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  1. teebo

    BF slavemaster

    thanks for the answer sir.. bailed me out more than once..have some of your boards, but saving them for the 3volt flash cams i like.. so my problem was thinking the slavemaster board has to have its own separate power source? this went through my mind for a second, and was the reason i was winding up with an extra set of wires with no place to connect. thanks again.. don't know where i got the idea the slavemaster board needed its own separate power source.. (at least i can take out one of the 6volt battery holders now). might even make enough room for D's instead of the C's i have in there.. this proves the thought train that says "use it or lose it". been too long since i have built some. thanks teebo
  2. teebo

    BF slavemaster

    been too long and my peabrain is confused. slave flash is a viv 2000 (31657 variant). which wires from the BF slavemaster will connect to the red/black wires from the back of the slave flash board that originally were hooked to 6volt power when the flash was a unit in the plastic housing? i am assuming (and thats where i get in trouble lots of the time) the black/red wires from the slavemaster board connect to 6volt source to power the slavemaster board. i also am assuming the orange/green wires from the slavemaster board connect to another 6volt source to power the slave flash unit. the blue/yellow wires from the slavemaster board are triggers and connect to red/green wires on the slave flash board to trigger flash. (got that part) with wiring connected like this i still have the red/black wires from the slave flash board that were originally connected to batteries in the flash gun with no place to connect.. its got to be something simple i realize.. doesn't the slavemaster board need its own power source?(6volt) if you can help i would thank you.. i am hung up on this.. thanks teebo Slavemaster Wire Connections.pdf
  3. teebo

    more jazz questions

    its a plano case . 1450 is the only number i can find on the other one i have. all these plano cases have large ribs running their length on the shallow side (lid i guess it would be). have to deal with that is the only issue i have with them.
  4. teebo

    more jazz questions

    even found some bigfoot slavemaster boards...
  5. teebo

    more jazz questions

    pic of the outside.. still needs paint finished.. good luck to all.. teebo
  6. teebo

    more jazz questions

    pic's you asked for: nothing new of different and still waiting for proper paint job.. it is however the first video cam i have made with sound and i love it. i ruined the first led array i put it in when a wire came unsoldered and i had to take it out. the double sided tape pulled an led off the bar and i wasn't able to get a spare soldered on.. thought it was a lost cause till i finally got to looking in one of the grandkids closets and found a storage pack of nothing but video parts... found some bigfoot arrays, and some of jaggers old arrays and just happened to be one i needed.. guess this is what happens when you have put up all your stuff and not built a cam in about 8 to 10 years.. might keep snooping and see if i can find anything else.. (wow; just found another one.. some BG2 boards and a pack of peanuts along with some IR glass and filters.. this is like christmas!) thanks for the help, teebo
  7. can someone take a look at these and possibly tell me just what they are and how the part with the 4 wires is hooked up? i assume its an IR Led and a driver with some lens for em, but for the life of me i can't remember where i got them or how they are supposed to be hooked up.. found them in an array box looking for another array.. (broke my last 6 led wildtronix array when one of the solder points came loose after i had put it in the box with 3m sticky double sided tape) tried to ease it out, but in the process of removing it one of the led's seperated from the board/heatsink and the solder pads are too bad to resolder it. thanks for looking. teebo
  8. teebo

    more jazz questions

    there is a saying i used to hear about a blind hog and acorn.... well i was looking on another site at wiring diagrams for my jazz and found a pic that i must have used when i did the hack bout 7 or 8 years ago.. i looked at it to start from the first and first thing i noticed was the shutter power and shutter common were backwards going to my board. they were the same color as the pdf. i reversed them and WHAM,,,, everthing works perfect now.. even got great sound... talk about 1 little happy camper.. thanks for the replies and good luck this season.. teebo
  9. teebo

    more jazz questions

    thank you very much for the help.. even though i don't have externals i ran one wire to one of the battery pads marked negative and tied it to the #4 shot on the BF control board just like the drawing shows.. problem i am having now is when i power up control board i get red,green light for just a while, array comes on bout 7 seconds like its supposed to and cam powers on... problem is when it goes into walk test. cam will not shut off... stays on all the time.. lots of head scratching here and will start the process of wire by wire recheck tomorrow.. too tired tonight.. hope all your folks are ok teebo
  10. putting togather jazz dv-150 with no external power to cam and older jaggermax led array w/o driver board. got some questions bout wiring. looking at the wiring schematic on the sight for jazz i see an aqua wire from each sister board on the BFG slot that runs to the 4 slot on the control board. the other end of this aqua wire is connected to the negative wire from 3volt external batteries that are optional. question 1 is: since i am using no externals, do i have to connect this to the 3 volt power supply inside the jazz cam negative side? question 2 is: if the answer to the above is yes, can i just connect to the power common coming from the cam instead of going back in the cam and making another solder point? now since the wildtronix board does not use an array driver and wires direct, will i connect the blue wire from the array sister board connected to Lt slot direct to the negative post on the array? (seems sensible since i believe the negative connections switch on and off this would make the circuit for the array when it is needed). Man! first build in about 6 or 7 years and i can't find all my notes... where are TS Scout and 212 ????? its tuff to get old...(still better than the alternative i guess). thanks for looking. teebo
  11. thank you very much sir teebo
  12. i will say that one of the solder pads looks to have about 2 maybe 3 traces running to the edge under the metal ring that surrounds the entire mic. just trying to be sure.
  13. trying to hook one up using the external microphone supplied with the kit 98. how do i know which pin is positive/which pin is negative? thanks teebo
  14. teebo

    Questions Dxg 567v

    i'm right there with you... building one now.(waiting on some parts) but the reason I am just now getting started is the jazz 150 has done such a good job for me. I will pay attention to this even though I can't answer any of your questions.. I put externals in the first jazz 150 I made; after that I just used the lithium batteries and they would last all season with juice to spare at the end. I just didn't need them. you could post in video section also.. good luck teebo
  15. teebo


    learn something new everyday.. thanks teebo