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  1. Flyguy958

    Just checking on everyone/stay safe

    Good here in SC, Bored! Wash your hands.
  2. Flyguy958

    Missing Members?

    I check in occasionally. There were some great people on here! Looks like there are still some.
  3. Flyguy958

    Metal Detector

    Very cool finds! I've thought of buying a metal detector, but with so many types I get overwhelmed looking and move on.
  4. Flyguy958

    Metal Detector

    I'd like to see the pictures of the Barlow.
  5. Flyguy958

    Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    Prayers for all involved. This is a senseless tragedy.
  6. Flyguy958

    Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    So sorry to hear this sad news. Chris helped me in my first attempts at hacking cameras. He contributed a ton to this community in the beginning. 212 will be missed.
  7. Flyguy958

    Mother And 3 Cubs

    Great Video!
  8. Flyguy958

    Any Smokers Out There?

    Way cool smoker, I can build them but not good enough to compete in the cooking competitions. But the family does show up when I fire the smoker up.
  9. Flyguy958

    Any Smokers Out There?

    I've tried the electric and gas smokers and although they do smoke the meat you don't get the same bark or taste as you do with charcoal and wood. It is a pain to keep stoking one but the outcome is worth it. I built a large one so when I fire it up, I fill it up.
  10. Flyguy958

    Thank You For Being Part Of Hags House!

    Best building site on the net. Good people too.
  11. Flyguy958

    What Happened To Everyone?

    I'm more of a "Lurker" too.
  12. Flyguy958

    Carolina Reapers

    Wow! Give us a report on how they grow and how they taste.
  13. Flyguy958

    Buck Knives

    Buck has two series of knives, USA made and China. The USA knives have a US flag on the package. I have come to the point in life that I do not buy any knives not made in the USA. Just my opinion but I like knives made here. Case still make all their knives here along with Knives Of Alaska.
  14. Flyguy958

    Hey There And A Little Help

    Done. What a great picture!