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  1. The way kids are today I think the movie should be banned. This went on with the first movie too and a few kids were severely injured and some people were blaming the parents for letting their kids go see such a stupid movie.! If they don't have the common sense to know that it's a movie and it's NOT NORMAL to do stupid stunts, then what the heck are the parents suppose to do! They can tell them not to go but.........As a parent, that doesn't always work out!
  2. And then you can be, 'The Poster formally known as Abby' and put your old stats in your signature so noone forgets. :P:D


    Ok tried to re-register using "abby" instead "Abby" and it won't let me saying that someone already has that ID,,,which would be me! I don't want to change my ID to something totally different. So now what???? Dan HELP!!! :lol:

  3. How about you reregister using 'abby' instead of 'Abby'.

    Invision has no idea how this is happeneing.

    The alias ID works and the pics. are staying put....that seems to be a temp. solution and maybe the change of ID will work also.




    Good idea..I'll try it.. That's probably the only thing I haven't tried! Thanks Dan :)

  4. Just trying something here, so ignore this..






    Ok if someone "was" logging in as your id, the post still should look like is one... It should show up as having been edited???? I put in a picture then removed it in this post!


    Abby you haven't been using "disappearing ink" in your pictures have you?? :P:lol:



    No disappearing ink Bat :P But say if someone was hacking in somehow there wouldn't be that "edit" fact would there? And remember I posted under another ID 2 months ago and the pic is still here. I really hope Invision finds out something. I reposted my pic of my sweet Abby. It was gone yesterday too.

  5. no... i was just saying if you think someone may have hi-jacked your logon, make sure you've changed it...


    but... that goes without saying.. just ignore me.. :)



    I think I'm getting punchy trying to figure out WTH is going on! So you can ignore me too!! :lol:

  6. abby, if you think someone is logging in as you , make sure you change your password, and make sure you never click "remember password" if you use a shared computer.


    I changed my password. This is the 3rd time I've changed it. Does everyone log in and out every time?

  7. It's crazy! I just heard on my local news that he wasn't Amish and that he was getting revenge for something that happened to him in school 20 years ago! I swear these SICK people that do these things are, I guess what they call copycats.. So very very sad and senseless. To bad he killed himself. He needed to suffer more!
  8. I would think if it's something that's non-copyrighted it's fair game. I've looked for stock photos to use in different things and if the copyright visible, you either have to buy it or ask the owner if you can use it. . And there's places that say they would like you to ask before usuing any of the material from their website. So I would think that would apply to anything and since you received it through an email, I would say it's ok. Just my 2 cents. Maybe there's a lawyer on Hags! :lol:
  9. Well my pics lasted 30 days this time!! :angry: Guess it's time for Invision to do their thing! According to them the most logical thing after everything I told them was that someone has to be removing them somehow since I posted another pic under a different ID and it's still here after 2 months! Now it's a matter of finding out who is removing them and how! WHY would be nice to know too! Just going on what they are telling me.

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