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  1. Saturday was Maryland's opening day of gun season. Nothing moved until a war broke out at 830, my buddy called and told me a big one was coming my way - the first guy missed him and he shot and knocked him down. Sure enough I saw legs in the briars and out he trots at 60 yards. Then he slowed down, kept coming closer and started walking directly at me. At 40 yards, he looked up, saw me and got that "oh s*%t" look, so I shot. He has 13 points with double split brow tines - one point is behind an antler base. My buddy had a trail cam pic of him - he JUST broke 2 points off the right brow. A quick measure showed 18 1/2 inside and 5 1/4" bases. Not my biggest, but enough character to mount. The mark on the shoulder is where my buddy fuzzed him…. Between my daughter and I, this year is shaping up pretty nice.
  2. Here is my daughter's first crossbow deer, and as only her luck would have it - it was a buck. I think she is more proud of this deer than any other. It was her first totally solo ladder stand hunting trip… she had to do it all: get in, get the crossbow hauled up, range her landmarks, wait and decide what to shoot. She let a doe mill around to wait for the buck. She used her grunt call and out stepped this 7 pt at 25 yards and she double lunged him with a muzzy. He went maybe 70 yards. He is far from her biggest, but I think it means the most to her after doing it all by herself. She even jumped in and helped us butcher it! Needless to say, Dad was very proud of her.
  3. fireman43

    Maryland Opening Day 13 Pt

    FWIW, I was shooting 12 ga 2 3/4 Lightfield slugs. The first shot (neck) only penetrated @ 6" and was not lethal. I had to shoot him 2 more times in chest to finish him and neither of these exited. As all this was happening, I shot a doe that came trotting in. Had hair where I shot but she didn't bleed for 20 yards. We then trailed good blood for probably half a mile, then it just stopped… and we lost her. I do not recommend these slugs at all. Several of my buddies had identical experiences… Extremely accurate but no penetration, no blood AND they kick like a mule! I switched to Remington copper solids today. Virtually no recoil and I saw the damage they do (on a friend's deer last yesterday)….
  4. fireman43

    Wisconsin 2014 Bow Deer #2

    At least you found him. Nothing worse in my book than losing one and not knowing what happened. I found one in my woods this year that the guys on the neighboring property couldn't find, they were happy I found him, probably even more so when I told them I would get the head to them.
  5. fireman43

    P41 Screen Messing

    I got one off ebay that did the same thing. Seller had pics of good lcd screen, I got it and it was like yours. Cleaned an reset ribbon, good to go. Plus Ive done it to myself a lot while trying to get ir focus right.
  6. fireman43

    Ssii Controller Board

    What is the lifespan of the batts Gary sells? I have some that are on their second year and going strong
  7. fireman43

    Mineral Lick

    That is a sad end to such a great story and buck. I will miss reading your updates on him, hopefully he has some sons coming along. Please post what happened. And thanks for taking the time to share all of this with us.
  8. fireman43

    Leaking Otterbox 3250

    Does anyone understand the sizing of inner tubes? How do you know what the diameter of the tube is? Is the size the inflated tube?
  9. fireman43

    Sony S600 Fast Hack

    I did the fast hack and took the shutter doors and motor out, it worked fine. The jumper with the white wire was not needed. here is the link to the other forum that discusses it http://www.camtrapper.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=848
  10. I have one, never hacked.
  11. This guy is a new arrival on the farm. Sure has a weird set of headgear.
  12. fireman43

    503 Cant Keep Time

    This year i have a 503 doing this again (not sure if it is the same cam that started this post) When I set the cam I had the date set to 10/15/2018 (wrong year was prob my fault) I pulled card tonight, on 10/24/2018 0229 it took a pic next pic has time stamp of 01/01/2006. Both were at night I can only assume it was just after the last correct pic. Date when I pulled card tonight was 01/04/2006???? I reset the time tonight, but tomorrow I will be bringing this cam home to check out What in the world is going on?
  13. fireman43

    503 Cant Keep Time

    anyone ever have a a503 that doesnt want to keep accurate time? I have one out in the field that is 2 hours slow.... I swear I had it right when I set it after the time change.... I just pulled the card tonight, so I will have to wait until next trip to verify/make sure the time is definitely set and see what it does
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    This is what I just ordered - best price at the time. Several guys have found occasional deals on newegg. Hope this link works from my phone. https://www.thomasdistributing.com/mobile/1...ies_p_2449.html
  15. fireman43

    Always Check Stand For Safety

    Just this week someone fell from a stand and was killed near me. News release said a step broke, so hard to tell if it was a homemade stand or store bought. Another was seriously hurt in a different stand accident. The danger is more real than we realize.
  16. fireman43

