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  1. brudimountain


    Dont let the sun hit the Velcro. WILL TURN IT WHITE AND USELESS AFTER A WHILE. I USE IT ON THE BACK OF all my solar panels.
  2. brudimountain

    Dummy Cams Work!

    Just caught one also on a tiny build by HOOTOWL The amazing part was the resolution from the p41 at over 40 yards in one photo. Able to ID with cam set at 4m fine. Hard to spot a small concealed cam at that distance: There are a LOT of trees in the woods!
  3. brudimountain

    Solar Panels

    tbass- try nativeoutdoors.com sp60-6v and sp60-12v. I have not tried sp6v1 and sp12v1 because of cost but they come with wires protected already which saves work. I USE VELCRO ON THE BACK OF EACH PANEL- AND VELCRO ON AN ALUMINUM SHELF TO HANG ON TREES. Ask Hootowl about connectors as you need sturdy weatherproof connectors.
  4. brudimountain

    Solar Panels

    I am the fellow Hootowl has mentioned. I use a 12v fully encapsulated solar panel for the 9v battery powering the board. These last almost forever (several years so far) and are impervious to weather. Moderate shade is no problem at all but deep redwood groves will shorten how long they will charge the 9v. You must protect the wires with split loom if rodents are around. You can buy them for under $30 from many places. Powering the camera is trickier. Most of my builds use p41's. I have been using a single 6v encapsulated panel which works fine if there is some full sun during the day. The longest run I have had is with one of Dave's builds which took photos from Sept 07 to May 09. If there is a lot of shade the single panel will power the camera for about 4 months. I am experimenting with two 6v panels with one pointed towards the morning sun and one the afternoon but the jury is still out as to whether this will power longer in lots of shade. You can buy thse for under $25 many places. I like the full plastic panels as the aluminum encased ones are smaller and heavier, (but cheaper)
  5. brudimountain

    solar power-p41 builds

    Some of us are trying to find a good solar set up for p41 builds. Has anyone built a set up they are satisfied with to power their p41 or their board?
  6. brudimountain

    python locks

    Sportsmans Guide is offering special on 8' python locks for $8.97 Item # ez26d-103897
  7. brudimountain

    what do you think of this idea

    I had one on the road trying to see who was going through the gate. I set it on a bend so that you would see the gate and see the cam (camouflaged, no flash) at the same time. Multiple months, multiple rigs , multiple photos- they saw the gate!
  8. brudimountain

    Turkey soup

    Congratulations Dave! That's the way the turkey crumbles.
  9. brudimountain

    Hello All! Cybersniper is back from the dead!!

    Hope you get better quick. I've had Lyme disease 3x. I didnt find out I had it the first time until I had it the second time. It can be real quiet and I have heard that 10 percent of the ticks in this area were found infected. Now I usually start taking my antibiotics when I am getting tick bites. Three members of my hunting club have had it (to my knowledge). Glad they caught it in you before it was too late. Bruce
  10. brudimountain


    Nice looking cams! I wouldnt mind having some of those myself!
  11. brudimountain

    9 volt Rechargables

    I use only 9 volt rechargeables because I have lots of trail cameras on solar panels. You can get good quality 200ma Nimh 9v for about $4-5$ each and 150 ma for quite a bit less on E bay. They stay charged- period. Brudimountain
  12. brudimountain

    Always happens

    I don't post much but I look in a lot: I lost part of my right lower leg so I know how it feels- my prayers are with you. And if things look discouraging, try not to forget that you can stilll get to where you want if you keep on going.
  13. brudimountain

    Solar Chargers for AA batteries (P41)

    bagem- once you see the panels I use you will see that they are too big to fit in the pelican cases I have seen. Maybe they make real big cases though. You stilll would want the entire panel exposed to light . Checked two cams today while turkey hunting and the 9 volt NiMh batteries were fully charged- just like I left them 2 months ago. Brudimountain
  14. brudimountain

    Solar Chargers for AA batteries (P41)

    212- Sorry for the misspelling. It is BossBuck.com Seagoville, Texas 1-800 929-6244 Bruce
  15. brudimountain

    Solar Chargers for AA batteries (P41)

    Bagem- I have been experimenting with solar panels for a year now. All attempts to waterproof non- waterproof panels have met with limited (some) success with a lot of effort. The best solution I have found are the waterproof solar 6v and 12 volt panelsyou can get at BossBucks.com. They are meant for feeders. These come with about 8 feet of wiring attached so you can hang them from the next tree out of the shade. I put velcro on the back of the panel and velcro them to camoed aluminum plates which are bungeed to the tree. I use the putty used to seal RV seams to seal the hole where the wire passes through the case. It comes in small rolls and works. I use 12 volt panels for my 9 volt rechargeables. and wire the charger directly to the battery holder terminals. I was told that the excessive voltage would not harm the battery (or camera)and (so far) this has proven true.. The panels may have a blocking diode in them- I don't know. I know there are electrical ways to change the voltage delivered but I haven't used them. The biggest problem, outside of waterproofing, that I have found with solar charging, is the ability to get enough power to the batteries. Even these big panels will fail in winter in the shade. The above panels are light and plastic cased and cost about $20. I have had success also with 12 volt aluminum cased waterproof panels from the Sportsmans Guide. These are slightly smaller, somewhat heavier and about the same price. Good luck! Hope this helps. Bruce