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  1. Yeti/s40 Issue

    is it possible to ruin something on the board by hooking the power source to the poles made for the slave flash? I know I did that once, but not sure if it was this board or not.
  2. Yeti/s40 Issue

    It says FS40 151
  3. Yeti/s40 Issue

    the Dip switches are all "off" except for switch #6 which is turned "on". The camera settings are all set according to the instructions from Whitetail supply. Screen off.
  4. Yeti/s40 Issue

    I may need to check my connections again for the umteenth time, but the S40 is hacked the fast mod way but wont take a picture unless the board is set on rapid pic mode. In the normal mode, when motion is sensed, the camera will come on, but no picture is taken. the lens also retracts all the way back when the camera shuts down. This is the second hacked camera to act like this when connected to this board. is it possible something is wrong with the board? All my other cameras are out, otherwise i would hook one of them up to this board to check. Any help would be appreciated
  5. Sony P52

    I posted this earlier today, but now i can't find it. Here is my question again. will a board for a P32 work for a P52 as well? Also, what is the difference between the P51 and P52? Thanks in advance
  6. Sony P52

    I'm looking for information regarding the differences between the Sony p51 and p52. Also, will the same control board that runs a p32 work with either one of the other models? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  7. S40 "shakey Hands"

    Anyone know what causes the "shakey" symbol to show on an S40? My hack is the 4-wire fast hack connected to a yeti board. The camera and board seem to work fine otherwise, but the camera fails to take a picture due the "shakey" symbol.
  8. Poor sensitivity

    Thanks, i'll try that.
  9. Poor sensitivity

    I built a cam out of a yeti board and p32 in a pelican 1040. It hung out in a 4-5" rain, and when I checked it condensation was evident inside. I took it home and air dryed the unit without batteries, but now the sensitivity is poor. Am i screwed here, or is there something specific i should trying? Testing the cam in my yard at night requires movement within 5' to trip a picture, well short of what i'm getting from an identical unit.
  10. 4 Nice Bucks

    That is cool. keep posting any new pics of those guys
  11. Lucky Buck!

    These pics are from the first week of june. I need to go check the cams again this weekend, and I can't wait to see the new growth from the buck in the 2nd and 3rd picture. he's rumored to be huge, and still a fairly well-kept secret (public land)
  12. SW Minnesota bucks

    You're a true camera nut daddymac!
  13. Lucky Buck!

    Can you see why I call him LUCKY!? If not, look closely at his ear. His buddies are fun to gaze at also
  14. What really is the advantage to converting a cam to IR? Is Flash no longer needed? Someone please clue me in. I am about to build another cam using a P32, and if making it into IR is worth the time to do it, I will. Thanks
  15. if you still have this, I want it. Tell me how to pay ya and its done