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    Sony Memory Stick Reader

    I bought some 'no name el cheapos' off ebay - 2 of them for $3.79…. they last just as long as the $12+ ones I was getting from wally world. The last 2 have lasted 2 years… A lot less painful to throw these away when they quit working!
  2. fireman43

    A503 Randomly Resetting Date

    I have one that does the same thing, I put a new cam in the build. Very frustrating unless date and time aren't important - and it is to me.
  3. check this thread http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?...89&hl=paint several years ago LN and PL375 changed formulas and took FOREVER to dry. Ive been using the Titebond (from Lowes, comes in a 4 pack) and it works good / dries fairly fast.
  4. thanks for the information. They told me $9.99 not $15 last year.. $5 is much better lol
  5. I called bohning about that part last year. Seems to me they wanted $15 for the male piece. If they do have them cheaper now or somewhere else, let me know!
  6. fireman43

    Loc Line Question

    I put it on the entire length to the cap, goop on the ends just to be safe.
  7. fireman43

    Loc Line Question

    Get your locline and glass bottles from bigbassman http://rcdavisgamecamerasolutions.weebly.c...ccessories.html Great guy and great pricing. fyi I put heat shrink tube on my locline, just to assure it stays waterproof!
  8. fireman43

    My Day In Hell

    That is terrible. I cannot imagine what you have been through. Prayers to you and your friends.
  9. fireman43

    Hummingbird Pics.

    I am going to try this. Thanks for the setup info
  10. fireman43

    Happy Birthday Fireman43

  11. I run a Mac and really do not like iPhoto. It makes so many copies of files as you change them, it just seems to me like it wastes space on the hard drive. I have been saving pictures in individual folders, based on year, location or specific buck…. not really efficient, but I feel more comfortable having pictures where I put them, not in some program's data base….. I edit few pictures, Mac's Preview does fine for most jobs, photoshop elements for the rest. I wanted to use Scouting Assistant on my mac, it really wasn't hard to get things set up to be able to use it. You DO need to install a copy of windows xp or later on your mac. There are a few ways to do this, by using bootcamp or parallels (which you have to pay for and seemed a little complicated to me) or by using Virtual Box - this is what I used and it has worked just fine. Virtual box is free. This program is made for software developers to be able to install multiple operating systems on their computer so they can test programs they are making on different systems without needing to use a different computer for each version of windows etc.... What is does is basically partitions off part of your mac hard drive to use to install windows on. You install virtual box, install the full version of windows on the 'virtual drive'. From here you can install windows programs just like you would on a pc. With some of the other options to get windows on your mac, you have to decide on boot up if you want to be in windows or mac. With virtual box, you start windows from your regular mac desktop - virtual box is basically a mac program that opens windows. I can switch between mac screens and windows, share files and open files saved on my mac hard drive with scouting assistant or windows explorer. So if I want to time stamp some photos, I can access them in a folder on my mac desktop. It takes some setup steps in virtual box to be able to cross platforms. There is a lot of information on the web about this program, it isn't too hard to get set up. I have some web pages saved that helped me out if you are interested. Back to scouting assistant, I like the program, but don't use it was much as I would like to. You can set it up to keep track of pics taken in specific cam locations or pics taken by individual cams. Of course you can time/date/moon phase stamp pics with text if you like.
  12. fireman43

    Snapshot Sniper Facebook Page

    I think that is just how it is on a business page now. Maybe you could share other people's posts to get them to show on the main page? - as long as you are logged into your page as the admin, not logged in from your personal account.
  13. fireman43

    Control Board For Slave Flash

    I never had one of jon5ja boards, so I don't know about that. The rcdavis slave boards are fantastic. They will work with any controller board - the slave is independent front the camera controller.
  14. fireman43

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you all!
  15. fireman43

    S600 Wont Power On Need Suggestions

    Try and pull the inside battery tabs out a little, see if the AAs make better contact? Maybe the solder for the externals came loose as well… Just had a p41 that was fine and lost external power - one of the solder joints popped off inside. I checked continuity of each external leg before I went trough the hassle of opening the cam up
  16. That is a greedy old buzzard! Bet the neighbors were quite impressed with you this time!
  17. We shot a deer but didn't find it until the next day and it was eaten up too badly to salvage, so I put a cam on it to see what it attracted. I really was hoping that one of the coyotes we have seen tracks of would go to it. No coyote pics, but surprised to see all the birds of prey that have come to it. The owl really likes it - it came back 6 or 7 different times one night. taken with s600/ssII. Cam was facing south, so day pics have glare and I haven't figured out the best settings for this cam yet, plus the flash was set to high - WAY to much flash for tight quarters!
  18. fireman43

    Owls, Bald Eagles, Hawks

    It may be smeared, haven't cleaned the glass since September!
  19. Looks like a red tailed hawk to me.
  20. Gary at snapshot sniper has several different boards and everything else you need as well. http://www.snapshotsniper.com Also, rcdavis game cameras has slave flash controllers and a new camera board as well http://rcdavisgamecamerasolutions.weebly.com
  21. fireman43

    6 Point Buck Again

    Never had a problem with mice or squirrels chewing on them.
  22. fireman43

    Finally Got A Nice One

    Congrats on your buck. Making the effort to manage your deer does pay off. My buddy and I started only shooting mature bucks or scrubs 10 plus years ago. I can see a difference in the number of quality bucks- even with public land close by, and neighbors doing their own thing. My dad has a semi auto 308 that takes a clip - it is a winchester. I love that gun, but it won't eject! I might have to 'borrow' it and get it fixed for 'him'… I watched your video…. didn't notice how cool the points going backwards were till then!
  23. fireman43

    Youth Day Doe

    Way to go. Looks like a good shot too!
  24. fireman43

    6 Point Buck Again

    We have a big piece of our woods that you just can't get stands in, so ground blinds are it. Ground blinds are a totally different kind of hunting. I think it is harder to get one in a blind in the woods personally. My dad is respecting his age, so he is only using ground blinds now… after trying it myself, I have more respect for the ones he gets! I feel so constrained in them - just can't get used to not having that full range of peripheral vision lol. We leave our ground blinds out all year. For one thing, I just never seem to get back in there to get them and maybe they get used to them being there. I have hunted stands near them and the deer don't pay them much attention. With that being said, I think they DO notice when the windows are open after being normally closed… In my area I have never heard of anyone using a decoy. Always wondered if it would work, especially when I hunt the field…. But, I carry enough crap with me already! Cant imagine adding that to the list!
  25. fireman43

    Finally Saw A Shootable Deer With My Boy With Me

    Hunting with your child and seeing them be successful is the best thing in the world! That smile says it all!