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  1. Tominator

    Looking For A Pic Of An Old Trail Camera

    Belay my last.....I figgered it out on my own
  2. Tominator

    Looking For A Pic Of An Old Trail Camera

    I have a beauty for ya if I can find it, lol. <nevermind....you said commercial> In the meantime, remind me again how I make all the replies appear on the same page so I can scroll and read instead of having to click on each response.........
  3. Tominator

    Help Needed...someone With A Memory

    Redruff makes one...
  4. Tominator


    It's yours, PM sent.
  5. Tominator


    I posted this last week and it must have gotten lost with the other posts so if you replied then, I didn't see it. Anyway, I have an unused slavemaster that I will not be using. Everything that came with it is still in the original package and I'll ship it to you for $35.
  6. Tominator

    1040 ?

    I use a 4AA holder (the one that stacks 2 on top of two instead of 4 beside each other) modified to be two sets of 2 in parallel. This gives 3v out and I use it with NiMH in the cam and alkaline externals.
  7. I made a "grunt cam" with an XLP a while back. Wired my little wally world talking greeting card guts to the LED port. The call was housed in a 35mm film case.
  8. Tominator

    Wal Mart boxes

    I've got an S40 about to go into a small walmart box with a Yeti and it WILL come in under $100, this includes externals and a 1 gig memory card.....
  9. Tominator

    S600 lens question

  10. Tominator

    BFoutdoors Slavemaster

    I want one now, realize I can't have it yet but I want one now, lol. Go ahead and put my name on one and just let me know how much $ to send and where to send it
  11. Tominator

    S600 lens question

    My understanding is the lens in the 600 is the same as the 40, my question is this; do they both have the same ribbon cables, i.e. are the interchangeable?
  12. Tominator

    board comparison

    I've got one I'll let ya borrow if you'd like...
  13. members like Tominator are what makes Hags a great place to learn. Helped me alot.Thanks Tar