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  1. It's finally happened.... Some scummer stole my cam. First time I put it out too. what the heck is wrong with people....
  2. lpv77

    Cds Placement

    Thanks Jim. Is there any truth to the opaque barrier making it activate earlier?
  3. lpv77

    Cds Placement

    Where are most of you putting the cds? In the pigtail or separate? If separate, how? I read somewhere that it was better to have it in an opague area so it turns on slave during early morning or late afternoon times.
  4. lpv77

    Ir Booster

    anyone see that spypoint IRbooster? thoughts?
  5. Im going to order some if anyone wants a few
  6. lpv77

    Slavemaster Is Back!

    Can I use this with the fm600?
  7. lpv77


    Thanks guys
  8. lpv77


    I have one laying around. Can I use it for a remote slave? I have searched but there is so much info Im getting overwhelmed, lol. Are there any links? Thanks, Vinny
  9. lpv77

    New Stuff For 3d Camo

    What does the container say for dry time on that? I tried OSI quad window door and siding adhesive. still very soft from last night. says itll take up to a week to cure fully.
  10. are you able to flip the camera while its cabled to the tree. I just set up a p41, ssII ans a pipe through. It doesnt seem like the will be enough to stop someone from flipping it and opening. I might add a lag to the back to screw it to the tree first then cable it.
  11. Anyone ever use? I cant find marine goop anywhere near me.
  12. lpv77

    Cam Wires

    Thanks. Im going to run my Externals thorugh there
  13. lpv77

    Simple Sniper Ii

    thank you! I just through it together to check functionality b4 i glue it all. I cant believe how much better it is then my bg1s with the regular fresnal. I think I have to swap them out.
  14. lpv77

    Simple Sniper Ii

    on a 3 wire hacked p41 which common gets used. the shutter common or power common?
  15. lpv77

    Cam Wires

    Anyone ever try running the servo wires through the viewfinder on a p41?