to test a power bar to see if it is good? I have a p41 that was damaged and there is hope that power bar is still good
  9. fireman43

    2015 Annual Trail Cam Picture & Video Contest

    Sorry for your loss.
  10. fireman43

    Hacking Basics

    for what cams?
  11. fireman43

    Ssii Missing Night Pics

    The cam has the small cap mod, AA externals, with a 2800, always use Garys batteries for board. It has always worked fine. I will see in the morning if a different battery made a difference.
  12. fireman43

    Ssii Missing Night Pics

    I have a ssII, 503 build that is missing pics. Cam is on bait and it is being eaten so I know deer are there. It seems to get quite a few day pics - tree rats, turkeys and my uncle bringing bait in, but it isn't getting many night pics - as in maybe one or 2 a night.... I am assuming that having a bad ssII battery is the culprit? I just changed it out today, will see if it makes a difference... Wonder why it seems to do fine during the day?- because it is a bit warmer out and the battery is a bit better? Just curious.
  13. I would try these for my daughter if it works.
  14. fireman43

    What Do You Do To Pass The Time?

    I preplan likely shooting spots and play guess the distance with my range finder, then Facebook and google random ideas that I think up - more so when Im hunting a field edge, and probably too much when Im in the woods lol. Sometimes I really wonder what in the world I did before smartphones were here to entertain me......