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  2. Nascar has changed so much in the few years. wonder what will happen next ?
  3. Very interesting for the price and what it does. https://www.atncorp.com/x-sight2-hd-day-night-rifle-scope-5-20x?gclid=Cj0KCQjw09zOBRCqARIsAH8XF1YgPN4PLV5C_HVZjlRYAy8tkoylCadvG68Me9gn2h_YQVZZrHr18LcaApZHEALw_wcB
  4. Interesting for sure. Wonder what will happen next?
  5. Thought I'd post this here.I've been working on my 1979 Camaro Z2/8 for a year now and almost complete.Next will be to rebuild the engine with more radical components.Here is a link to some pics. Z2/8 Camaro site link Pic Link Pic Link
  6. Vic

    My $20.000 Plus Car Project

    Steering wheel lock assy http:// http:// http://
  7. Vic

    My $20.000 Plus Car Project

    Pic of steering wheel removed. I have steering wheel lock on it's way also.. http://
  8. Nice pics for sure. Getting about that time of year again....
  9. Vic

    My $20.000 Plus Car Project

    Stll putting money in my car project. Here are just a few more things done. Added a removable steering wheel http:// http:// Added rear cal tracs for bettter traction http:// Performance rotors with slotted and drilled rotors with HPS pads and mounted tubular upper and lower A Arms http:// http:// Added a rare Hurst Console QuickShiifter http:// Added a FITECH fuel injection system also http:// Fuel Command Center for FITech http://
  10. Vic

    Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    Sorry to hear about Chris, he will be missed by many. I knew Chris fairly well as we talked often here about projects and other stuff. Peace be with the family and prayers.
  11. After always owing Microsoft computers. I finally switched to an Apple IMac computer and so far .Like it a lot after using it for several months now. Can do anything my old Dell would do and way faster and no problems with virus's.
  12. Vic

    Forum Upgrade

    Looks nice to me also--I like it
  13. Vic

    Nice Family

    Cool pics for sure..
  14. Vic

    My $20.000 Plus Car Project

    Yes,indeed I do now. With around $12,000 in just the motor. Will run the 1/4 mile in 11.6 sec at 126 MPH. That's FAST for a street car..
  15. Vic

    Trailcam Classics

    Guys/Gals those are some very nice pics for sure--keep'em coming......
  16. Vic

    Happy Birthday Tcscout & Fasterem

    Happy belated birthday.
  17. Vic

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy belated birthday. :P
  18. Will he fair well or have a bad year. Started out fine in the Daytona 500 but wrecked out. Atlanta this weekend should be a different race.
  19. Great to hear Ghoot--keep us posted on your results.
  20. Vic

    Deer From Thailand

    Nice pics-thanks for sharing them.........Keep'em coming
  21. Vic

    My $20.000 Plus Car Project

    Just ordered a new EFI kit from FITech. FITech Got the Go EFI 4 - 600 HP Four-Injector Throttle Body EFI Suitable for up to 600HP Matte Black model And the: Go EFI Fuel Delivery Kit Fuel Command Center with Fuel Sump Tank
  22. Vic

    Got My Bear Back!

    Very nice indeed..
  23. Vic

    Gobble Gobble

    Nice pics--keep'em coming