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    Two Off My Cam...

  2. fireman43

    Are Commercial Cameras Catching Up?

    I got into building my own cams in 2004 after reading reviews of the bad picture quality and life expectancy of commercial units. I was hooked on this from the start. I have a lot of fun and love the satisfaction of making something like this that I can use. Like most of you, I cant count the number of times I've seen that look on people's faces when I tell them I build my own game cameras and have to explain to them what it is all about. Most people I know don't have the time or are too scared to take a camera apart to make a homebrew, that coupled with the perceived cost of a homebrew vs commercial cam keeps them buying commercial units. Even when they complain about only getting 1-3 years out of a commercial cam, they keep going back - not seeing they are spending more money in the long run. I have several cams that I made in 2004 and they are going strong. I think as long as Gary, Dave and Ralph keep making their products (and I hope they do!), there will be a core of folks that will continue making their own. It would be interesting to hear what Dave and Gary have to say about this. They have been involved in this for a long time and Im sure can tell if the popularity of homebrewing is dwindling away.
  3. fireman43

    Moose Video

    I agree, the quality is just amazing. Something about the lighting and the snow just does it...
  4. I had never used a feeder on a timer until this year, always used corn piles. Last year we had deer in this spot - mostly night, but deer. But with the feeder, we have had NO deer using - Just one little doe occasionally.... Feeder has been there 4 weeks or better, should have been enough time for them to get used to it. Another spot 100 yds away has deer all hours of the day on corn pile. Anyone ever have this happen or have any advice? Does the height of the feeder make a difference? This one is probably 5' to the spinner - not very tall. Its pretty frustrating....
  5. fireman43

    Feeder Question

    Interesting. Had a friend with same results as this at a different lease. Funny thing is I've heard people say they've had deer show up and wait for it to kick on, and corn beats them up when it activates. They are some peculiar creatures for sure.
  6. fireman43

    Thanks Guys....(update With Pics)

    Wow, that is a lot of metal. I can only imagine how painful that must be. Hope the physical therapy gets you back in business fast.
  7. fireman43

    My 2013 Buck

    Congrats on your son and the buck. He will be out there with you in no time.
  8. fireman43

    Ir P52 Takes Blue Pics At Night?

    yes, infinity, iso 400 program etc.....
  9. I have a IR p52 that takes blue pics every time with the slave but are fine in day. Any ideas why this is happening? Never had this issue. the night focus is not very good on this cam either (IR glass scrape done) Must be something with the cam since Ive used the same IR material in multiple other builds. here are some pics from dark to light. You can see the blue fade away as more sunlight/less flash is captured
  10. fireman43

    Ir P52 Takes Blue Pics At Night?

    I did know the p series won't keep the b/w setting, but didn't know that they would take the 'normal' pink OR blue.... learn something everyday!
  11. fireman43

    Ir P52 Takes Blue Pics At Night?

    How'd you get that? Lol
  12. fireman43

    Hmmmmm Do You Think I Have My Property Covered? Lol

    You are off to a good start. I say build some more cams, need to have the center of the woods covered too!
  13. fireman43

    Looking For Some History On Homebrewing

    This gets bumped up every once in a while when someone stumbles into it, like I just did. Neat to see the history of homebrewing. There sure are a lot of innovative people involved in getting this to where it is today.
  14. Had some luck in the woods this afternoon with a shot at a decent 8 point. I had just checked my cams today and caught him on 2 different cam sets that were 600-700 yards apart across a field. One cam was on a scrape that hadnt been worked since 10/28 at 6:16 pm, so I figured he was due to freshen it up. Sure enough, around 6pm there he was. He worked the scrape for a good 5 minutes (felt like an hour), 20 yards away while I held at full draw. There was one place for him to step so I could shoot, and when he did, I let the Muzzy loose. I waited an hour before I looked for him, but he only went 40 yards. He was a little smaller than I thought he was, but he is definitely a nice one for the bow and really nice for the first one I have taken with the bow in 7 or 8 years (just haven't been taking the time to get out with the bow). It is really special to have multiple pics of him on cam, too. Might be more when I sit down and study the rest of the pics. I was a really disappointed that the cam on that scrape didnt get his pic while he worked the scrape Here he is at the scrape where I got him (cam is a503, SSII, viv 2800/rcdavis slave controller) Here are some shots on the other side of the field (cam is a503, SSII, viv2800/rcdavis slave controller) And after the shot pics
  15. fireman43

