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  1. Vic

    Along the Trail

    Nice photos for sure-
  2. Vic

    Euro Mount

    Very nice indeed. I like it.
  3. Vic

    XMAS wish list.

    The wife wants to buy this for me. Tyger Video
  4. Vic

    XMAS wish list.

    What do you want/or like to get for Christmas this year-2018. Tonneau cover for the Toyota Tacoma 4x4. North Mountain Cover North Mountain Cover Video
  5. Vic

    Euro Mount

    That is a cool looking mount. Euro mount link
  6. Vic

    Euro Mount

    Nice indeed.. You going to mount it on a plaque ?
  7. Vic

    XMAS wish list.

    Great news. Prayers for you and best wishes .
  8. Vic

    Home Wifi Security System

    I know this is an old thread, but as new technology comes out. Things get better. I'm currently using the Blink home security cameras. Inside and Outside, For a total of 7 cameras that I can view on my phone or computer. Blink Cameras
  9. Vic

    Want a Laugh...

    Funny for sure. Neat pic though.
  10. Vic

    2018 firearms buck

    Nice buck for sure.. Going to have it mounted ?
  11. I want wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving. Be safe and cherish the time with family................😀😎
  12. Vic

    Paradise Fire

    Stay safe and hope all is well.
  13. Vic

    Bears Being Bears

    Cool videos for sure.
  14. Vic

    Test Video

    Looking good
  15. Vic

    Improvising when you have to

    Sweet-good luck with your build.
  16. Vic

    Hunting Apps

    I use this a lot when hunting for deer. Primos Wind Checker
  17. Vic

    Forum editor and images

    I would think that the auto-correct is a browser setting. Not from this site.
  18. Vic

    Winter Tires

    What are you guys/gals using for winter tires.? Looking to put some all-terrain tires on my 2018 Tacoma 4x4. Looking at these tires for air around. Falken Wildpeak A/T3W
  19. Vic

    Post Your Car Resto Project

    Cool color -Nice
  20. Vic

    Post Your Car Resto Project

    Nothing like a good project to work on 🤑
  21. Vic

    Post Your Car Resto Project

    Sweet rides for sure. Keep'em coming. Sweet rides for sure. A link to my build. 1979 Camaro Z2/8 $20,000.00 car project
  22. Vic


    Yes ,but more on the Apple computers now.. I live in the good ole South my friend...
  23. What are you using now? ATN Buckhunter rifle scope
  24. Vic

    My New Ride

    Bought a new 2018 Toyota Tacoma Sport 4x4 Added seat heaters to both front seats Seat Heaters Added a remote start system that uses the factory key fob and also added the cell phone option remote start. Remote Start Cell phone option with phone app