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  1. FznYupr

    Depreys Wildlife Expired

    Oops.. Working on it. Trying to get back into the swing of things.
  2. FznYupr

    Tables And Dresser

    Really like the Dresser! Nice Work!
  3. FznYupr

    S600 Yeti F/h

    Sounds like you need a double pole double throw
  4. I don't think you mean you move a complete S40 lens assembly CCD and all into a S600 camera. IMHO what you have pictured, they are not interchangeable. my .02 -- Travis
  5. Congrats!! What a haul, Two Bucks... and a Son.
  6. FznYupr

    How Can I Recover Lost Dxg Videos

    Hello Chris, Yup I use VLC as well. I'm sure I swapped the same card in and out of cameras before while testing things, Never had lost pictures. Maybe time for a new memory card.
  7. It's been some time.. I finally put out a DXG yesterday been almost a couple years.... yikes... So ofcourse I had to check it today to see if it still worked, Yup. Had about 10 videos. Switched out the memory card. I had a Jazz camera with me and didn't know if I could view the videos on it, NOPE it didn't work. Hooked up the card reader to my PC when I got home only 3 videos show up. Ran PC inspector to try and recover the videos and no luck. Any Ideas? Thanks Travis
  8. FznYupr

    Refletching Arrow

    I picked up some of these but haven't used them yet. The hooked razor blade is supposed to work pretty good so I'm told.
  9. FznYupr

    Smithsonian Wild

    Seen this on the news with Brian Williams. http://siwild.si.edu/ Has anyone donated/sent images to them?
  10. FznYupr

    Steelers Vs Green Bay

    Go Pack Go!
  11. FznYupr

    Identify This Friut..

    Finally think I found it... Trillium cernuum L. Whip-poor-will flower, Whip-poor-will-flower, Nodding trillium
  12. FznYupr

    Identify This Friut..

    Yea, Leaves of three.... No iches yet. I looked for a couple hours in all the wrong places, no luck yet. This was found in U.P. of Michigan if that helps at all.
  13. FznYupr

    Identify This Friut..

    Inside picture
  14. FznYupr

    Identify This Friut..

    Picture of the plant.
  15. FznYupr

    Identify This Friut..

    Found this in the back yard from a plant simular to a mayapple. Any idea what it is?