    Plotting Deer Activity

    I have been trying to figure out a way to put all of these pictures I acquire over the season to use figuring out when and where the deer are moving. Personally all the times run together in my head when I look at the pics to the point I don't know anything more about what they are doing than before I started. (that is a side effect of having too many cams out!) I posted a question in the computer section looking for a program that would do what I wanted, but the only close answer was a spreadsheet and that would be a lot more work. I don't think many users look in there, so I posted what I came up with here. I made a template of the graph I came up with that can be copied for future use, it has month, location, days on the top/bottom, hours on the sides (I am used to using military time). I also drew a line showing sunrise/sunset throughout the month to help show shooting time movement. As I review my pics, I put a color coded dot at the appropriate day/time - pink for does, red for spikes/ young bucks, green for quality bucks. One dot per deer regardless of how long they stay (I'm only interested in when they show up for hunting) The pic is from a baited set from this year that is getting several hundred pics a week (even in feeder mode since they are hanging around for a long time eating) This graph is really helping visualize when they are using an area. Pretty sure I have too much time on my hands to be doing this Let me know what you think.
  17. fireman43

    Plotting Deer Activity

    JDH: the days with no activity were when from the memory card being full but they had eaten all the corn as well. Wolfy: I have always read that hunting mid day is good, but never believed it. This year I have my old lease and a new one. On the new one, I have seen deer mid day every day I have been there, either hunting (on the way out) or scouting. Like you, I have a hard time convincing myself to hunt from 9-2 even when I see them.... but the new place is on my way home from work, I will be there around 830 and do give it a go after next shift. Rick: You are right and I plan on adding that information as well as the status of the corn (gone and when added) if it is a baited set. Even without that information, I am seeing patterns in each area that I didn't pick up on before doing this. I have the same findings as you in regards to trails. The cam is a great tool to help eliminate those night trails. Bill: I have been hunting my one lease for 25 years. It is a field with woods on 2 sides - one of which I hunt as well. The deer almost always come to the field in about 6 general areas and 2 of us can cover 98% of it in rifle season. Even after all that time and knowing their 'normal' habits, it is amazing how unpredictable they can be. Years ago, the local fire dept's siren went off EVERYDAY at 5pm for a test - 15 minutes before dark during gun season. That was literally the dinner bell, you could hear shots near and far just after it went off. Since they stopped the siren test, I am convinced the deer became less predictable and more nocturnal. Don't even hear the shooting like it was.
  18. fireman43

    Saying Goodbye To Mother

    I can't imagine what you are going through. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
  19. fireman43

    Bluegill Mount

    They look good! You found your new career, after your boards of course..
  20. fireman43

    Leaking Otterbox 3250

    Make sure it isn't leaking from somewhere else before you pull the seal. I had one that I just KNEW it was the seal leaking…. it ended up the leak was around the pipe through. I had bad luck messing with the seal in that build and trying to make one out of silicone… What is a potters rubber band Gadestroyer74?
  21. Anyone know what program to use to plot deer activity over time? I want to end up with a line graph or points that show what times deer are using different cam locations based on when I get pics. Let's say cam 1 has deer on Oct 6 at 3,7,11 am and 5, 8 10 pm; oct 9 6,8am 5,7pm and so on. I would like to see those times plotted on one axis, dates on another so I can visualize when they are there. I know some program can do it, just don't know which one. After all is said and done, it would probably be easier to do it on graph paper by hand? This is the goofy stuff that pops into my head when I'm bored in the stand....
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    I hope so, I just bought a bunch!
  23. fireman43

    Memory Stick Pro Problems

    I have had good luck with Memory ten online. Not sure how their prices compare today. And there was one left for sale in the store front on here, if he still has it.
  24. I have a 503 build with rcdavis controller, viv 2800, 4 C's power. It worked like a champ all last year. Had it out for a week, the slave never fired despite a few dozen night pics. Not sure where to start trouble shooting - I think it may be the capacitor not sure, but here is what I do know: 1. 503 flash DOES fire, looks normal to me 2. I do have 6v to the rcdavis board 3. rcdavis board seems to power up and go through normal led light routine 4. touching +/- trigger wires does nothing 5. Flash cap does not seem to be charging - can't hear the normal noise when it charges, voltmeter reads 0 on cap 6. there is no water or moisture problems with setup 7. 2800 board switch is ON I doubt it is the CDS sensor, since cap does not initially charge? Could it be JUST a bad cap? Try to swap with another one? Could the 2800 board have died? Any ideas where to start?
  25. fireman43

    Trouble Shooting A Slave

    Replaced the whole 2800 flash, and all is working well. Thanks for the replies. Maybe one of these days I will troubleshoot the board.