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  1. Full Fan

    For Sale

    Will check for you later this eve John. The majority of my builds were P41's/P32's, but I feel certain I still have some S600 setups. Will certainly do you right.
  2. Folks, I use to build homebrews years ago. Followed this site religiously. Over the years I have gotten out of homebrews and switched to manufactured units. I have a room full of parts, cams, cases, etc. Is anyone interested in anything? If so, I will attempt to go through everything and see what I have. Most of my builds were P41's, P32's, S600's in Pelican 1020's & 1040's. Most of the boards are SnapShotSnipers. All cases are drilled out with hand painted 3d camo/liquid nails. I don't mind parting some of this stuff out if anyone needs anything. Some of the cams have been robbed of the flash. Some of them work fine. Some of them don't. Some have had a battery door removed. Things of that nature. If you need any parts for anything this will be a good opp for them. If you need a predrilled case and have a P41 sitting idle that needs a case/board I will dig thru my pile. I also have screws for the cases, stand offs for the boards, different option's of chips for the SSS boards, etc. I basically have a room full of stuff that's been sitting idle and I simply no longer use. I'm sure someone that's into homebrews, as I use to be, could sit down end up with several perfectly working units. I even have memory cards. I basically have everything you need for homebrew stuff. I will supply pics if need be. I will sell the entire lot pretty cheap if the right person has any interest. I will continue to check back here and see if there is any interest.
  3. Full Fan


    Tried reset as well, same issue. Only thing I know to do is swap out parts with spare cams til I narrow it down. If anyone has a shot in the dark option let me know
  4. Full Fan


    Swapped out power bars...seemed to do the trick. Many thx! Hopefully this helps someone else out in the future
  5. Full Fan


    Thx guys...will try a different bar
  6. Full Fan


    Getting the code on a Sony P41. Figured it was flash. Replaced flash with known working flash, same error code. What is next trouble shooting method?
  7. Full Fan

    P52 Flash In P32?

    Thx guys
  8. Full Fan


    Had my hands on hundreds of these and have hacked hundreds but this is a first for me. Acting sporadic. It's out of the unit and completely seperate from any board. With fresh batteries it's cutting OFF/ON by itself. Without touching it. I removed Shutter Assy, same result. Completely pulled SA from guts of the cam and put back together as if factory purchased. I built this unit 3-4 years ago for a buddy. Been working fine until this past week. Turning the cam over in your hands doesnt seem to trigger a power OFF/ON. In other words, grabbing it tightly in corners, holding it loose, pushing on spots on the cam, etc...nothing makes sense about it. Is there a method to trouble shoot or possibly replace a main portion? The only thing I can come up with is moisture. After making the cam, my buddy added eye bolts to lock it to tree and I dont think he sealed it properly. So over a period of time, it's possible the moisture monkey is on my back at this point. O yea...i've hit the reset button as well.
  9. Full Fan

    P52 Flash In P32?

    Long time no post....been a while. Hope everyone is well. Cut my teeth on this site along time ago. This site was a staple for me concerning building my own cams. Good to see it's still around and going strong. Quick question....Will a Sony P52 flash simply swap and fit in a Sony P32? I'm guessing no. Cant find any info. Also, I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but does anyone have any P41 flashes willing to sale?? Thanks in advance
  10. Great kill shot. That is a fantastic pic!
  11. A lot of times we dont appreciate something until it's taken away. I bet it was great getting back out there Bat. Glad you were able to do it
  12. Full Fan

    Before & After 3

    Thx all. He certainly deserves it. I'm not sure who's the proudest, me or pops Mongoose....the name "MoFo" is short for....well....Thats a big MoFo
  13. After running cams for 4 months this summer, things were looking bleak for target bucks...until late August when "MoFo" showed up. He disappeared after 2 pics despite moving multiple cams to narrow down the hunting zone. During black powder season, Dad ran across a fresh scrape one morning after hunting. We put an Infrared cam on the scrape knowing he used the area. A few days later, I was in the area hunting him and checked the cam on the way in. He used it the night before (10/15) around 10pm. We were getting closer. Less than 5 days later, I'm sitting at a table attending a wedding reception when the phone vibrates 10 mins before dark. It's Dad...."MoFo" had just been pronounced dead:) Needless to say, 5 mins later and after offering my apologies to the bride and groom, I was on my way to pay Dad back for all the pics he's taken of me with my kills. Nobody deserves this deer more than my father. For years he has passed up bucks and watched me take some great deer while he ended up without a buck for the season. He's right beside me on every 95 degree day during the hot months while we checks camera's, kill mosq.'s and dodge those aggravating spider webs. He's there for every bump on the 4 wheeler, every branch in the face, and he's the worlds best side kick for having the memory cards and batteries ready for the next cam. Congrats Dad....You've earned every inch of the 143 4/8 Gross B&C Unofficial score:) Body Weight 185#'s Outside Spread...20 4/8 Longest Main Beam....22" Longest Point...10 2/8" Age is pending..... [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img]
  14. Had a great hunt Sat evening. Setup on the edge of an oak ridge that had just started dropping nuts. Deer were coming off the ridges, milling around in their staging area, then heading off to distant soy bean fields. This buck was 2nd in line of 4 different bucks. He was trailing a 10pt, yet followed by an identical 8 and smaller 7. All bucks out of velvet except this one. Just before double lunging him, the 10pt and the other 8pt fought like 2 rut crazed bucks. This went on for about 3 solid mins. Never seen this so early in the year. Neither of the bucks heard the bow thump because the 2 fighting were so deeply engaged that the noise covered me completely. I have not been targeting this deer due to his size and age. It's the smallest buck I've taken off this property in years. But considering I've always wanted a European mount in full velvet, I couldnt pass him. The 10pt was a better class deer, but not by much. No second thoughts about passing the 10pt at all to get the velvet buck. We rarely get the chance to take a full velvet buck here in NC so I took advantage of this buck losing his so late into bow season
  15. Full Fan

    Ageing deer on the hoof

    2.5 all the way....