    A503 Or Slave Controller Acting Up

    This is a link to the settings. http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?...067&hl=a503
  16. fireman43

    First Buck With A Crossbow

    Congrats on the x-bow buck!
  17. fireman43

    Doubled Up On Bucks This Morning

    Wow, those are some nice deer, congrats on a good day!
  18. fireman43

    3 Shims It Is (p41 New Glass)

    Well, I personally did not want to do the no glass mod unless I absolutely had to. I've never done one and it looked like a lot of work that I thought I could avoid by trying some glass that I had access to. It takes about 5 minutes to swap the glass and put the shims on. I never claimed it was "better" or that anyone would "gain" anything. It is however an alternative to the no glass method and from reading posts from the past, there seemed to be a fair amount of people that were interested in using glass if it was available (which is how I felt). I found glass, tried and posted my results as it progressed. Several people expressed an interest in using it, so I have made it available. The choice is up to the individual on what method they choose.
  19. fireman43

    3 Shims It Is (p41 New Glass)

    You are right, Joe - shims under the glass to get it closer to ccd. I did a tutorial to explain it at post #24 here http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=53255 we havent had to file anything doing it this way.
  20. fireman43

    Thanks Guys....(update With Pics)

    Sorry to hear this, Joe. They will get you fixed up and going in no time. I'm definitely going to check my climber over good before I use it again.
  21. fireman43

    Bf Standard Question

    I have a new BF Standard - p52 build. Board is set up correctly, cam wired to board correct. First question - (I tried this with 2 cams and 2 boards - any combination do the same thing). Turn board on, it powers cam on/off, goes into walk test. But back led flashes 2x a second rather than once a second like instructions say. While flashing like this, both will detect motion and both front/back leds come on. Goes out of walk test and functions cam as it should. Is this rapid flash normal? Second - While making board come on as fast as it will come on, with dip 4 OFF (single pic), every other FLASH PIC is missed - cam comes on, no pic taken (every pic gets taken when flash is set to off). I assume that this is due to board leaving cam on long enough to charge cap and second time cam comes on the flash gets charged, so 3rd pic will flash and so on? with dip 4 ON (double pic), every pic is taken. Again I assume because cam stays on longer and cap gets charged? Does this mean my cam flash or cap is on the way out?
  22. That cam is just too cool
  23. fireman43

    Do Ya Lose Your Man Card If...........

    That is a bad day for sure. You are lucky that your bow seems to be ok, and maybe that buck's daddy will be there next time. As far as losing your man card - Im pretty sure there is a loophole that lets you off for those 2 things. I feel your pain on watching those fistfulls of benjamins falling.... After a hunt one afternoon, I got distracted putting my hunting stuff in the truck. Figured I had put the bow on the back seat and backed up. I was NOT impressed to see a bow that looked JUST like mine jammed in the dirt. Sure enough I ran over a limb- didnt know whether to throw up or cry. But that old Matthews must be some kind of tough because it was fine and Im still shooting it 10 years later.
  24. fireman43

    Leaking Otterbox 3000

    Thanks I will give it a shot
  25. fireman43

    Leaking Otterbox 3000

    I have a otter 3000 that is leaking - ruined a p41 this spring. Thought it was small bits of debris on seal, cleaned it up, did a test, seemed fine until I checked cam in field this morning - moisture in case. Did a 3 hour soak test and seal is indeed the culprit. How did the silicone fix end up working? You left the original seal in and put the silicone over it? Also, I found this post at chasing game ( http://www.chasingame.com/forum/viewtopic....f=4&t=23252 ) where he used rtv silicone. This seemed to work for the short term but there were no follow up posts. Wondering what to do.