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  1. Hey guys. I haven't been around for a while. I know this may not be the right place for this so feel free to move it if necessary. I just thought this forum gets teh most traffic. I currently have a Sony hi-8 camera but have been having trouble with it. I want to replace it and need to do so before October. I either want to go to a mini DV or a hard drive. I really like the JVC gz-mg37 but the only reviews I have seen are not flattering to it. I have a guy at work that has its predecessor. He loves his but does not use it hunting in low light situations like we do. Can anyone recommend a good camera for my hunting needs and give me some details as to why you prefer the one you do. I have a $500 budget for this purchase. Thanks D
  2. Thanks for the condolences. It's almost like loosing a family member when you have put so much work into these things. Scott, Not retired just cant justify building the number of these things I would like. Kids are 6 and 4 and need more of my attention. That's one obligation that takes away from hunting and camera building that I don't mind. Actuall, the kids like to hang them with me and test to make sure they work. Looks like I will get to hunt for the first time this season Saturday morning. Good luck everyone.
  3. Thanks. I know it happens all the time I just had to vent. I think I will try an IR cam if I can find someone over the winter willing to give me a hand with the conversion. It would be fun to find the person responsible. The bright side of my situation is one of the owners of the property I lease is a 6'7" State Trooper who teaches boxing and defensive tactics at the academy. He loves that part of his job and is very interested to find the SOB responsible. I just hope I can be there with a big bowl of popcorn. I know what goes around comes around but just once I'd like to be there to see it happen to them. Anyway, we are fairly sure it was the dope heads and probably not the neighbor. I'll stick another camera out in a couple weeks and try my luck one more time. On a positive note looks like I will be able to get out and hunt next week. Hope everyone has a good season. Keep us all posted. D
  4. I went back to change the film in one of my game camera I had over a mock scrape. Was really excited cause we have been seeing some good buck this year. The camera is in the middle of 450 acres of private land. I got to my camera after dark and it was on the opposite side of the tree. As I got closer I can tell it has been beaten up. They couldn't get it off the tree so they smashed the front. All the lenses cracked the case and broke the locks off to get inside. The board was smashed and the camera was broken and then stolen. Someone obviously got their picture taken and needed to make sure the film didn't get developed. Have no idea who could have done it since we have trouble with many neighbors trespassing as well as some others coming in to look for dope. We have a drug team come in every fall to pull out stuff growing wild. Unfortunately some of the lower class residents in the county know about it as well. I'm so pi$$#& I don't even feel like hunting know cause I know how ugly it will likely get if I happen to run across them. I think I just lost all my Patience now. Sorry but it does feel good to vent.
  5. Lechwe

    "I HATE RABBIThunters"

    I second encore's point. Sorry to hear you got ripped off.
  6. Lechwe

    I have a problem!!

    I'm not sure I understand what the problem is?
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    I add orings to my cams but it is mostly just for looks. Seems to make the camera look a little cleaner sometimes.
  8. I want to find the smallest DC power jacks and plugs. I would like to have 90deg. plugs and the jacks to go with them. The smaller the better. I have looked at Radio shack and they have next to nothing. Any idea would be great. Thanks
  9. :cool: I have two pair of Midland GXT450 radios and headsets. These are brand new and never opened. They have a 3 year warranty from teh factory. 10+ mile operation. These are nice and small and don't take up a lot of room. Mossy oak camo. I'm asking $60 for each pair + actual shipping. Go here to view them http://www.midlandradio.com/products.asp?pid=30&Direc=Next
  10. Kill him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Lechwe

    DART Target System

    Outback, I would love a dart system but have no idea what the value is. Probably more than I can spend but I would like to know just incase. just pm me if you like. Thanks D
  12. Lechwe

    Finally a few bucks...

    :cool: Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Lechwe

    Welcome back Jon5ja

    Great to here you are at home with the little ones now. My oldest daughter was 6 weeks premature and that was a scary time for us. I can only imagine the stress you and your wife were under with your two. Prayers are with them and you to continue in the right direction. Make sure the wife and you get some sleep every couple of days. My wife went too long without any good sleep and got sleep deprivation (sp). She started hallusinating(sp) and I thought she was going nuts. Enjoy them. Anything we can do to help let us know. Besides diapers and midnight feedings of course :cheese:
  14. Lechwe

    Picture from storm last night

    :cool: Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!