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  1. It was through a website called, which is no longer active. Guess I will have to see if I still have it on any of my old hard drives.
  2. I recently made the jump from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on my computer. I used to have a downloaded program called Photo-grapher. It was an older program, but it did a few different things as far as organizing your trailcamera photos. I like one feature that had a graph that would show you what time of the day the deer were hitting your camera sets. Along with numbers of pictures during the different moon cycles. I don't remember the name of the company that put it out. Google searches don't bring anything up. I would sure like to find out who made that and get a copy of it if anyone even remembers it or still has it on their computer.
  3. I have a regular LE chip, an LE II, and an LE TM chip. I have been away from this for so long I couldn't remember which chip I needed, but I now have found it needs the LE II chip to control the S40. I was also trying to find the LE instructions online. Hard to find it since Pix must be out of business, or their site is not up anymore. But I did find it.
  4. Got it working properly now. I was getting a flashing red led after the cleaning. Then I noticed the 9v power wires to the board were down to a strand or two on both wires. After redoing the wires, everything is working correctly now. It's got a new S40 but the testing is showing maybe some nighttime focus issues with this one two. That's the only thing I don't like about the S40's. More often than not, you have some blurry pictures in with the good ones too.
  5. I did forget to mention that there was some type of corrosion inside the case from I believe a D cell battery that had gone bad. There was a littlef white powder inside the case and it had had taken off the paint from the camera. The board looked clean but maybe i should clean it also.
  6. Hey everyone, I have an older BG2/S40 w/externals build that I had to swap the camera because of nighttime focus issues. Everything else was working fine before the swap. I got the new camera in and have found that the board is having problems detecting anything. At first I thought it wasn't working so I checked the wiring and determined that everything was fine there. But I have found that it will not power up the camera with any movement from outside of the case. But if I put my finger between the fresnel and PIR, it will power the camera up and snap a picture every time. I also played with the sensitivity and found that turned almost all the way down, it will not power on the camera. But turn it back up to almost the highest sensitivity, and it will work but only putting my finger directly in front of and almost touching the PIR will make that happen. It almost sounds like the PIR is somehow "weak". Could that be true?" It has a focal distance of approx. 3/4". But don't see how any an incorrect distance would make any difference as it is the same distance as it was before when it was working Anybody have any ideas what could be happening?
  7. I purchased this mold from a Hagshouse member many years ago. I can't even remember what they called it back then. It is the Maple tree bark mold done in silicone. It is in excellent condition. I have done a few pelican cases with Liquid Nails and this mold. Works very well. I prefer to stick with camo dipped cases these days. So i figured, why let this sit around any longer collecting dust. These pictures do not capture the true detail in this mold. If anyone is interested, they can have it for $15 shipped to your door. PM me with your info and i will get it out as soon as possible. I work tons of overtime this time of year but will get it out within 2 or 3 days. Sooner if needed. I prefer Paypal. Thanks. Jerry.
  8. On the plus side, the friend that runs the facebook page "Midwest trail camera pictures" said he got a message from a North American Whitetail Magazine editor commenting on the deer. When he told him he there was a heck of a story behind that deer the editor said they had to talk sometime. So maybe one of my pictures will end up in North American Whitetail sometime. Just not quite the way I had it planned. Maybe I can throw a plug in there for homebrew trailcameras. Even though these days we really don't have much of an advantage anymore. But more than likely. it will take time, and maybe not even happen. But who knows.
  9. Does the Sony Memory stick pro Duo work just as well in the P41 as the regular memory stick? I have a ton of 512MB sticks, as most of my setups are on trails. They work good for 95% of my trailcameras. I have a couple 1MB sticks but want to get more. Looking on Ebay, it seems there are a lot more Duo's than there are regular Sony memory sticks. I don't think I have ever used Duo's in a P41. Do they work just as well? Has anyone had any problems substituting Duo's for regular memory sticks?
