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  1. crashchemist

    Radio Shack 49-425

    Send me your mailing address and it's yours.
  2. crashchemist

    Radio Shack 49-425

    After digging through some old stuff I found a brand new Radio Shack motion sensor 49-425 still in the box. Anybody still use these? It's just collecting dust, I would be glad to give it away to someone who would use it.
  3. crashchemist

    S600 Help

    I have to hold it just right in the light. Then you can barely see it.
  4. crashchemist

    S600 Help

    Thanks TEEBO, someone @ RDHC suggested it's the backlight because I can still see the image. I'll have to see if I can change that. You're right about the weather here. My brother lives in Baytown, TX and the humidity is brutal. I'm starting to sweat just thinking about it
  5. crashchemist

    S600 Help

    No one?
  6. crashchemist

    S600 Help

    Does anybody know if there's a setting on the S600 that will dim the display? I have one that was working one minute and now I can barely see it. Thanks.
  7. crashchemist

    S-600 Kit "sold" !

    I couldn't stand it anymore . PM sent.
  8. crashchemist

    Luxeon 1 Watt Ir Led Pre- Order

    I got mine also, thanks for everything you've done.
  9. crashchemist

    Luxeon 1 Watt Ir Led Pre- Order

    Payment sent for 3, 3LED kits. Glue mine please. Thanks for the hard work.
  10. crashchemist

    P52 Hack?

    I think the P52 is often overlooked because of it's size. You can pick them up cheap and the photos are really good. I don't think you'll be disappointed. A friend of mine had a moultrie set up next to mine this year. His was a 3 megapixel, but to his surpise the difference was night and day. Now he wants a p52. Don't be afraid to jump in-it's your camera and if you mess it up there are lots of people here willing to help.
  11. crashchemist

    Luxeon 1 Watt Ir Led Pre- Order

    Count me in for 3-3 LED kits please.
  12. crashchemist

    Wtb Jazz Setup

    Kildee, you better jump on this. That's a nice setup-you can't build one that cheap!
  13. crashchemist

    Show Your Jazz Build

    I'm in no hurry, I was just curious to find out approximately what the cost might be.
  14. crashchemist

    Show Your Jazz Build

    These videos look really good. Where are you getting your parts?
  15. crashchemist

    Special Order Ir Leds

    Count me in as well.