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  1. teebo

    Questions Dxg 567v

    i'm right there with you... building one now.(waiting on some parts) but the reason I am just now getting started is the jazz 150 has done such a good job for me. I will pay attention to this even though I can't answer any of your questions.. I put externals in the first jazz 150 I made; after that I just used the lithium batteries and they would last all season with juice to spare at the end. I just didn't need them. you could post in video section also.. good luck teebo
  2. teebo


    learn something new everyday.. thanks teebo
  3. teebo


    this w35 has been a workhorse this year. I usually use a p41 with slave for mine, but friend left his at home and I had the w35 in the truck and we put it on his stand. we hunt in texas hill country where there are lots of deer.. this unit took well over 2500 pics without changing batteries or problem one.. just cleared the stick when we were out there and put it back on the tree.. the night pics need some help, but plenty good enough for scouting purposes. I am going to build another, but with a slave. choosing cases now..looks like a plano 1430 or maybe pelican 1060 teebo http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a34/teebo...zpsiixdwcfz.jpg http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a34/teebo...zpsbvhg3fpz.jpg sorry for the photobucket link, but I get tired of having to resize everything so small to post.ll
  4. I had lots and lots of files and pics saved on laptop and portable HD. the portable HD went south and I can't recover any of the files.. the laptop has a small hard drive so I kept most on the portable..that was a tough loss.. I can get lots of them, but there are lots of files that aren't there any more.. ie: yeti files, bigfoot files,... some you can still find, but lots I can't.. spent most of the day doing searches and that takes lots and lots of time.. teebo
  5. thank you very much for the pic.. that is just the one I was looking for. save it and printed it also.. I will keep in mind about the peanuts..i still don't know what would make one go bad, but they do; that I can attest to... funny thing is; I was digging thru some boxes in the back today and found one with 2 seahorse cases and 2 fm600 flashes and 4 digital peanuts I didn't know (or had forgotten) I had.. talking about brighten my day up.. thanks for the help. and I forgot..there were 2 BG2 boards programmed for P32. (read this as IR p52 build) teebo
  6. There is a pdf somewhere that shows the wiring when you use a bigfoot board with a slave and the bigfoot board controls the charging an refreshing of the slave flash. you use a sister board with it, but I cant find the pdf. this still uses a peanut for a trigger. can someone send me the pdf or at least where I can download it.. thanks teebo
  7. teebo

    Need Help P-41 Bf Board

    got to ask to start it off, but I am sure you already tried shorting the wires on the cam to see if your hack starts it up and shuts it down along with taking a pic. is the board one you solder or does it have the screw connections? does the board have p41 marked on it? I had one that got wet and it went south. has this cam/board been working or just started acting up. lots of questions but things to think of..if you solder to the board check for bridges.. good luck teebo
  8. teebo


    need some snorkels; who is handling them now? need some for W35 and if there are any for p52 it would be easier than making em out of PVC. thanks. teebo
  9. teebo

    .65 Fresnel Lens

    are there any suppliers who offer the .65 Fresnel lens anymore besides gary? he shows out of stock and I need some. thanks teebo
  10. thanks fellas... I had both and thought..(sometimes dangerous) the 1" I had used for the old style wide angle fresnal..and 7/8" for the .65 fresnal..just checking and thanks for the replies..trying to build a couple to replace stolen ones.. never had trouble with theft before this year..seems to be terrible..don't know why they take em. I don't leave the instructions inside so its pretty useless to em.. thanks teebo
  11. memory fails me..have an old .65 Fresnel and can't remember what size standoff to use. (leaning to the 7/8" or 1") the hwpa from ss have spoiled me. help appreciated. bigfoot board is being used. thanks teebo
  12. help with this array. correct me if I am wrong, but this array did not require a "driver board" . it is one of the first ones and has resistors on the board for heat protection. I am almost positive I wired it straight to battery and sister board. thanks teebo
  13. got my IR a503 stolen so got to build one to replace it. dug out my cam box and got to looking and found some dxg567's and some jazz 150's.. also found some of the ir cut filter exchangers but not sure which one they go with..the tag on them says BB271 IR Cut-switch device 5V. can I use these for either one? I did a search, and found tons of exchanger videos, but looked like this exchanger was paired with dxg 125 from what I saw. I sure would like to use the dxg 567's since I have em. built some jazz builds when they first started, but never built anything later much less with this exchanger. must have had plans though; I ordered the exchangers. man its tough to get old.... any info or links would help.. also looked at TS scouts wiring diagrams and didn't think I saw one for using the 5Volt exchanger. (obvious question is just how much voltage will this exchanger stand? so I can guess where to wire it to). any info would help. good luck this season teebo
  14. teebo

    Leaky Otter 3000

    otter 3000 brought in the other day and had lots of water in it... we have had torrential rains, but I was about sure I wouldn't have problems with the otter..anybody else had these problems. thought I read something while back bout them being made somewhere else than years ago. just checking before I risk "remodeling" it and putting it out again. teebo
  15. https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Parts/GoPro-He...ens/IF300-014-1 Is it just me or does this look familiar? Has this already been brought up? Teebo