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  1. Vic

    Winter photos from 2019

    Very nice pics for sure.
  2. Vic

    Lithium-ion batteries

    Lithiums is what I use, in all my outdoor stuff.
  3. Vic

    Trevor's GoPro Hero2

    Looks good.
  4. Cool pics and like the rabbits together....
  5. Vic

    New build

    Nice work.
  6. Vic

    First attempt at YouTube

    Great video.
  7. Vic


    Log out and log back in. There should be an envelope beside your name next to it. If that does't work. Go to bottom of page and change the theme to default. Then see if it's there. Theme is called Rough Country (Default)
  8. Vic

    GoPro Hero 3 Silver Test Footage

    Interesting setup.
  9. Vic

    Happy New Year 2019

    Everyone have a nice and safe Happy New Year for 2019..............
  10. As always. Very nice pics to share with us. Love the snow by the way. Makes pics stand out...😀
  11. Vic

    My New Ride

    Bought a new 2018 Toyota Tacoma Sport 4x4 Added seat heaters to both front seats Seat Heaters Added a remote start system that uses the factory key fob and also added the cell phone option remote start. Remote Start Cell phone option with phone app
  12. Vic

    Metal Detector

    Those are some cool finds you have there. Very nice work...
  13. Vic

    My New Ride

    Some more minor additions added recently. Coin Holer Front door sill protectors Rear door sill protectors Dash Insert Gas Cap holder
  14. Vic

    My New Ride

    Sounds nice to be able to that.
  15. Vic

    My New Ride

    Added new tonneau cover from Santa this year.
  16. Vic

    Dingo pup

    Nice pic for sure.
  17. Vic

    From the Camera on the Rim

    Cool pics. Like the variety ....
  18. Merry Christmas to all Hag members and friends...............😀
  19. Vic

    XMAS wish list.

    I know Santa is coming to more people. Merry Christmas................
  20. Vic

    XMAS wish list.

    What do you want/or like to get for Christmas this year-2018. Tonneau cover for the Toyota Tacoma 4x4. North Mountain Cover North Mountain Cover Video
  21. Vic


    Prayers for you. I went through this with my mother. Remain positive, the medicine you can get.