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  1. Tominator

    Looking For A Pic Of An Old Trail Camera

    Belay my last.....I figgered it out on my own
  2. Tominator

    Looking For A Pic Of An Old Trail Camera

    I have a beauty for ya if I can find it, lol. <nevermind....you said commercial> In the meantime, remind me again how I make all the replies appear on the same page so I can scroll and read instead of having to click on each response.........
  3. Tominator

    Help Needed...someone With A Memory

    Redruff makes one...
  4. Tominator


    It's yours, PM sent.
  5. Tominator


    I posted this last week and it must have gotten lost with the other posts so if you replied then, I didn't see it. Anyway, I have an unused slavemaster that I will not be using. Everything that came with it is still in the original package and I'll ship it to you for $35.
  6. Tominator

    1040 ?

    I use a 4AA holder (the one that stacks 2 on top of two instead of 4 beside each other) modified to be two sets of 2 in parallel. This gives 3v out and I use it with NiMH in the cam and alkaline externals.
  7. I made a "grunt cam" with an XLP a while back. Wired my little wally world talking greeting card guts to the LED port. The call was housed in a 35mm film case.
  8. Tominator

    Wal Mart boxes

    I've got an S40 about to go into a small walmart box with a Yeti and it WILL come in under $100, this includes externals and a 1 gig memory card.....
  9. Tominator

    S600 lens question

  10. Tominator

    BFoutdoors Slavemaster

    I want one now, realize I can't have it yet but I want one now, lol. Go ahead and put my name on one and just let me know how much $ to send and where to send it
  11. Tominator

    S600 lens question

    My understanding is the lens in the 600 is the same as the 40, my question is this; do they both have the same ribbon cables, i.e. are the interchangeable?
  12. Tominator

    board comparison

    I've got one I'll let ya borrow if you'd like...
  13. Tominator

    a little help with 600 mod

    You're preacher to the choir my man...