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  1. ShedHunterNB

    Couple Of Studs

    Jason,what date was that you wanted me to go there and hunt with you? Just kidding. Real nice bucks.
  2. ShedHunterNB

    Great 8

    good one Carll.Are those August apples? Dave
  3. ShedHunterNB

    Some Of The Ones L'm After

    WOW,biggest spike I,ve seen. The other bucks are really nice too. Where are you at in Ontario?
  4. ShedHunterNB


    This doe got pretty close.
  5. ShedHunterNB

    This Year

    Got 19 pics of this buck today.
  6. ShedHunterNB


    This one too.
  7. ShedHunterNB

    This Year

    Here,s another pic.I,ll be looking hard for these sheds.
  8. ShedHunterNB

    This Year

    another pic.
  9. ShedHunterNB

    Big 11

    Another big buck Carll. You lucky man.I,m only got 2 bucks in my area this winter.Hope we don,t get too much snow until mid January. Good luck. Dave
  10. ShedHunterNB

    Buck Made The Season

    Carll.DO you need help finding those,I,d be willing to help you.Just kidding,couple more weeks.Dave
  11. ShedHunterNB

    10 Point Sheds

    Nice set of sheds Carll. I hope to get out in the springtime.After this 4 feet of snow is gone. Dave
  12. ShedHunterNB

    Found Five Yesterday

    Awesome rubs and sheds too.
  13. ShedHunterNB

    Fresh Sheds

    Like those shed pics.
  14. ShedHunterNB

    Big 8 Down!

    Thats a real nice 8 point. Congrats.
  15. ShedHunterNB

    9 Pointer Down!

    Nice oneCarll.Congrats. Dave
  16. ShedHunterNB

    Big 8

    Wow.Good luck Carll.Looks like one of those Corn Hill Bucks. Dave
  17. ShedHunterNB

    Big 8

    Nice buck Jason. Looks like the left side scores a little better than the right side.Good luck. Dave
  18. ShedHunterNB

    Shed Antlers

    One of my favourite past times shedhunting.
  19. Scott. Nice buck and moose for sure.
  20. ShedHunterNB

    Big Canadian Whitetail

    Nice one for sure Carll.
  21. ShedHunterNB

    Close Up

    Carll.That looks like a nice buck. I never saw the second buck until I looked at the bigger pic. I,ll put my cams out around the first of Sept. Do you just put out regular coarse salt? Dave.
  22. ShedHunterNB


    . Twenty hours and 6 sheds,that seems darn good.I,ve been out a couple times and nothing yet.Seems I always have something to do.Good luck on some more.
  23. ShedHunterNB

    Frist Shed

    Nice find Carll. I hope to get out when the snow melts. Dave
  24. ShedHunterNB

    Target Buck

    This is the buck I wanted to get.I,m glad he is still alive,maybe next year.
  25. ShedHunterNB

    Big 8

    Wow, big one for sure.