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  1. bobcat031

    External Power

    Thanks for the reply. Solar might be the ticket to try. But I also wonder as the fall days approach with shorter daylight times and more cloud cover towards the coming months up here in Michigan. I wonder if a e external battery pack would work? But then we're back to replacing batteries again. Maybe I'll look for a solar panel and try something. Thanks I found this on ebay what do you think? Mounted on a glassfibre backing with two 140mm leads, 60mm x 60mm x 2mm rated voltage 4.5v short circuit current 100mA Would this be good or too much?
  2. bobcat031

    External Power

    Hello everyone! Man it's been a while since I've been here. Hope all is well. I was wondering if anyone have perfected a external power supply for at trail cam yet or a Solar Panel kit? With gas going up all the time I would like to set my cams out and not have to check then every weekend. I belive I have the HH1 Board with a Olympus 380 and another HH1 using a Sony P32. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. bobcat031


    Jeff, Any luck? You can email me too. I haven't had much time to visit the site lately . Rob
  4. bobcat031


    Jeff, I've tried emailing you. I'm not sure if they didn't go thru or if you been away. I know you've been busy. I was hopeing you could email me some tracking info on my trail cam you sent back on 11/18/04. Thanks, Rob Happy Holidays everyone!
  5. Thanks for the idea SouthernStyle! I'll do that. Now it's time to head to deer camp for opening day of gun deer season here in michigan. See ya
  6. Just needed to move the post up, so I could find it again .
  7. bobcat031

    Masterlock python

    I picked up 2 at my local Target store for $11.99..
  8. I wanted to use the 128's because we wanted to use the video mode to hopefully get some video clipd buy the scrapes. I'll try the 128's I have and see what happens. If the problem is the sticks, I would think they all can't be problem ones. But even the problem ones would work in the camera if wanted to use it as a regular digital cam? Right?? Will I still have this problem with the Sony P-41's? I've been thinking about one. But I still have one other P32 to use yet or sell and buy the P-32. Whats the best way to go?? Hag, What do yo mean reprogram for a longer delay? thanks again everyone for your help! And again a BIG Thank You to you Jeff!! :cool: Rob
  9. Jeff, Thanks again for the time you spent figuring this out. I really appreciate your help. And it was a pleasure getting to talk to you too. I don't remember which stick I sent with my camera. But I know I bought it new. I Bought a few of the 128Mb just for my trail cams. I guess I'll just have to open up a couple other new ones and try them. What is the best choice to use? Sony, Sandisk or Lexar ? I wonder if I can return the ones i have trouble with using my Pay Pal recipt?? Keep up the great work! Oh! What do I owe you for your time messing with my cam. Thanks, Rob
  10. bobcat031

    I'm at a dead end

    Hag, Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I've been busy and ahven't been on here lately. I never got it to work I ended up sending it to Jeff and he's still working on it. I hope he's having some luck. I haven't heard from him since last saturday. Rob a.k.a bobcat
  11. bobcat031

    Elkaholic - EagleEye Email

    Jeff, Just wondering if you got either one of my last 2 emails? Just wondering. Rob
  12. bobcat031

    water test

    I install the standoff with the board to make sure everything is right. I put silicone on the screws before attaching it to the case & tighten the standoffs to the case. Once tight i remove the screws that hold the board and you should be set to water test it. I let the silicone dry a bit before removing the board and water testing. i've never had a leak. thats my Good luck
  13. bobcat031

    External Power Supply Idea

    Awsome ideas. Can anyone tell me how much more time it will give ya over the AA batteries? Keep the ideas a comin! :cool:
  14. bobcat031

    Liquid Nail Camo????????

    You really can't mess it up. I just apply it in long lines and then kinda smear it out a little with a popcicle stick or something. Then let it dry and apply your choice of paints. I also have used black maker to add lines too. Good luck
  15. bobcat031

    I'm at a dead end

    Zingnut, I thought too it should work with all the memory stick you mentioned. But for some reason mine doesn't? I don't know and I talked to Jeff (elkaholic) and he said he would take a look at it for me. So hopefully he'll find out what I did wrong. Or if I had demon pocessed board. There might be hope that we can still get it out in time for some rut activity. We were really planning on setting this cam up in movie mode to get some scrape clips. So time will tell. Thanks again to everyone for their ideas and help. Rob & Josh :hags: Our prayers are with you Dan (Hag) :pray: