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  1. It's been some time..


    I finally put out a DXG yesterday been almost a couple years.... yikes... So ofcourse I had to check it today to see if it still worked, Yup. Had about 10 videos. Switched out the memory card. I had a Jazz camera with me and didn't know if I could view the videos on it, NOPE it didn't work. Hooked up the card reader to my PC when I got home only 3 videos show up. Ran PC inspector to try and recover the videos and no luck. Any Ideas?


    Thanks Travis

  2. Hope it is not some type of poison oak or ivy type plant. :huh:



    Yea, Leaves of three.... No iches yet. I looked for a couple hours in all the wrong places, no luck yet. This was found in U.P. of Michigan if that helps at all.

  3. I enjoyed the end result when using the modular contacts. I used the PVC board treetop mentioned in an older post, to create a holder for the DXG. The holder keeps the camera snug and works really slick once you get it setup. http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?...st&p=268726. It does take a lot more prep work but might be an option to try sometime.



    I think this is a simular product to the PVC board only the PVC board I use was thicker around 3-4mm. http://cgi.ebay.com/90-060-X-8-5-X-11-Blac...=item4cefdb1e81

  4. I don't follow the video stuff much. I am going to start though. I found a work around by using 4 AA's and placing them in series with the 2 AA's inside the DXG. Works pretty good so far. The current problem is stemming from powering the board. I may have to use coins.



    I have one build in a 1020 with a DXG that uses coins to run the BF Board and it's been giving me the fits. I just installed a 3.3V Regulator on the BF board and will take it to the woods this weekend when I'm back in Wisconsin.


    As time wore on the problem I had with the coins is that the voltage fluctuates about every 10 minutes causing a false event and I would get a false videos only during the day time hours. I don't know why it happened only in the day time but we'll see what happens now. I am using two Sony CR2477 batteries.


    If you find a good combo let us know.




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