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  1. fireman43

    Safari Backpacker Build-along

    I am interested in how this build turns out in a 3250 box. My daughter wants to make her first cam and I think I am going to use this board/flash backpacker for a p32 with slave in a 3250….
  2. fireman43

    4 Different S600's Not Reading Batteries?

    Power bar ribbon?? Weird all are doing it.
  3. Here are some pics off the first card pull on my first s600 build, set on a little scrape. After changing all my other cams to IR, I forgot how pretty white flash pics are. He might be nice in a couple of years.
  4. fireman43

    Trouble Shooting A Slave

    Thanks. I had forgotten about this thread.
  5. fireman43

    Trouble Shooting A Slave

    I had an extra rcdavis board, hooked that up, still didn't work. I will install a new flash either Friday or Sunday and post results.
  6. fireman43

    Trouble Shooting A Slave

    I also swapped capacitors, no change.
  7. fireman43

    Trouble Shooting A Slave

    Thanks for the help. Looks like I need a new flash. I checked and reflowed wires on the 2800 board, wires at controller board looked good. I wired power directly to slave, cap did not charge. When I put a meter on the slave +/- on the rcdavis board and powered the board on, the voltage never dropped as you said - it stayed at 6v. Is this because of the bad board and no charge occurred?
  8. fireman43

    Trouble Shooting A Slave

    Yes. RCDavis switch and board are on.
  9. fireman43

    Very Fat Buck

    That old boy is tough, for sure. He has to be THE most photographed buck out there. If he gets harvested it will be bittersweet for all of us, especially you, but it would also be a pity for him to just vanish one day and never know what happened to him.
  10. What is on the right side of this picture where the snow meets the ice? Could it be a coyote tail? Cam was set low to ground in area where tracks were seen. We had coyotes show up this year - never had them anywhere near my area before. Saw a bunch of coyote tracks in the snow, set a bunch of cams up to try and get a pic, but no luck, unless this is one.
  11. fireman43

    8 With Some Trash On The Sides

    Got me too…. thought we had some drop tines and stickers...
  12. fireman43

    Recent Pull

    Those look real nice. Love those 503's.
  13. fireman43

    Half Horse 10 Pointer

    Very nice. He is a big boy.
  14. fireman43

    First Build In A Long Time

    Most prefer marine goop (supposed to have uv resistance) but Ive made out fine with plumbers or regular. If your case has the room, you can do a pipe through for security. Gary sells them or you can use a 2413 arrow - both will take a 5/16 python.
  15. fireman43

    First Build In A Long Time

    For p32/41 I cut 1" holes for lens, flash and pir. (Gary's ss2 is fool proof to mount) I use a 1" ID copper pipe nipple to cut flash gaskets. Filed the edges so they are somewhat sharp, either twist and push through the gasket or use it as punch with a 2x4 and hammer. Secure gasket or external batt holder to the inside with goop or pt tape that Gary sells. (always goop glass and hpwa in)
  16. fireman43

    False Triggers?

    In addition to all the above, it could also be rodents-mice, chipmunks etc. that are hard to see in the pics
  17. But numbering your cards takes all the fun out of trying to figure out what cam a giant stack of cards came out of! I love trying to guess what cam each card is from
  18. fireman43

    Looky What I Found!

    Just like Christmas morning! Cant wait to hear what kind of shape it is in. My gut tells me I have one out somewhere… maybe I will get lucky one day too.
  19. I just use the small bags that Gary ships his boards in. One for new cards and one marked for used ones. I keep those and some batteries in a small wally case. I put the used batteries in a ziplock bag.
  20. fireman43

    First S600 Finally

    After sitting on a few s600's for a while, I finally put one in a build. Pretty standard - BF fast hack, 1040, 2 C's for external, pipe through. I did the lens door removal as well. I was surprised how easy the hack was. I did have to set the underside switches to OFF, since the cam was missing the first pic. Somewhere I thought I read the cam won't take a pic if the LCD is on?? I didn't notice a difference on or off during testing… not that it matters since lcd will be off in field.
  21. fireman43

    Diy Thermacell Pads

    I have seen some posts online about using Permetherine 10% (1oz in 6oz water), to refill/reuse thermacell pads. Has anyone here tried this? There is quite a bit of discussion about the safety of this online, although it seems quite a few people do it.
  22. fireman43

    Home Made Tick Spray

    I used the 10% (1oz in 6oz water) from Tractor Supply. Walked 7 miles in the woods, no ticks or chiggers… I'm sold on it.
  23. fireman43

    Been A While!

    I still have a couple in use too. And I have a 'brand new one' in reserve
  24. fireman43

    Fuji J10 Battery Mileage

    I did not tape off the internal battery, but had the cam out for 2 weeks in the yard. Batteries are still showing full charge after a lot of pictures of me cutting grass and the dog doing his business….. Looks like it will be a warm weather cam.