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  1. woodsman

    God bless the snow !!!

    Not bad ,Not bad
  2. woodsman

    God bless the snow !!!

    That's funny BigD_N_Cherokee I had my 4 year old son with me, he wonted to know if the deer had dropped it .
  3. God bless the snow !!! It's been to quiet around these parts ,No Deer sightings for some time in or around my stand . I decided to take my 4 wheeler for a spin and make my son happy the morning of the Super Bowl , we make the corner just before the path to my stand and there they were . here are some pics #1 #2 #3
  4. woodsman

    Summit Tree Stands

    Congrats Boogity !! I bought the cobra XLS last season and love it . It's good to know Summit is a stand up company willing to help .
  5. woodsman

    Sky Box vending machine

    I was thinking about it ,My wife work's at the Depot ,she mentioned it the day they came in ,When I went in to check it out they had the Patriots logo all over it ,made it real hard to walk away . I just kept telling my self I need kitchen cabinets, kitchen cabinets , kitchen cabinets .
  6. woodsman

    Rainy day crafts, Dad style...

    Are you kidding me that looks awesome !! If they don't mind I'm going to send up an old shirt HEHE , They did a great job . :cool: Now you just need to get them started on the basement walls .
  7. woodsman

    Road Rage : joke

  8. woodsman

    GO RED SOX !

    We stuck it to them again today 3-2 SOX . I know it's still early in the season with some 150 games left ,but I have to say when they beat NY it's like winning the lottery around here.
  9. woodsman

    Interview with God

    Thanks SouthernStyle I enjoyed that .
  10. woodsman

    GO RED SOX !

    The SOX are putin a hurtin on NY tonight . Top of the 9th and 10 SOX and a big fat goose egg for NY .
  11. woodsman

    Sox Take 3 of 4 from Yanks

  12. woodsman

    Poor, Poor Bruins...

    there's always next year
  13. woodsman

    Poor, Poor Bruins...

    Don't hang up your Bruins jersey just yet MB ,For as long as I can remember every team here in New England just loves to go the distance . It just drives me crazy GO BRUINS :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:
  14. woodsman

    Bruins Win In Montreal

    Talk about a nail biter WOOOOOOOOW ,I still can't believe they pulled it off . What a great game !! GO BRUINS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool: :cool: :redlight: :redlight: :redlight: :redlight:
  15. woodsman

    Latest Project

    Glad to here your ok Welby . I hope your insurance will do something for you ,After 43 yrs it can weight another 5 ,whatever you do don't give up your dream ,she will be a beauty .