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  1. sjlund

    Dan's Photos

    The photo info indicates that he's using a Canon 5D Mk2... just remember though, it's the artist that makes the shot, not the camera!
  2. sjlund

    Another Big Nd Buck

    Maybe because of the pile of corn?
  3. sjlund

    W200ir Pics (with Slave)

    Basic color correction is pretty easy in most graphics programs: Not perfect, but better!
  4. sjlund

    New To Video

    There's so much information on the forum from people experienced in this build, I'm having trouble finding a place to begin. I've built a few trailcams with the BG1/BG2 and some DSC-P52's. The cameras are starting to die (they were used/salvaged when I got them), so I'm looking into replacing them with video units. How do I get started? What is the recommended video camera? I'd like to have IR if possible. What boards are required? If I could re-use my BG1/BG2, that would be great but not necessary. Basically, what is currently the most popular build out? Thanks!
  5. Great photo! More hunters need to take time to set up their after-pictures so they have a nice background, show off the animal, and avoid the blood-and-guts. Congrats to your boy!
  6. Google Earth is awesome! I've also made some overlays of our plat book.
  7. I think it's a cool idea, but unless agreed to otherwise, the picture taker holds the copyright to the picture. You should secure permission (which I doubt would be much of a problem with all of the great people here), just to cover yourself.
  8. sjlund


    Hard to say for sure, but it looks like a small buck to me.
  9. I was just going to say, the muley look-alike is back!
  10. sjlund

    SW Minnesota bucks 08-04-07

    The one in the third and fourth pictures looks like it stole a rack from a mule deer.
  11. If you use a higher f-stop you should be able to minimize the distant lightning blowing out the sky. Also, I wouldn't hold the trigger down for more than 10 seconds or so for each frame.
  12. One other method for lightning - you can make or buy a remote shutter trigger for an SLR. Then you just hold down the shutter button until you see a flash, release it, and you will have the entire lightning bolt.
  13. I'm curious how this worked out. I've never seen lightning photography using a light sensor trigger.
  14. Beware of going above 200 ISO on a point and shoot camera - the image will get very noisy, possibly too noisy for professional looking print/brochure work.
  15. sjlund

    Blurred picture software

    I've never tried FocusMagic, but Noise Ninja does a great job when your images are really noisy: http://www.picturecode.com/