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  1. hunt4it44

    Got A Telephone Call From Paypal Last Night

    I feel your pain. someone stole my american express credit card number last week and was trying to use it to buy stuff off the internet. American Express caught it, and denied the charges. the scarey thing is that the card was always in my posession so they had to steal the number from somewhere online.
  2. hunt4it44

    6v Sla Batteries

    I stink at searching this forum to find old posts, but somewhere is a post that will explain exactly how to test them. you basically charge the battery normally, and then using a high watt, low resistance resistor (from radio shack), you drain the battery down and plot the voltage readings on graph paper (or MS excel). then go online and find a discharge curve for your battery and see how they match up. if your battery discharges much faster than what the manufacturer discharge curve looks like, toss the battery (actually - you should recycle them ) maybe you can find the post or find similar instructions on how to do this by googling for it.
  3. hunt4it44

    Happy Birthday Hunt4it44

    boy has the time flown by. thanks for all the birthday wishes. Randy
  4. hunt4it44

    Jazz Issue

    how big of a card are you using? I had the same issue with 4GB cards but my problems went away when I changed to a smaller (2GB) card.
  5. hunt4it44

    Any Tv Repair Guys Here?

    did i mention i wasnt a TV repairman?
  6. hunt4it44

    Weird Project

    sorry I am not more help. you might take a look at Jameco or Digikey. they have dc geared motors that run as low as 1/2 RPM. but even then, i guess you would need to gear it down some. if you really wanted to impress your neighbors, come up with a paddle wheel and use your sprinkler timer to turn on a spigot that was directed over the paddles and have it turn a shaft that would turn the wheel and thus the trays. then have another spigot on the other side of the paddle wheel to rotate in the opposite direction. all your Bohemian friends would be impressed and you wouldnt have to worry about ac to dc, step down voltage and motors
  7. hunt4it44

    Any Tv Repair Guys Here?

    I AM NOT A TV REPAIR GUY. Does you manual have a schematic that shows what kind of zener diode smoked? my guess is that provides a reference voltage to the board and it got smoked by a voltage spike. but then again...... i am only guessing.
  8. hunt4it44

    Weird Project

    I simply do not have any experience with the rectifier diodes. the wee little bit of electronic knowledge I have is on dc circuits. as far as running the motor to turn the incubator trays, it is easy to get a step down voltage regulator to get your desired voltage. However, you will need to know how many amps your motor (and what it is connected to) will draw because the regulators come in different "sizes". how many trays were going to be in your incubator? do you have any pictures or drawings of what this thing is going to look like? and when you turn the tray(s), can it just flop from one side to the next or does it need to slowly glide over a period of time? really neat project. i may try to build one of these things myself.
  9. hunt4it44

    Sad Day

    could you tell why he died?
  10. hunt4it44

    Weird Project

    Cool idea using the sprinkler timer to turn your eggs. Check the output of your sprinkler timer. I would almost bet that it outputs 24v AC instead of DC. But, all is not lost. I would suggest getting you a couple of 24v AC relays (or a single, DPDT relay) and let your sprinkler timer toggle power to your relays. then, use a 6v DC power supply (you know, an AC to DC wall transformer) to run through your relay to your motor. You need to know how many amps your motor pulls so you can get an adequately sized power supply. hope this makes sense. so what kind of eggs are you trying to incubate?
  11. hunt4it44

    Trail Photo Contest

    HOLY MOLEY! congrats on your $100. you can build another cam
  12. hunt4it44

    Dividing Voltage

    I know you mentioned you wanted to use a 12v sla battery, but........... you might consider using 8 C or D cell batteries. I have started using the 2 battery holders and then daisy chaining them together to get the desired voltage. you can split wires out of the daisy chain at the right spot to get the desired voltage. i have a pdf of what I am talking about but dont know how to upload it to this post. if anyone is interested, I can email it to them.
  13. hunt4it44

    The Correct Way

    vic - if that video had been shot down in your neck of the woods, the last frame would have shown them both sitting there sharing a cigarette.
  14. hunt4it44

    Drivers Downloaded

    see if you can figure out how to remotely start your vehicle.