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  1. hootowl

    Lone Wolf Hand Climber

    Good idea, never thought of that. That sent. Thanx
  2. hootowl

    Lone Wolf Hand Climber

    I tried that 1st time. Just tried again and still says no such member
  3. hootowl

    Lone Wolf Hand Climber

    Try again Hootowl. Now it says no such member, lol.
  4. hootowl

    Lone Wolf Hand Climber

    NWHUNTER, I tried replying to message. You need to configure to allow, it wouldn't send
  5. I've got an older Lone Wolf climber that I just don't use anymore. It's still in good shape, the knobs are a little worn but are still easy to tighten/loosen. Belts are in great shape. The seat was replaced with a softer/thicker one. This stand is a bit lighter than the newer hand climbers $150 plus shipping
  6. Don't know if there still any interest in these older cameras. I came across 4 unhacked P32's and 2 hacked IR D380's while going through some boxes. If I remember correctly, I did the no glass IR mod on the 380's. There's also (4) 8Mb and (3) 64Mb cards (a rare find, lol) for the 380's. Shoot me an offer if interested
  7. I ordered a bunch earlier this year as well as last year and they were $5ea. + shipping
  8. You can get the male mount directly from bohning. Here's their phone number...231-229-4249 Part number is 931. It's $5+ shipping. I haven't been able to find the tree mount with the bohning female mount. Only with the quikee quiver mount. Shop around online to find best deal. The bohning female mount isn't really necessary, but if wanted you can shop for best deal as well. If you use the quikee female mount, you'll have to grind the male mount down a bit to get a decent fit.
  9. hootowl

    Clear Out!

    I cant believe they're still available myself. I seen em when first posted and thought I'd give someone else a chance. IR P41 in 1010 one of my favorites. Sooo, if focus on cameras are good, I'll take the 2 good p41 builds and the 600 build. PM me paypal info
  10. I was cleaning up my work room and came across this 600 build that I don't remember(ya, it's been a while since room was cleaned) It's your basic 600 that has a few scratches and stuff. It's controlled by a ss2, has AA's for externals and is inside a mossy oak 1020 case with bohning tree mount. It's never SOLD
  11. hootowl

    Using Aas Or 9v To Power Ssii Board

    I have a customer that solar charges all batteries in the cam. We're using a rechargeable 9v for the ss2. I started out soldering to the battery holder after scraping to get good metal. Then I started clipping off the holder and soldering to the studs left when cutting. Now to keep board original and from damage(yes, i managed to damage a couple ;), I just make a dummy battery with a dowel and insert a pin to solder to on each end. I solder 9v leads to these then insert into battery holder. Tape over the top to make sure it stays put. This way theres no way to damage board and you can always go back to the lithium.