  10. This is an SS II board Johnny. I didn't think there was any way to change the refresh time, or to turn just the PIR off. Thank you Ghoot, but the new chip didn't make a difference in it at all. I had my fingers crossed even. I think I have another S600 I brought home the other day. Hopefully it has the same servo and wired the same. I'll see what another camera in there will do. But this one I brought home had water in the case, so I need to finish drying it out and hope it still powers on.
  11. I have mostly kept this a secret since I found this picture on one of my SSS/P41 setups last Nov 15th. I have no other pictures of this buck so I figured he was doing a lot of roaming around the countryside this time of year. I hunted as hard as I could with my limited time off without laying eyes on him. I had showed the picture to a few close friends after the season was over and all were amazed. About March 1st Iowa has the yearly Iowa Deer Classic, and one of those friends called me saying that that the mount was hanging on the wall at the Classic in Des Moines, right now. 2nd in state in the archery nontypical class. Scored 212 3/8" I realize there probably were alot larger deer that year that didn't make it to the Classic for one reason or another, but in my eye's it was still #2 in the state. This friend has the sheds from the year before, and we knew most of the people hunting in this area. he questioned whether this deer was taken legally as the guy was working in the area on a bridge crew about that time, but didn't live anywhere closeby. He alerted the DNR that day and the county DNR officer began an investigation. Everything I am about to say came directly from the officers mouth to me. None of this is made up. The officer confiscated the mount about two weeks after the initial allegations. He checked the offenders phone and I believe found two different sets of harvested deer pictures. He didn't go into anymore detail there, although I think that had a lot to do with the case. On the court date the offender showed up with about 5 charges against him, and took a plea bargain, although he never admitted to shooting the deer. My DNR officer was hoping it would go to trial as he said he had enough evidence for a conviction. I'm assuming from pictures left on his phone. Iowa has a way of figuring a fine for trophy deer that are poached, according to the total number of inches. The officer said this was a $20,000 to $30,000 deer. But for some stupid reason, the prosecuting attorney and judge thought that $5000 was almost too much of a fine. So he got some community service time, a $5000 fine and did NOT lose his hunting license. He now has 4 points against his license. Takes 5 to suspend. DNR officer said he had no proof but was almost certain he shot it with a rifle. So in my eyes this scumbag thief of a poacher killed something that he DID NOT DESERVE, and got off pretty easy. But at least he doesn't have the mount. So for now, the deer mount travels around with the Iowa DNR to the state fair, the Iowa Deer Classic, and currently being used in a school hunting exhibit in a neighboring county. I still have yet to lay my eyes on it, but that will have to wait until next spring. Us ethical hunters spend so much time with trailcameras and doing all we can to help our local herd, and some dumba** has to go and change all of that with their selfless greed. Now it's the property of the Iowa DNR, on it's wall of shame, with a red evidence tag on the rack.
  12. I tried: (1) 1GB Sandisk (1) 1GB Sony (High Speed) (2) 4GB Sony Mark 2 None of these would let the camera fire off. It would always start the camera, but no shutter. Of course if you try it again before the camera goes to sleep, it always works. When I tested without a card in the camera at all, it would occationally get that first picture. Not always. So maybe I should just try this camera out with another board. Try one of my other S600's in it's place. But it could be quite awhile before one of those setups makes it back to my house. Looks like this build is just going to sit on the shelf all year. Remember the cap has been changed out, with no change in the way it works. If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them.
  13. Nope, just water for the water pan. But I do try to keep myself pretty well hydrated.
  14. I have an electric Bradley smoker with a few mods. And also a Smoke Hollow gas/charcoal grill with a smokebox. The Bradley I did a dual element mod to it and added an Auber temperature controller, so it can hold the temp within + or - 2 degrees of where I want it. I also have a couple different Maverick thermometers to help keep tabs on the temps.I put it in a cabinet I got from my local hardware store and lined it with sheet foam insulation and filled the doors and walls with spray foam to be able to use it during the winter months. It use the bisquettes which is an extra cost but seems to work well. Just got the grill/smoker combo this summer and haven't used the smoker all that much but am looking forward to the charcoal side of smoking. Just did some bacon wrapped chicken tenderloins on it tonight. yum.