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  1. kpdiver

    Clearing The Bench

    George, If you come across any working flash assemblies for the P41, I would be interested. Let me know. Thanks. KP
  2. kpdiver


    What is the model# of this Sony you guys have? Heading to Best Buy in the next couple days to have a look. Thanks. KP
  3. kpdiver


    It was a remove cassette error on the lcd. It wouldn't accept a cassette at all. If you google "remove cassette canon" you will see a ton of complaints with this same issue. It got to the point where the cassette would load but then wouldn't eject. I worked on it for a few days until I finally destroyed it. One of the on line tips suggested to thump on the side of it and I believe I thumped a bit to hard. KP
  4. kpdiver


    That sounds interesting. When you get a chance, let me know the model# and I'll check it out. KP
  5. kpdiver


    Ryan, I actually just bought a head cleaning tape for it and before it came is when the cam started acting up. I was able to get the tape to load but it chewed it up a little. Not sure if it will clean now or not but will give it a try. Havoc, Thanks for your offer. It's much appreciated. I will keep that in mind. Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations on what type and brand I should be looking at when I decide to buy a new camcorder? I don't think I'll go with Canon again as the problem I had with mine seems to be a common problem with all their models according to the internet searches I've done on it. I do a lot of sporting events both in and out doors. I did use this cam some for deer and turkey hunts but was never satisfied with the quality. I do know you get what you pay for I just don't want to put a couple thousand in a camcorder at this time. I figured Hag's would be as good a place as any to get honest opinions on video cameras.
  6. kpdiver


    I just wanted to make sure that everyone understands that I need the unit that takes the MINI DV TAPES and NOT the mini dvd's. Not sure I was clear on that in my original post. Thanks. KP
  7. kpdiver


    Pure Havoc, Thanks for the response but Pinch has one that might fit the bill. If something doesn't work out with his I'll get in touch with you. Pinch, Thanks to you as well. I can even return it to you when I'm finished if you would like me to. My kids are looking forward to watching their videos. The members here at Hag's have never let me down. KP
  8. I was in the process of transfering all my mini dv tapes to dvd when my Canon camcorder decided to quit. I'm hoping someone here happens to have a mini dv video camera they're willing to part with. I decided a while ago that I was going to upgrade to a different type media video camera this year anyway but I still have several tapes to put on dvd, mostly of my kids sporting events and when they were younger. I don't want to spend much since my main concern is to transfer to dvd and not future recording. It doesn't matter which brand it is, as long as it will play prerecorded tapes. Hopefully someone here has one in the closet or under the bed they aren't using anymore. Thanks, Kevin
  9. kpdiver

    Meat Slicers?

    Thanks for all the info guys. I ended up buying a Kaloric 9 inch slicer that seems to be very well made. Now to put it to use. KP
  10. kpdiver

    Meat Slicers?

    I have been making my own jerky for years and have always sliced the meat by hand. I've decided to purchase an electric slicer that is of good quality but won't break the bank. I have been looking at a few different ones but thought I'd ask if anyone here has had experience or has heard of any particular units that were good quality. I would like to keep the price around $100 or $200. Thanks in advance. KP
  11. kpdiver

    Prayers Needed

    Chris, I'm very sorry to hear you and your wife are going through a very rough time right now. I'm also glad to hear that things may be going in the right direction. My prayers for you and your wife are on the way. God Bless. KP
  12. kpdiver

    15 Point Stud Scrape Pics

    I'm guessing 170 to 180. Very nice buck. I hope you knock him down. Good luck. KP
  13. kpdiver

    External Mic

    I've been using the tops of Palmolive dishwashing soap.
  14. kpdiver

    Have To Vent

    Very nice picture Chris. You can tell your father is very proud of the son he raised.
  15. kpdiver

    Have To Vent

    Your mother needs you now more than ever just as you will need her. Together you will heal and find comfort that your dad is no longer in pain. God Bless you and your family. My prayers are on the way. KP