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  1. scriverb

    Adding Extra Power

    With a video camera you have a completely different situation than you have with a still camera setup. Your video tape length is the limiting factor . . . not the power pack for the camcorder. Your tape will fill up way before the battery pack runs down. You only have an hour or so of tape and most battery packs have many more hours of power to run the camcorder than that. I always buy a larger battery pack to go with the camcorder so that I don't even have to swap them out in the field. You can get numerous sets out of a good sized battery pack. If you are running an IR array the 12v battery there can even be large enough to last thru numerous 1 hour tapes. Don't even worry about an extra battery charge for the camcorder.
  2. scriverb

    P41 Has Me Pulling My Hair Out?

    Sounds like the backlight portion of the LCD is blown. Just replace this piece and all should be good. There may be a fuse for the backlight that you can jump but not sure where it is. The LCD is working properly but the light that shines thru and illuminates it is not functioning. Someone should have a replacement that they can give up for you. Good luck.
  3. scriverb

    P32 Question

    There is no problem grinding down this item. It is only used for hand use and is an add on to the camera case. just grind it down a bit to whatever you need but don't go all the way to the attachment portion. It is plastic with a thin coat of chromed metal. Smooth it off and you should be good to go. I have done it plenty of times.
  4. scriverb


    The auto setting will only flash when the camera needs the extra illumination which would cover "Night" unless you have your setup in a darkened area during the day. This will cause some daytime flashes.
  5. scriverb

    S600 External Battery

    You don't want to wire your camera to a 4-AA battery holder as the 4 batteries are connection in series which puts out 6 volts. Your camera only has two batteries in it and it can only handle 3 volts. You will burn things up with that setup. You can however use a dummy battery system and wire in 2 - 2xAA battery holders that are connected in Parallel. That will maintain the 3V output. You must connect the battery holders to dummy batteries that are connected to the camera Pos and Neg contacts in parallel. What I am saying is the connection deep in the battery slots and not the end that you see when batteries are inserted. Pos to pos and neg to neg.
  6. Best price I find locally are at Sam's Club . . . 12 for 19.95 . . .
  7. scriverb

    P32 Question

    You probably have the flash setting to "Always Flash" or lightning bolt icon. Keep pressing the flash button on the back until there is no icon on the screen . . . as this is the Auto setting.
  8. scriverb

    New Hack And Have Question ( Externals )

    Yes, with two single battery holders you have to connect pos to neg to connect the batteries in Series and then connect that combination with the remaining Pos and Neg to the cameras Pos and Neg to create the parallel connection. You have it now. Just didn't understand you had two single battery holders. Good luck.
  9. scriverb

    New Hack And Have Question ( Externals )

    That doesn't sound right. . . a pair of AA's in a 2 battery holder should be giving you the 2.87 volts if rechargeables. If you have 2 - 2xAA holders they each have 2.87 volts and if you connect both POS(red wires) and both NEG(black wires) you have wired them in parallel which means the voltage stays the same but the mAh's double. That is what you want to happen. Then by connecting the POS(reds) to the POS(internal POS) and the NEG(blacks) to the NEG(internal NEG) you have kept the voltage the same but tripled the mAh's. Only thing I can think of is you have miswired the internals. Remember that the contact deep in the case is NOT the same as is indicated on the battery door. It is the opposite. With the POS end of battery visible in the battery compartment then the contact deep in the camera is the NEG. Reverse that for the other battery compartment. This diagram should help.
  10. scriverb

    New Hack And Have Question ( Externals )

    Sounds like the pins across the servo connector has been crossed. You must have your pos to pos and neg to neg connection for all of the externals. You can check the internals with a multimeter by touching the RED lead to the POS and Black lead to NEG of the servo connectors on the camera. You should see about 3+ volts for alkalines and 2.7 for rechargeables. The other possibility is that you are mising battery types that are not compatable. Never connect lithiums to any other type of battery. You can put rechargeables in the camera and alkalines external . . but the pos must connect to pos and neg to neg.
  11. scriverb

    Stereo Jack Question

    Since not all stereo plugs are alike you need to set the meter to the Ohm's setting . . . you are checking for continuity between the sections of the post and the wires. . . The meter will pass a small amount of current thru the connection and when the circuit is complete it will register on your meter.
  12. scriverb

    D380 Ext Power Question

    Killet, . . . wiring in 6v thru the ext. power jack doesn't work on many of the D380's. . . this is where a converter is used from a wall outlet to run your camera. When the connection is made the camera's software on many of them bypasses the internal battery compartment. For this reason your external batts will run out and the camera will stop working even tho the internal batteries are fully charged. We found that some did this and some did not and was due to the firmware of the particular camera.
  13. scriverb

    S600 White Screen

    Easy fix . . . this first one may do the trick for you. . . 1. Turn it ON and immediately slap the camera very hard in the palm of your hand. . LOL . . yes, just do it. Repeat a couple of times and see if that fixes it. 2. If that doesn't do it then open up the camera and take the front cover off . . there are two wide ribbon cables that attach the lens assembly to the main circuit board. They are just to the left of the lens. Loosen the pressure plates and remove the ribbons and wipe them clean. Now reinsert them into the ribbon holders and resecure the pressure plates. Make sure to fully insert them and line them up perpindicular to the edge of the holder. Reassemble and that should do it. Good luck.
  14. scriverb

    P 41 And Simplesniper Board

    Sounds like your hack has the power and ground connections backwards. Just switch up the connections for these two at the board and it should be fine.
  15. scriverb


    Just keep clicking the Flash button until there is NO icon on the screen as this is the Auto setting.